California Sun

I thought I’d make a collection photos first before I bid sayonara to this land of the setting sun.

Well here’s the deal. I started writing, and I was mumbling and babbling so much cliche’s about my stay here in California adding excessive buttery words on how much I love it. Screw that :D. I’m gonna make it simple.



- Black’s Beach/Gliderport in La Jolla, San Diego -



- Ocean Beach, San Diego -

I did have options – roads, birds, people, trip highlights, flowers or trees. But in the back of my mind, ever since, I always planned to come to this point and gather all my shots of California sun. I knew this is good enough to show the culmination of my stay here in California.

This is the very first one that I got proud of…


- Channel Islands, Ventura -

Since then, I always make sure to catch the sunset during my travels. I really set it up to stop at a beach or high areas before the sun goes down.


- Half Moon Bay -


- Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California -


- Tamalpais State Park in San Francisco


- California coast/Highway 1 -

Believe you-me, I have chased the sun before and came out empty handed. It’s okay. The golden California sun, to me, is always worth the wait.

Last Call …


- La Jolla, San Diego -


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About rommel

I'm great at nothing. I'm not awful at all. I'm just whoasome. And that's all you need to know. :)


  1. GORGEOUS SUNSETS! I love sunsets and have been collecting photos, hoping to paint a few! Where are you going now, Rommel? Don’t go into hiding, anyway! God bless you!

  2. Cool and gorgeous California sunsets….and sounds like it is your sunset time in CA. Where to?

  3. Where does one go to after California? Pretty sure this is the end of the world…

  4. Amy

    Beyond words… I’m so grateful you’re back!

  5. Gorgeous! This is making me sooo homesick for California – so good work. :)

  6. PLEASE, don’t make me homesick for California. Like the PCH especially.

  7. A grand trubute to the sun.

  8. The west does have some of the best sunset! Your sunset with the bird and fisherman is definitely a winner!!
    Great photos!

  9. What a wonderful sun.

  10. Couldn’t have said it better!!

  11. Sunset is y favorite time of day, and you’ve captured some of the best of them! I didn’t realize you were a “temporary resident,” but I hope you’ll continue to visit as often as possible. I’ll look forward to reading what you’re up to next! :-) You were missed while you were away. Be sure to take your camera with you. :-)

  12. Your photographs always make me happy! (and always inspire me to try harder to take better photos)
    I hope that “east” means East Coast! We would love to have you and though California is a beautiful place, I do believe our side has just as many fantastic and beautiful places to capture and share. I hope you like it just as much.

  13. simple is best. your sun collection: AWESOME
    as you pack up for your next adventure…some extra lugguge…☼sunHUGS!! :lol:

  14. Thanks for taking me back to some of our favorite places in CA. I love the mystery swirling around your next adventure and look forward to hearing all about it. We can’t wait to get back on the road. Your stunning photography has been missed. :)

    • Before, I was supposed to go to Greece but my employer sent mr here in California instead. I was bummed out. But now after embracing California, I’d never thought to become very reluctant to leave even though my next destination is a completely different culture. ;) Maybe they sent me here in California so that I can meet you personally. Hehe. :D

      • I’m certain you were sent to CA so our paths would cross. ;) Hope you are looking forward to your next big adventure. Perhaps when you make it back to CA, we will be back on the west coast and we can meet up again in a sunnier locale. :)

  15. Beautiful pictures.. So inspiring..

  16. Half Moon Bay has some of the most spectacular sunsets. All these pictures are gorgeous.

  17. Amy

    Hi Rommel,

    Now, I know you are leaving Calif for sure, not for good. Thank Goodness! Looking forward to hearing new adventure as soon you are settled. I do hope you’ll like the place that you are going.
    The California Sun post is so very gorgeous, Rommel!

  18. where to next? been wonderin’ where you’ve been…

  19. Absolutely stunning!!

  20. I love the way you capture the sun’s rays in the last photo!

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  22. Last call is my favourite :)

  23. My favourites are Half Moon Bay and La Jolla, San Diego. Very well captured, Rommel :)

  24. Intense vibrant sun shots. The chase was definitely worth it!

  25. Gorgeous gorgeous photos, Rommel. :-)

  26. Magnificent sunset pics, Rommel. The Half Moon bay is my favourite. :)

  27. weaverwomyn

    Glad you enjoyed your time in CA. I too chase the sunsets here. Especially love the silhouetted palm trees – so California. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Yup, thank you! I was telling a friend how palm trees are very California. He said palm trees are all over different places. Well I know that, but I’m pretty sureCalifornia has a lot more of palm trees than most places.

  28. Gorgeous photos mate. Loved California when I was traveling there. What is the idea behind your blog title?

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Peace and love man.

    Alexander Johnny

    • I’m very sorry for the late reply. I named it The Sophomore Slump because I do see the phenomenon of sophomore jinx. This is my second blog with wordpress. I was so worried it might not be a successful blog. Thanks for the comment and visit. As it tuns out, my blog has accomplished so many things both in number and personal goals.

  29. Elle

    These beautiful photos had a much needed calming effect. Thank you for sharing

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