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#268 Featured Images

Welcome to the second installment of Featured Images from my Featured Blogs.

As much as I want to highlight the usual far figuratively successful blogs, I want to refrain from that. I want to go with 1). the ones I encourage my readership to follow and 2). the ones I didn’t cover from my the first part of this.

Six Degrees Photography was once an outstanding, eloquent writer-blogger. She is now wow-ing us with her outstanding photography.

Get photography lessons, get deep into the contexts of a city or a street, and get up close to Allan, The MOFman’s, artistic processes. Top photo blog? I think he’s one of it.

Do you follow a blog whose language you don’t know? I found the best story fit for a book from this non-English blog, A Sanctuary | Explore the beauty of Indonesia … Go to places where people don’t know your language. Do read the story here – Tradisi Menanam Beras Merah di Bali, Perjalanan Kontemplasi Hari Kedua.

Alina is the best blogger-reviewer for me. Books, TV, movies, and intelligible topics, this gal is one hellova eloquent writer.

I absolutely love Alexander Lautal’s photography blog. Follow all four seasons of loneliness and, of course, happiness through his blog.

Follow magiecrystal to Japan, Paris, Alberta and NYC, see some familiar, some obscure sites. This blog never ceases to amaze with her impressive writing and photography.

Darla Welcher is awesome when it comes to putting captions to her awesome pictures.

Going to SoCal? Let Suebee and Kat be your guide.

Follow restless Jo. She is restless as ever going to places to places.

I’m so happy to see this well-travelled blogger, Travel-Stained, continue to flourish. Be it blog-look, travel iterinaries, or blog success. She and her hubby have some of the most awesome travel destinations I’ve ever followed.

Old Woman On A Bicycle – See what this intriguing blog title is all about.

Now, Colline here is a true writer. What else do you expect from a teacher-blogger? Awesome reads all around.

I LOVE, love, love this Japanese blog. Get the best Japanese food places, see festivals and events, read some Japanese horror stories and mythologies, and get deep into the diverse culture of Japan – Milu’s Dream Traveler.

Check out his research topics and science projects. Robert M. Weiss of A Site of Discovery and Wonder aims to entertain, astound, and excite.

Just go ahead and find for yourself why this blogging machine is a successful one – Jo Bryant of Chronicles of Illusions.

If you are not following this best Italy blog, you are so wrong!

See Tvor Travel’s Favourite photos.

Last Calls…

A Gracious Life 

Cardinal Guzman


That is it, Ladies and Gents. I’ve done my due diligence in highlighting these awesome blogs. This was labor. :D I hope you follow them. Easy clicks, brothers and sisters, easy clicks. See how well you get along with them. I follow these blogs and I featured them for a reason. Also, a lot of these bloggers are great writers. I hope your blog exploration doesn’t stop with a Follow Button. ;) More power and have fun blogging.

Forthe first installment – #244 Featured Images




The Scientist

Come up to meet you.
Tell you I’m sorry.
You don’t know how lovely you are.


I had to find you.
Tell you I need you.
Tell you I set you apart.


Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions.
Oh let’s go back to the start.


Running in circles, coming up tails.
Heads on a silence apart.


Nobody said it’d be easy.
Oh It’s such a shame for us to part.


Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh take me back to the start



I was just guessing at numbers and figures.
Pulling the, puzzles apart.


Questions of science, science and progress.
Do not speak as loud as heart.


Tell me you love me.
Come back and haunt me.
Oh and I rush back to the start.


Running in circles, chasing our tails.
Coming back as we are.


Nobody said it was easy.
Oh it’s such a shame for us to part.


Nobody said it was easy.
No one ever said it would be this hard.


I’m going back to the start.



A song lyrics by Coldplay. All images are taken with my Samsung S3.


Featured Blog

Here is Deborah of Container Chronicles and her selections of Seven Deadly Sins soundtracks.

