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Santa Paula Murals

This is my dot dot dot post …

I know they’re all obvious but …

One person here is real…

Santa Paula Murals (13)

Two here are real… :D

Santa Paula Murals (10)

Ta-dah! …

Santa Paula Murals (9)

Closer …

Santa Paula Murals (12)

There is a total of 9 murals scattered around the downtown area.

The building is real …

Santa Paula Murals

But the booth and the people isn’t.

Some plants are real …

Santa Paula Murals (2)

The less greener isn’t …

Santa Paula Murals (5)

Museums in Santa Paula are California Oil Museum, Aviation Museum, Agriculture Museum, Railroad Museum, etc. All are depicted in murals…

Santa Paula Murals (4)

Zooming in …

Santa Paula Murals (8)

These murals represent the culture and aspects of the Santa Paula community. It was once the World’s Citrus Capital, circa 1880-1945…

Santa Paula Murals (7)

They host the Annual Citrus Balloon Festival.

The drive there was scenic because of the mountains and the harvest lands.

One of the mountains is not like the others …

Santa Paula Murals (11)

Ventura, CA

Ventura, CA. This is currently where I reside. I’ve been here for about 3 years now, give and take. ;) And for a half day, I played a little tourist in my own county of residence.

First off, I had my lunch for the day at the Mugu Rock. A lot of car commercials are set here. As a matter of fact, when I was there some people are shooting a car model. Iron Man also flew over and landed here.

Then I went to Olivas Adobe.




This is Ventura County’s only remaining Monterey-style adobe home from the Rancho era. Only a few historic places here in Ventura, Olivas Adobe is a historical site in its truest sense showing how the waelthy settlers used to live way back in 1800′s.

The best time to come here is during the weekends where the docents are available to show you the ropes. I was here during the weekday but there’s a class field trip that day that I got lucky to shamelessly get in with them to learn from the guides. :D

I’ll give you one. These chairs are not just regular chairs.

They were also used as …

10151977_10152338910483578_511423687_n 1098226_10152338910458578_1082181916_n

And it’s the boys who empty them out. :D

And ow, they have a rose garden.


Enough of Olivas Adobe…

I then went to another mission, San Buenaventura Mission. I’ve been here before but didn’t take any picture. I went to town this time. :D

They have the best mini-museum showing old books and clothes. They also have a nice courtyard.



It’s a nice decent mission given it being small.


I ended the day with ….


… in Silver Strand Beach in Channel Islands.

I hope you enjoyed our half-a-day tour.

Want to know more of Ventura. Check out my Ventura tag.

Solvang, California

Took a half day tour to Solvang, California in Santa Barbara, coomunity of Santa Ynez Valley.

First, I drove passing along the oh-so beautiful Pacific Coast Highway.

My first stop was an early morning quick and easy hike to Nojoqui Falls. The first time I was here the waterfall was dry. But now look!


With all the talk about California suffering from drought, it’s nice to know that there’s water trinkling down this waterfall.

For those of you who are planning to come here, it is better to do so afterit rained. Also, don’t miss the exit from the highway. This place is somewhat secluded.

See it without the water – Throwback Thursday: Weather Woes

Then I headed to Solvang for a bit o’Denmark.


Solvang is one of the places where I get to get my European travel fix.

Unlike most California travel destinations, parking here if free.





It’s a”Little Denmark” in California.

I sampled me some chocolates while over here, and bought me some ice cream. There’s free ice cream tasting too but I knew what I wanted. Plenty more good food including of course their signature, duh, danish pastry.



At night, everything is illuminated! Including the trees and the houses.

Moving on, a little bit of walk and I got to Santa Ynez Mission. This is the eighth mission I visited.


Although this time, I didn’t enter the inside.

Last, driving back I stopped to a couple of vistas to see Cachuma Lake.



It’s actually an artificial lake used as water basin.

Last Call…


Returning back, I continued driving down the scenic though zig-zaggy Chumash Highway.

A fulfilling half day, I think. :D


Here’s to a blog who is outstanding in combining awesome images with very fitting and beautiful words – Darla Welcher’s Through The Lens.

