Virgin Island in Bohol, Philippines

Bookending our back-to-back trip is Virgin Island, pinchly small yet so unmissable.

Throughout my stay in the Philippines, I had to economize the use of my camera because, forgetful that I am, I didn’t get to bring its battery charger with me. I had to refrain from taking random shots and sacrifice capturing the urban life of the city where I grew up in. I just had to save the battery life for our back-to-back trip to Caramoan and Bohol before anything else. With the urge to capture each destination stops, it was quite a task for my hard-laboring camera to capture it all.

I’m very glad my cooperative camera managed to click its last pic to the very last tourist spot. It would’ve been a pity, a crime to my trigger-happy camera not to capture these sights.

The cotton candy clouds against deep blue sky stretching along every horizon really added lace to the already delectable views of Virgin Island. It catches my eyes every time.

Convenient to our late schedule, the entirety of the island is a stroll of even as quickly as 15 minutes. You know what they say …

“The best things come in small package.” Virgin Island definately proves that.


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  1. I have been to Bohol last year and it’s sad we didn’t visit Virgin Island! Try Danao next time if you want adventure! :D

    • My girlfriend would’ve been exhausted from catching breath and screaming if we did go to Danao for extreme adventures. The zipline alone was enough adventure for her that day. And, we both did enjoy snorkelling anyway. :D

  2. How incredibly beautiful!

  3. Doesn’t it feel good to show off the good old Pinas? :)

    • I know tita. Hehe. Ow, we did go to Tagatay but only for a very short while. We only went to Residence Inn. There’s a zoo, and ziplining. We got lucky to catch a kind of nature show. At that, I already run out of camera battery. :(

  4. fabulous colours and beautiful images.. love ‘em..;)

  5. Sun, sea, and sand! Makes me want to spend a weekend in Bohol once again. Thanks for the very inviting pictures!

  6. Beautiful. I love the one with the starfish. Those clouds outlining the horizon really set it off. All of these photos are breathtaking. Good job!

    • Those clouds, it amazes me. Actually, the clouds are like that in the main city but it gets so busy there, and with the tall buildings, it isn’t as noticeable and as inviting than in rural places.

  7. Loving your photos and need to grab my flip flops and head to the beach now! Have a Great Weekend!

    • Just don’t get too much baked by the sun. Hehe. I did, that why I’m fine not going near the water for a bit.
      Thanks for the visit, cravesadventure.

  8. This looks pristine! And the colours are gorgeous! The Philippines is slowly climbing higher on my bucket list!

  9. huwaw! beautiful picssss… I’d love to go to Bohol! nice one… indeed, a bucket list!

  10. your photos are great.. I share the same issue when you forgot to bring an extra battery or a charger for your camera on a time that you need it the most.. :)

    anyway, where in bohol is virgin island exactly located?

  11. Looks very beautiful. Love the flip-flops on the breach shot best :-)

  12. Bohol, particularly Virgin Island is a future “must” visit place for me on my next Philippine visit. I am mesmerized by the cyrstal clear waters and the glistening white sands. Awesome pictures Bro. You are blessed to see these breathtaking places. I could see too how inspired you are. She is beautiful!

    • Thanks for complimenting her.
      Ow yes the water is crytal clear. My girl said the sands are as fine as the ones in Puerto Gallera. You get the convenience of avoiding crowd there in Bohol.
      If you do go there, make sure you annotate Virgin Island to your trip. Like I said, it goes with dolphin watching and snorkeling. So, it’s a blast. The first commenter also mentioned Danao, if that suits you.

  13. I’ve kept meaning to come back and say how much I love these pics. What an incredibly beautiful place. The second pic with the pair of shoes on the beach was a great shot. :)

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! The blue clear waters look so inviting – lucky you :)

  15. It looks so nice to be there.

  16. wow, such a beautiful island… I have never been there… If I’m not mistaken this is somewhere near Bantayan Island, the other side, I guess… I love Bohol… :)

  17. sayang ‘di mo nadala charger mo…

  18. Hi Rommel,
    This place is looking beautiful. So colorful & peaceful. A very rare combination. Great post as always. :)

  19. The blue color is just amazing. And I love that lazy relaxed feeling.

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  21. Bohol is so beautiful! And your photographs give justice. I’ve been wanting to come to Bohol, maybe I’ll plan that on my next vacations.

  22. You captured some incredibly beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing them.

  23. Lovely that there are such pristine places left in our world! Thank you for sharing and very good photos! And,thank you for the like on my blog!

  24. What stunning photos! Looks like you didn’t need that charger after all. ;)

  25. pinaybyaheras "Life is UNREPEATABLE adventure"

    Never been to Bohol provinces … very beautiful place and you captured the best shots “Beach, Sands and Clouds” thanks for sharing this awesome trip … i add this place to my bucket list to visit soon! ;D

  26. catcristy

    A-mazing!! WOw!

  27. I wish I could go to Bohol one day too. :-(

  28. These photos are phenomenal can’t wait to make it to the Philippines!!

  29. Lovely! A place to put on the list! I love the beach, sunny blue skies and glistening water! Thanks for sharing!

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  32. fabulous photographs, the one with the green boat – green, red, blue, the sky. really marvelous.

  33. Wow! What a beautiful island! The water is so blue, wish I was there right now. Glad I came across your blog!

  34. paperportraiture

    Wow, I hate the beach but I’d go to this one. Remind me of Brazil. Thanks for liking my post (the weekly photo challenge) i never participate but i thought for this one I do have something of relevance haha. Thanks and it was nice to see these pics!!

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  36. How Stunning! I definitely have to see this place when I go home this month. I just hope it hasn’t been affected by the recent typhoon. Thanks for this lovely treat!

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