Throwback Thursday: I have

I watched the movie “Flight” in a drive-in theater. I’ve gotten to the northernmost tip of Okinawa. I’ve been to a sticky situation being in an alley filled with EW! bubble gums. I tripped while paying baseball, but I did touch the second base. I started wearing eyeglasses just last week. It opened my eyes that Katy Perry isn’t that pretty as I thought. I personally met a great blogging friend, LuAnn. I thought I will suffer a mild case of social discomfort but she is very friendly that I survived from that embarrassment. Ow! She paid for our food. Ahihihi. It’s been 10 years since I arrived in America. I wanted to punch the eye doctor because he dropped some liquids into my eyes and I couldn’t see anything afterwards.Though I didn’t find Batman, I have finally entered a cave. But, I have seen a batfish. *thumbs up* I also have seen whale sharks, the largest fish in the world. I was giggling inside like a little girl seeing it’s grandeur in front of me. I delivered a Hello Kitty-filled package to my niece in the Philippines. She said she was super happy. :D That’s all I needed to hear. I have hiked in snow. I have sat on a couch where Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Rachel did. I went to a California Mission with my mom. I have prepared and eaten a mochi (rice ball), then shared them with little Japanese school kids. I’ve gone canoeing, kayaking, and have dipped deep into the beautiful pacific waters. I’ve seen jumbo rocks in Joshua Tree National Park. I thought it was arranged by a giant who played a lot of tetris. I’ve done rapelling down a 60 feet cliff!!! I felt an earthquake this week. It was only my second time. It scared the little bejibbers out of me. I became one of a 270,000 crowd. I assisted a special-need kid get 4 medals during a Special Olympics event. I have a newfangled admiration for Eisa and taiko drumming. I enjoyed watching Survivor Caramoan and Blood vs. Water, more esp. because they were set in the Philippines. I savored my time exploring Okinawa and its culture. I will be depressed after I leave this place. I’m sure of it. I had a great travel friend who too soon had to leave for good. :( She is a female version of my whackiness, and I really enjoyed her company even though she bashed me so much. I’ve eaten pig’s feet. It wasn’t good to be honest but was worth the try. I went to Las Vegas where I squandered a good chunk of my money. Ooops. Good thing, I spent lesser time away the casinos by exploring that darn vicious but busy, illuminating city. I’ve sat foot in Shuri Castle where most of the karate practices took place as Okinawa is the birthplace of it. I had a Weekend with Marilyn. She was very patient waiting for me. She also smiled the whole time I was with her. I hate whatever the fox says. I oppose to using Bitstrip. I got infuriated playing a phone Apps. I have licked ice cream 1,195,733 times this year. I have splish-splashed hard by a wave runners. We were being slapped around by riding this floater boat in the back of a speeding jet ski. Snots were everywhere that it cleaned my nose! :D My girlfriend broke up with me. I stopped blogging for tsk tsk tsk 4 straight months! I found that a person can balance three eggs on top of each other during a Chinese New Year presentation. Poker is fun. Proven to me by Griffith Park Observatory, Jupiter can be seen through the naked eye. Apparently, windmills are eyesores to others. I found out that statistics have it that, among many other things, you can get killed by a bottle cork than shark attack.  I also found out that Turkey is a country name. :D If you get cactus prickles on you, I tell you now, covering your hand with a thin piece of clothing to remove it will NOT help but will only poke you more. I found out that the S in Superman’s chest means Hope. :D I still don’t buy it. :P MY name in Japanese means Freeway Jewel. Whatever the darn it means! I have eaten meats of kangaroo, lamb, crocodile, and camel. I sang “We’ve Got Tonight” at a karaoke in front of many. Was I frightened? Yes. Did I deliver? Sympathetic customary accolades. :D Blowfish can kill you if it’s not prepared right. I have been blessed with so many grateful and ungrateful bounties this year.

For my Throwback Pic …


The image is small. It’s a Christmas stage play. I can’t remember my part. I strongly think I was one of the three kings. :D

I apologize. It’s a personal post, and I didn’t realize that I’ve typed so many words already. You really start to realize how wealthy you are once you start to count your blessings.

Check out one of my Featured Blogger Sunshine and her monthly Gratitude in Motion.



Care to read? Here is Robert M. Weiss’s Site of Discovery and Wonder. Oh! Check out his research topics and  science projects. This blog aims to entertain, astound, and excite.

#244 Featured Images

I was goi…. Ahhh forget it. Without further ado….

Some of the best images of my Featured Blogs <- Click to get the full list.

Clicking on the images will redirect you to the original post to which it belongs. 

Madhu of The Urge To Wander

Madhu, to me, is unreachable. She travels to so many places (so she probably don’t get a lot of phone reception therefore unreachable :D ). Plus, she really is so eloquent and does really great phtography. Pens off to a travel writer. Madhu is one of the top blogs there ever is.

Allan: Modes of Flight Blog

Allan, The MOFman, is a legitimate artist. He never cease to impress me. I have so many images to choose from his blog. Then just last week, he still pulled an amazing capture. With this image, he mentions “it’s the most unpopular places that shine so brightly”.

Imelda: My Wall

Imelda is an amazing poet. But her macro photography is hard to ignore, most especially her nature/flower photography. Go ahead and leave this page for now and take a nature stroll through her category: Dew/Raindrop.