Watts Tower in LA


For Simon Rodia, another man’s trash is another man’s tower. Watts Towers are handmade constructions diligently and passionately built by  Simon Rodia, a native of Ribottoli, Italy, during his time off work over the course of 33 years. The decoration materials … used and collected glasses, shells, pottery shards, bottles and tiles.



“I had in my mind I’m gonna do something, something big.”

The tower reaches a height of 99 1/2, only stopping there because of the city limit.


I like all the details of it. Such cool thing just seeing the different shards and pieces scattered all over the place. It seemed like he wanted to spread the love of this tower.

When Simon Rodia stopped construction of the towers in 1954 because of controversies after WWII, vandalism and some abuse, he called it “Nuestro Pueblo” which is Spanish for “Our Town”. Today, the city continues to preserve his works. Its community respect it highly. The Center of Watts District in LA, just few blocks from Watts Towers, feautres other Simon Rodia-inspired arts that were made from junks.



By the way, this really is not the usual art installation. It is right smack in a dead-end street.



I also saw this by their office … For my followers ….


It truly is a magnificent one of a kind LA sight especially given its location, its history, its underlying message to people, and the passion of Simon Rodia.


Throwback Thursday: Asia in California

It started with a series of Flashback Friday posts where, while I was in California, I get to turn back the time and revisit some of my travel destinations in Europe and Philippines. Then it now continues with Throwback Thursday where, while I’m here in Japan, I get to turn back the time and revisit some of my travel destinations in California. And now that my time here is coming to an end, this will be the last of my Throwback Thursday post. In February, for now, I will be revisiting my time here in Japan, and even older travel destiantions, when I get to California, and I will call it Memory Monday. ;)

Remember Europe in California? Well here is the Asia version…


California is arguably the most racially diverse state in the nation. You get in a place, look around, and you’ll never find just one racial group. Here, it isn’t difficult to cross-culture. I have a pleasure of knowing that I have plenty of options to satisfy wherever my desire and imagination decide to go or be. I can walk to the end of my street, and I can choose what kind of cuisine to eat. On the way, I can come across people of different backgrounds. I can travel further a mile or two, and it’s as if I can get transported somewhere else in the world.

The above image is taken from Chinatown in LA. Perhaps the easily recognizable place to go to experience Asian culture in California are Chinatowns in both LA and San Francisco.

It looks cool at night when everything is illuminated.

… or during the celebration of Chinese New Year, where you can also see lion dances.

Chinatown in San Francisco.

Let’s go to Japan in California…

Out of the 16 museums in Balboa Park in San Diego, my personal favorite is Mingei International Museum. They have a really nice display portion for Japan culture. 

California has Chinatown, Filipinotown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo, and even Little Italy.

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo

Karaoke singing at the center stage, Habachi dining, Hello Kitty/Sanrio shops, and wish paper are some of the things you can experience in Little Tokyo.

This next one is from Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Arts…

Pavilion for Japanese Art displays the Shin’enkan collection in LACMA.

Moving on. My most favorite Asian places in California happens to be my first travel destination when I got back to California in 2011….


…Hsi Lai Temple.It’s so amazing that this hidden Asian gem is sitting atop a hill amongst the modernized, bustling city of LA.


You see, it’s very easy to cross-culture in California. It may not be the same, but it’s just an awesome thing to know that you can go to and experience an entirely different environment without crossing over seas.

Last Calls…

Internation Houses in San Diego offers exhibit of different style of houses from different countries.

Internation Houses in San Diego offers exhibits of different style of houses from different countries.



So do you know where the Asian places in your area? If not, I think it’s time for you to do some research. ;)


Cross-culture in SoCAL?

Suebee and Kat is an instant pro-blog in a matter of days. You can see Korean Friendship Bell, Japanese Pavilion in LACMA, Noodle Soup restaurant, Irish Dance Costumes, Brazilian Dance, Vietnamese Exhibit in Pico House Gallery, Dia De Los Muertos Gallery and Pacific Asia Museum, just some of their cross-culture sightings. My favorite, however, is a post that shows pictures of Kat’s grandma.

