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Aloha Hawaii!

You anticipate your return or departure. You already asked someone to meet you at the airport. You ate a tiny packet of peanuts on the plane. You bottle your thoughts and emotions inside you. And …. BAM! A lay-over.

My best lay-over was in Singapore dating back in 2006. We got to spend two days and one night there. I do not have pictures to show, but I remember my quick stay there so well.

My worst was in Narita, Japan. I was flying with Northwest Airline on my way to Philippines. The airline provided us a night a hotel room, but we couldn’t get outside to wander around. People were so pissed that the flight got delayed. Their connection flights are screwed. Meeting their families was put on hold. Layovers can just really be frustrating.

Our company flight from Okinawa to California was a painful one as well. We had a lot of stops, and we had to wait for good hours during those stops. However, one of our stops was in Waikiki, Hawaii where got to stay in a fancy hotel paid by my company including our food! ;)

All images are taken with Samsung S3.


We only had 8 hours there so our gander was very minimal. We just walked around the coconut-y streets …


Took a quick glance of the beach …


Ate at a restaurant where I ordered me a plate of Hawaiian fried rice. ;)


Entered a souvenir shop where I bought a shot glass for me and a globe for my sister.  Leis and Hawaiian shirts (duh!) are all over the place.


Our quick stay there was even cut shorter when it rained that afternoon. With no more change of clothes and the night was nearing, we just stayed at our hotel.


Last Call…


I  never really planned nor thought of being in Hawaii so it was a very neat thing that I get to see it even just for a very short time. Another cool thing is that I have a good friend that’s from Waikiki, Hawaii. It’s just nice to actually see it after all the stories he’s told me.

After a little more refreshments and hours to kill, we continued our journey back to sunny California…


So, what is your best and/or worst lay-over/airport stop?



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  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    I had a happy experience travelling on Finnair last year when I boarded the plane to find I had been upgraded to business class. It was wonderful.

  2. johanesjonaz says:

    traveler is a wanderer, no matter what the limitation is.. :)
    I never fly for hours and make some stops, my longest flight was only 6 hrs. Never experience a layover yet, but If I have one, I hope it’s as good as yours Rommel :)

  3. Jo Bryant says:

    I have never had that happen…lucky me maybe…or maybe not

    • rommel says:

      Lucky you for the most parts. Most airlines don’t accomodate for anything anymore. I’m just lucky with my employer. :D You lose time of coming hone when you have layover and that’s biggest grub.

  4. malaysia airline, mulu to miri in borneo island, indonesia, was canceled. i had to stay for one night. but, they prepared a cozy hotel for nothing. it was a good memory.

  5. Hawaii is not a bad layover at all. Wish it’d been more sunny for you though. We just had a 22 hour layover in Helsinki enroute to Stockholm, but it was a planned one. That’s when we stayed at the prison hotel.

    • rommel says:

      22 hour layover in Stockholm’s gotta be ideal as well. I had a planned one as well before. I think it was in Minnesota. Didn’t really do much because it was too cold for me.

  6. Madhu says:

    I would welcome a longish layover in Hawaiii!! Have never had any kind of layover nor an upgrade ever Rommel :-(

    • rommel says:

      That’s very surprising to hear coming from a well travelled gal like you. You need to look classy for your flights to get upgraded. Bwahaha :lol: Joke.

  7. magiecrystal says:

    Welcome home? My worst layover was 18 hours at MIA, mostly because the attendants kept announcing the plane would be ready to board in the next hour. So…we couldn’t exactly leave the airport lounge. But, that was back in the day when airlines would take responsibility for mishandling delays and I was gifted 100,000 miles, which was enough to fly business class to just about anywhere in the world – back then.

    • rommel says:

      100,000 miles… That’s a lot. Ahhh the old days… you can breathe lighter even when other screw up for you. Now you gotta collect miles points before you get free flights. So when there’s delay they only add to your points.

      • magiecrystal says:

        And, you have to collect more miles to get a free flight. On a happier note, I’m now using TSA Pre and sailing through security on the USA side. Get to keep my shoes on and leave my laptop and Baggie in my bags.

  8. LuAnn says:

    We have never been to Hawaii. With so many interesting places in the world, not sure when we might get there. Glad you got to visit, if only for a few hours.

  9. My worst layover was in Eugene Oregon many years ago. We finally had to take a bus to Medford, which was somewhat frightening, because you couldn’t see more than a few feet ahead because of the thick fog.

  10. Amy says:

    Welcome back, Rommel! :)

  11. I don’t think I’ve had any layovers longer than 4-6 hours, but I could be wrong. Lucky you, getting to stop in Hawaii! that plate of fried rice looks delicious :) if you don’t mind me asking, what company do you work for? I’ve often wondered how you get to travel so much…

  12. Lucid Gypsy says:

    That isn’t at all how I imagined Hawaii to be! I don’t know if yo ucan call a chosen five day stopover in KL a layover but it was the best ever. The worst? stopping to refuel in Accra after leaving Nigeria and not being able to get off the plane – but I went back a few years later and saw lots of Ghana.

    • rommel says:

      Blows, isn’t it. I had stops in Ireland, Alaska, Guam, amongst many, but you can’t really leave! Way to go to come back and visit Ghana, Gilly.

  13. No unusual flying experiences here. Too few and far between! But I am ready to go to Hawaii! :)

  14. themofman says:

    I need more time to figure out my best layover but my worst was in going to Houston, TX in the spring of 2001. From Toronto, our flight landed in Charlotte, NC and we had approximately 15 minutes to get off, and dash to the opposite end of the airport to catch our connecting flight. It’s not a small airport, and we didn’t know our way around. We made it just in the nick of time.

    • rommel says:

      Same with me before, and I was new with airports and flying at the time! It might be in Texas as well. It was one of the biggest US airports.

  15. Sun says:

    you lucky fellow…to layover in Hawaii. what a delightful treat to have your company pay for lodging and food, although it looked like it was overcast while you were there. oh, well, can’t have everything. :P glad your trip went well. okay, gotta catch up with your other posts.cheers!

  16. Being laid over in Hawaii sounds glorious. Unfortunately, I’ve never traveled enough to experience a lay-over. The closest I’ve ever come is that I was with a group of IT people on a trip to a conference to Bloomington, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) and in our hotel we got bumped up to first class rooms because the cheaper rooms were already filled up. That’s my great travel experience.

  17. placestheygo says:

    What a great place to lay over! Good you had at least a little time to check it out.

  18. Angeline M says:

    I love Hawaii, any island will do. Best layover was Las Vegas, worst layover was Las Vegas :)
    I always try to fly direct if I can help it.

  19. Paula says:

    Is that an octopus on the rice plate?

  20. restlessjo says:

    Back in the days of regular “strike action” I spent a very disagreeable day at Manchester airport. People were huddled on the floor and grumpy as hell. I’ve never liked Manchester airport ever since. Not one to hold a grudge :)
    We were en route for Florida and I’m glad to say that the experience was forgotten once we got acclimatised.

    • rommel says:

      I never flew Northwest Airline after mine as well. Something about your flights that are valuable. It really is horrible when you get delayed.

  21. Knock on wood, so far in all my travels my lay overs were just that a lay over….ha ha ha Your stop was truly short, that you were not able to go to Pearl Harbor or to Diamond Head. I love Hawaii but not Honolulu for it reminds me of Philippines.
    And yes I finally met LuAnn.

  22. Welcome home, Rommel. Glad you survived the long flight. Hawaii is lovely, even if only for a short while. :) Thanks so much for the mention. xx

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