Magie is in Japan!!!She is onehellova travel writer. She’s very eloquent. She goes deep into her subjects. Her images and the places she goes to are to die for. I’m following her everywhere in Japan, and I really really hope you do too.

Mona Liza and Steve

Out of the entire list here on this post, Mona Liza’s Lowe’s Travels is the one that exhausted me the most as it was so hard for me to choose from all of her amazing images. It’s okay. It was a delight to visit back some her of fascinating, interesting and breathtaking pictures. Don’t miss out on their adventures. Their RV hope is to cover all states. Be sure to see the infectuous smile of Mona Liza in pictures. ;) Also check out Steve’s Campground Reviews.

Wandering Cha

Wandering Cha is simply one of the best Philippine blogs you’ll ever follow. Seriously, one click to her blog can convince you.

Debra of Breathe Lighter

Debra’s stress-reducing blog is full of awesome trips, insightful information, exciting activities, and lively discussions to go with it all. She is an awesome, diligent historian like no other.

Paula of Lost in Translation

Paula is one lean mean photo challenge machine. She hosts Thursday Special. Be sure to get the full benefits by press play while getting amazed by her incredible, incredible images. ;)

Ingrid of Live Laugh RV

Another RVer, Ingrid is one diligent adventurer. So many beautiful nature and arresting landscape photos on her blog, I can’t help but wow to it (and be jealous) every time I visit  her blog. I tell yah. It didn’t take a long time for me to love her blog, she instantly became one of the best RV blogs.

Amy of The World Is a Book…

Ahhh Amy, lovely Amy. I’m not allowing the cliche that there is no recipe for a great blog.This highly prolific and very supportive blogger deserves all the blog recognition and success she gets. Amy is a well-oiled challenges participant, well-travelled, very informative and insightful, and friendly, all-around, outstanding blogger. Anything you expect for a great blog to follow.

AngelineM’s Blog

Another blogger who I immediately connected with right off the bat. Her iPhoneography and B&W images are as phenomenal as her big-camera pics. Angeline M. is currently enjoying herself in Mexico! Head out there and see what excitements she’s up to.

John and Pam Wright of Oh! the Places They Go!

Pam braved to enter this tunnel against claustrophobia, possible creatures inside and the dark path walking through it. With an iPhone in hand, she caught a photo of something I wished I took. Join this RV blog and follow many more of their adventures.

Cocomino of Life in Kawagoe

I love love love Cocomino’s blog. A topnotch Japanese blog. His posting pattern is simple but incredible! Check out places him and his family go to and all the activities they do including arts and crafts and some practical DIY applications. 

Sunshine of Simply Charming

Visiting her blog will give you a pocket full of Sunshine. She is soooo gooood at Haiku that she can probably create an App for it. :D Check out her Gratitude posts, Haikus and other writing pieces, writing and photo challenges, be sure to find out about Chuckles. Indeed, this sunny blog is Simply Charming.

Adin of A Day In Paradise

If you haven’t been following this WP star, then it seems to me you haven’t really gotten into the WP community. Ample amount of travel destinations around the world, some humor, pleasing personality, witty conversations and awesome images are some things that made this blog very successful. Check out her new blog and see more of her travels in paradise.

LuAnn of Paint Your Landscape

I have a very fond memory with LuAnn from having to meet her in person. She is one really strong woman who I look up to, and who inspires me to be an “active” adventurer. Expect beautiful poetries, outstanding informative and creative writing, and a charming personality to boot. 


Poppy is a triple-threat blogger. Not only poppy continues to impress us with her photography skills, poppy’s also an excellent writer and specializes in showcasing her arts and drawings. I’ve witnessed the progress of this blog from when it was starting to this now full-blown impressive blog. 

Gilly of Lucid Gypsy

People person Gilly is also blogger-friendly. And I’m a big Gilly fan for her impressive creative writing, wonderful photography, and travel destinations to boast for.

Last Call…

Angelia of Living, Loving, Laughing




If you want your picture removed from this post, I will retract it as soon as requested.

For some of my other Featured Blogs, I’ll be doing a part deux of this. For the rests, more power on your blogs and have fun blogging! As for me, I am done! After four straight gruelling but satisfying days, I can now sleep. :D For everybody… Happy Holidays. Happy Snapping. :D ;)

Kanji, Kokeshi, Kijimuna


What is your name in Kanji?