Throwback Thursday: I have

I watched the movie “Flight” in a drive-in theater. I’ve gotten to the northernmost tip of Okinawa. I’ve been to a sticky situation being in an alley filled with EW! bubble gums. I tripped while paying baseball, but I did touch the second base. I started wearing eyeglasses just last week. It opened my eyes that Katy Perry isn’t that pretty as I thought. I personally met a great blogging friend, LuAnn. I thought I will suffer a mild case of social discomfort but she is very friendly that I survived from that embarrassment. Ow! She paid for our food. Ahihihi. It’s been 10 years since I arrived in America. I wanted to punch the eye doctor because he dropped some liquids into my eyes and I couldn’t see anything afterwards.Though I didn’t find Batman, I have finally entered a cave. But, I have seen a batfish. *thumbs up* I also have seen whale sharks, the largest fish in the world. I was giggling inside like a little girl seeing it’s grandeur in front of me. I delivered a Hello Kitty-filled package to my niece in the Philippines. She said she was super happy. :D That’s all I needed to hear. I have hiked in snow. I have sat on a couch where Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Rachel did. I went to a California Mission with my mom. I have prepared and eaten a mochi (rice ball), then shared them with little Japanese school kids. I’ve gone canoeing, kayaking, and have dipped deep into the beautiful pacific waters. I’ve seen jumbo rocks in Joshua Tree National Park. I thought it was arranged by a giant who played a lot of tetris. I’ve done rapelling down a 60 feet cliff!!! I felt an earthquake this week. It was only my second time. It scared the little bejibbers out of me. I became one of a 270,000 crowd. I assisted a special-need kid get 4 medals during a Special Olympics event. I have a newfangled admiration for Eisa and taiko drumming. I enjoyed watching Survivor Caramoan and Blood vs. Water, more esp. because they were set in the Philippines. I savored my time exploring Okinawa and its culture. I will be depressed after I leave this place. I’m sure of it. I had a great travel friend who too soon had to leave for good. :( She is a female version of my whackiness, and I really enjoyed her company even though she bashed me so much. I’ve eaten pig’s feet. It wasn’t good to be honest but was worth the try. I went to Las Vegas where I squandered a good chunk of my money. Ooops. Good thing, I spent lesser time away the casinos by exploring that darn vicious but busy, illuminating city. I’ve sat foot in Shuri Castle where most of the karate practices took place as Okinawa is the birthplace of it. I had a Weekend with Marilyn. She was very patient waiting for me. She also smiled the whole time I was with her. I hate whatever the fox says. I oppose to using Bitstrip. I got infuriated playing a phone Apps. I have licked ice cream 1,195,733 times this year. I have splish-splashed hard by a wave runners. We were being slapped around by riding this floater boat in the back of a speeding jet ski. Snots were everywhere that it cleaned my nose! :D My girlfriend broke up with me. I stopped blogging for tsk tsk tsk 4 straight months! I found that a person can balance three eggs on top of each other during a Chinese New Year presentation. Poker is fun. Proven to me by Griffith Park Observatory, Jupiter can be seen through the naked eye. Apparently, windmills are eyesores to others. I found out that statistics have it that, among many other things, you can get killed by a bottle cork than shark attack.  I also found out that Turkey is a country name. :D If you get cactus prickles on you, I tell you now, covering your hand with a thin piece of clothing to remove it will NOT help but will only poke you more. I found out that the S in Superman’s chest means Hope. :D I still don’t buy it. :P MY name in Japanese means Freeway Jewel. Whatever the darn it means! I have eaten meats of kangaroo, lamb, crocodile, and camel. I sang “We’ve Got Tonight” at a karaoke in front of many. Was I frightened? Yes. Did I deliver? Sympathetic customary accolades. :D Blowfish can kill you if it’s not prepared right. I have been blessed with so many grateful and ungrateful bounties this year.

For my Throwback Pic …


The image is small. It’s a Christmas stage play. I can’t remember my part. I strongly think I was one of the three kings. :D

I apologize. It’s a personal post, and I didn’t realize that I’ve typed so many words already. You really start to realize how wealthy you are once you start to count your blessings.

Check out one of my Featured Blogger Sunshine and her monthly Gratitude in Motion.



Care to read? Here is Robert M. Weiss’s Site of Discovery and Wonder. Oh! Check out his research topics and  science projects. This blog aims to entertain, astound, and excite.

Throwback Thursday: Paint Your Landscape


Have you met a fellow blogger before?

Well, I met LuAnn of Paint Your Landscape some months ago this year.

