Channel Islands

I’ll take the general approach of the challenge.


Painter takes a moment to look at rocks formation as the basis for his drawing.

Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia is a small island located in Indian ocean. However, it is mainly populated by overseas filipino workers. 


That’s where I’ll be next month. (Above)


Na-ah, this “Peaceful” set won’t get away from a little bit of humor …
Mother Nature cries after Mother Nature calls. Hehehe. I mean, shame on them two!
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  1. Wow, looks so peaceful!

  2. Amar Naik

    wow. it is peaceful

  3. Cool set of images but I like the 1st image more. Diego Garcia is seemingly a beautiful place and looks tropical to me… :)

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  5. Thank You, Thank You for all the likes. I’m so overwhelmed. Thank You for all the comments

    No contest, Amar and mrsbr.

    Yes, Diego Garcia is a tropical, very small island. You can bike the whole island without panting afterwards.

  6. Great Emtry for this week topic Rommel Thumbs up :)

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  8. Thank you for a look at Diego Garcia. I have family and friends who are military, and they speak rather disparagingly of it…having gotten stuck there a time or two. I always imagined it so differently, but it really is beautiful. That’s my favorite photo of the bunch!

    • Honestly, I didn’t mind it because the people there are of my race. I do understand the military personnel’s standpoint. There are those who get stationed there for 2 years. Being stuck in a very small island ain’t easy. It just gets weary. There are those who only ges deployed for about 6 – 7 months. Now, that’s the optimum span. I fortunately was there for a fair amount of time. I, personally, say it ain’t that bad.
      It’s a good get-away from the hurly burly of populated places. And, water activities are basically the main outdoor-nature activity there.

      That was the time that I get to try sailing. It was my first time doing it, and it was a race. My supervisor said he wanted me because to be his partner because I’m light. Hihihi. It was funny because he wanted to cheat but he wouldn’t, and didn’t. I highly believe it’s because he doesn’t want to show that attitude with me being there.

      GEEZ Karina! You had me going, firing me up! Screw Diego Garcia being bad, I had so much fun, lots of great memories of that place. :D

  9. ^ Thank You for all the comments and likes. My excitement is shooting. I don’t get that much likes in a day, such short time.

  10. All look wonderful and peaceful but lol at the bottom one! hehe

  11. Beautiful, until I did a double-take on the last one.

  12. @Thanks for the comments, brenda, fergie and jo.

    It’s just that my first two takes of the challenge were tagged with humor. So, I threw that last pic. :D

  13. Wow…those were some amazing ocean and beach scenes….beautiful place. Definitely a place of peace and serinity. Must be amazing to just chill and watch the sunset at the end of a day’s work. stay cool!!!

  14. PEACEFUL, indeed, Rom! AND, FUN FUN! I liked it more when you break the monotony by including the last picture. You have so much humor!

  15. break is accepted if I may interrupt haha… yeah I agree, I remember the “launch” challenge” -poor bird… :)

  16. Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing!

    I so would love to visit them places.

  17. Ma. Novie Godmalin

    Mis Experiencias Personales have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations!

  18. YEYAH!!! My first award. Ma. Novie, you made my blogdays worthy. Thank You! Thank You! for the recognition. My heartiest gratitude.

  19. Thanks sony and arvee for commenting.

  20. Peace on you my friend :-) I love your photos and sense of humor!

  21. Nice! (except the last one :D)

  22. you are a lucky man to see all of these places!! awesome pictures too

  23. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog today. I had a great time and hope I left my campsite clean enough for your next visitor.

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