This gal is hard to reach because she’s always on the road. So when she finally hit California, I contacted this celebrity RV’er to make a reservation for an exclusive meet. :D A lot of RV’ers, who I pretty much envy, always organize a meet whenever they find a chance to be in the same location. So having to meet a big favorite RV blogger of mine, it was such an extreme excitement and joy for me. And for one day I also felt like I was in their click. :D

We met halfway between where we were from each other which is Dana Point. Well I recently broke my GPS, and I have a poor sense of direction. So when I got closer to Dana Point, this awful guy had to call her for directions. (Way to go, Rommel). She got there early, and I, on the other hand, had to be waited on. It was really my initial plan to give her a bad first impression so I can swoop in later on with my winsome personality. :D (For the record, I’m only kidding)


We greeted each other personally for the first time at the Ocean Institute. We saw an octopus passing from one tank to another tank through a tube. She dipped her hand to feel the starfish. There were children learning how to dissect a squid. We wander around eyeing more aquatic animals.

After that, we decided to look around the area to see more of Dana Point. We took a walk, talked trash about other bloggers (I kid, I kid), and spotted a bed of familiar birds.


She got so bored with me that she decided to just ran away from me. (I kid again)


At some point, I felt like she was thinking that I’m only trying to exhaust or test her willingness. :D And so I did the same thing and ran away from her as well. :D


We ate a nearby restaurant, talked some more trash about bloggers (I joked for the nth time), and then parted ways.

Before all these, I warned her that I might suffer a panic attack out of social discomfort. I think the only sign was that I snickered a lot. Well at some point, a homeless guy asked us for some spare change. Me and Lu looked at each other. Here we are, two strangers, only were connected through blogging and were meeting in person, and this random event occured…. Neither of us pulled anything from our pockets. Personally, there are just other ways to help these people. What I’m really getting at is I think it says a lot about how we approached each other. There was no measure of modesty, no pretentiousness, or we don’t have to act like we can walk on waters. We were in our normal selves. That’s exactly what I wanted. I have to know that I can be whacky, make mistakes, or be serious, in order for me to be comfortable around someone I just met. I’m glad I didn’t have to use a paperbag I reserved in case of palpitation.


Now, I can look back at Dana Point in a more distinctive way than my other California travels.





See LuAnn’s post about Dana Point. Also I found a company who might find that getting to the harbor ain’t that easy. Read it from Angelina Sims of  Living,  Loving, Laughing….


As for my Throwback Thursday picture… For your amusement ….


Me, my cousin, my father, the city mayor, some extras :D and my mother who was crowned Mrs. East Rembo (my hometown district) of ’91.

Throwback Thursday: Weather Woes

No, I’m not complaining. I am actually very very lucky with the weather when I travel. *Knock on wood* You see me and the weather god have a deal going on. He won’t turn on the sky’s shower. As a return, I have to share to the world the beautiful sights I see unless he interferes my ganders with bad weather. :D

Weather is such a worthy adversary when it comes to traveling. I hate waking up hearing that there’s rain outside that will ruin my travel plans. Great thing though that whenever I’m already out, the weather god is most of the time very cooperative with me.

But of course, even the weather god is not perfect. There are some minor hiccups.

First, I wanted to see Morro Bay Rock in a clear day…


But instead, I saw it as this …


Good thing the tree was there to help me out get a decent capture.

Fog was also covering most of the coastline that it was hard for me to appreciate it and take pictures of it. It was hard for me as well to drive California 1 as it was blocking my view. Tsk Tsk Tsk..

Some area I was still able to get a clear view…



Second… When I toured the inside of Santa Barbara Mission, initially the weather was not bad at all…




It started drizzling. :( You can see the ground is now wet. You can also see christmas trees on the door. :D I continued gazing around but stopped taking picture ’cause don’t want my camera to get wet. I didn’t get to take a picture of the little fountain and the church together.

You can read some more about Santa Barbara from my great blogging friend Debra – here. She very knowledgeable of the different missions in California.


This one is partly my fault. The hike sources clearly stated that the waterfall is usually dry and that it’s better to view after the rain. Feeling lucky and dependent of the weather god :D, I decided to hike Nojoqui Falls in Solvang anyway. You know how it turns out…


Urgh! Can you imagine that with water actually falling down!? Urgh!

So when was the time that a bad weather ruined your trip?

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I never look at the weather report whenever I’m about to travel. I basically let the chips fall where they may be, or just hope to weather god it’s rain that is falling. :D Since he didn’t live up to the deal on these particular days, I am, in turn, still sharing the pictures. ;)


Halloween Extra Post:

This is from the floor of the building I stay in here in Japan. I don’t believe in ghost because I never saw one before (Duh, it’s a ghost). You can question the validity of this video but…

For one, it’s such a short and unclear appearance that if it was a made up video why not make it longer and clearer. Second, they really do keep the camera up and running there. Third, well this ine is not a “but” statement, behind the door is a mechanical door and next to it is a laundry room that it might just be some smoke coming out of the vent…

Though, you will see a thin smoke-like something that is moving. Then, you will see a footstep on the floor as if it is entering the door, and it will disappear…. Ooooh ….


Throwback pic… This next ghost happened to appear on the camera. I guess it wanted to eat the food we left on the floor.


It is soooo not me. :lol:

Last Calls….




Featured Blog

Unlike me, hermitsdoor managed to get clear shots of Morro Bay. Follow him to his adventures. Be amazed by his words and poetry. Get your mind running by good conversations and your eyes pleased by his photographs.

Throwback Thursday: Side Trip (part deux)

Work has been put off due to a typhoon, more like a heavy rain, and so I get the extra time to catch up and write a post. :D


Whenever I go take other people to places I’ve been to in California, I’m always gravitated towards touring them to Griffith Park. It’s an hour and a tad more minutes from Ventura. It’s building is cool-looking. It’s kids appropiate. It has the Hollywood sign. You get to see LA’s cityscape from the top. It has one of the best spots to see the golden California Sun. To top it all off, it’s free!


We spotted an astronomer who was preparing his telescope out in the middle of the park’s ground. He was fixing to locate Jupiter. And we got the chance to see it up close through athe telescope. He even said that it is visible with the naked eye. Problem is, you just need an expert who know where and when this grand planet is going to be at.


Jupiter is 2.5 larger than the rest of the planets combined. It’s circumference is 11 times bigger than the Earth. That’d be a lot lot lot of places to travel to if it was livable. :D


Moving on…

Can you stomach this side trip?

When I was driving back from up North down to Ventura, I was in a sticky situation of whether to stop here or not.


Somewhere near San Luis Obispo’s Mission is … dum dum dum … Bubblegum Alley. That’s right! Two walls filled with sticky and icky bubblegums glued to it. The amount of rain we have here today amounts to nothing compared to all the saliva grossly welded into those walls.

More disgustingly so is how people stick other more repulsive, ghastly stuffs to it.


Did you see it? A real yucky and ew moment.

That’s it for the first Throwback Thursday and the second Side Trip post. I’ll leave you with this FB throwback picture.


The boy ended up to be a stud afterall. :lol:



Featured Blog

102. Let me introduce to you magiecrystal, a true travel writer. Though her hometown is San Francisco, she goes out travelling to different parts of the globe. Check out her seasoned explorations from the sweltering heat of Asian countries to the cold winter in Paris.  Her Spain posts are my favorites, but you got to see her California post Yosemite, the Girl Next Door.

Test your TV Knowledge: TV Out of the Box


One of the awesome things of being in California is the opportunity to experience stars and glamours. That’s it, the entertainment media. I have never really exploited it nor have shown much of it throughout this blog. Well now, I am enthusiastic to present to you a minute museum that showcases props and costumes seen from WB TV shows.

Here’s what we do. I won’t put any caption and just let you see if you recognize any of the paraphernalia and clothings they exbihit in Paley Center of Media.

This next one, I’m sure Jo Bryant of Chronicles of Illusions will be pleased to see …


My favorite is their set pieces of the sitcom FRIENDS. WEEE!!! I get to see Central Perk!

If you’re a big fan of the show, see if you can remember which episodes these appeared in.

The outfits …

Paley Center for Media is located in Rodeo Dr. where you can also visit California’s version of Rome’s Spanish Footstep. Look for free one-hour parking around the area. The entrance to the museum is $10. It is open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 5 pm.

How did you do at the TV knowledge? Did you get bamboozled?


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