Here’s mine:


Road/Way, Free and Jewel. I guess I am Freeway Jewel. Whatever the heck that means! :D

Kanji is basically Japanese language. Check HERE to find out what your name means in Japanese. My name generated something inconsistent with the website from the one above. The website says my name means theory (ru), bud/summon/eye (me) and stream/stop (ru). I guess it means Stop eye theory. :D Go ahead and look. Just don’t forget to return back to my blog. :D [Paging Amy, yours is the best one I've seen ;)]


Kokeshi in English means wooden doll. Guess what exactly it is?

The guy who was selling me it says if it’s not wood, it’s not kokeshi. :D I’m not one who buys souvenirs. These are not even souvenirs; I just want to bring home some Japanese tradition with me.



Kijimuna are small wooden mythological creatives, and are strictly Okinawan.


They are fishing savvy, but they only eat one eye of the fish leaving the rest.
They hate octopus.
They are known to being mischievous and are pranksters.
They make friends with humans and can carry us on their backs leaping through mountains and overseas. Though, their relatonships with humans often goes bad.
One story tells of a kijimuna’s friend burning down his tree, so the kijimuna fled to the mountains.


I’m not so sure if I want to follow their direction, especially the guy has a big grin on his face.

Sorry for the easy post. I thought of composing this when I get back to California, but I couldn’t wait three more months to share about these things.

Source: Wiki



If you want to know more of Japan, Oh My Omiyage is your gal, especailly when it comes to food. Expect magazine-worthy images when you visit her blog.

Shot into Smithereens




*Keeping one eye open




*Odd One Out




Seeing Red

Cut Off





Out of Tune


Lost in Translation








Flare for the Dramatics




Flicker of Hope




Watched Over




Taste of Defeat

The ones with * are taken with my phone.

Shisa, Shisa, Shisa Everywhere

From Chinese Shi comes Okinawa’s Shisa, a cross between a lion and a dog.


Each countries such as China, Japan and Korea have different versions of it. Rarely you might stumble upon it in other parts of the world.


There are noticeable things in Okinawa – the beautiful beaches, the 360-degree low clouds, vending machines, and of course, shisa.


Older ones were traditionally placed in imperial places and wealthy people’s homes. In modern Okinawa, shisas are everywhere! You can see it on rooftops.



Being that they serve as wards, they are usually positioned in front of houses and business establishments.


The one to the left is normally has its mouth close; they attract and keep the good spirits in.


The one on the right is usually has its mouth open; they shoo away bad spirits.


There are also in plaques in different shapes of usually square, rectangle or circle.

Shisa, in general, have eyes that are magnetizing as if challenging whoever looks at it.


In old Okinawa, shisa are mostly fierce-looking.


There are plenty of shisa variations.




Some are accessorized.


In modern Okinawa, versions of shisas are made friendlier and more appealing.


They can be highly decorated.

Some are candid.



They are now in colorful designs.


Some depicting Okinawa’s culture.




… and in different sizes.


Being that shisa attribute largely to Okinawa culture, they are now sold as souvenirs.


Shisa, shisa, shisa everywhere!


And as proven by the overload of shisa pictures on this post, I just can’t get enough of it.




Learn more about shisa from another currently Okinawa-based blogger, Eflida, and her blog, Because i am uniquely and wonderfully made.


Some time between my week absence, I received an email asking about how to take action shots. I laughed at first then I get flattered. I’m no expert or professional in photography. I just think that are so many bloggers that are more apt and knowledgeable about the subject. Most of the time I rely solely on my eye and my snapping finger, and that’s it. :D Sometimes, I just click away without setting the camera and the result still comes out good.

I just really want to be courteous and respond to the inquiry. I’ll try to share the little that I know.


Let’s start with the interesting part. When there is a lot of movements, you gonna want to set the shutter speed, 1/1000th or higher. Set the focus mode to Continuous for Nikon or Servo for Canon.


Don’t panic! Let’s take it easy. Seriously, don’t panic if you want to capture a split-second moment. The No-No’s are similar to shooting a gun. Don’t jerk the trigger. Keep in mind your breathIng.  Do not anticipate – once you click, it doesn’t mean you’re done, keep the camera steady.

Do not just click and click. Trigger-happy with action shots is not advised. You can lightly press on the button, hold your finger, wait for the white square to turn green, and then you can squeeze the trigger. That will help eliminate blurriness.

I never used a tripod, so I say nothng of it. Word in the blogosphere that it helps you get a clear shot, and you don’t have to worry about the above suggestions.


ISO speed is for sentivity of light and fineness. The lower you set it, the finer it gets.


Let’s take a break.


Let’s keep moving. :)

Your mode dial should be in Tv/Time Value for Canon or Shutter Priority for Nikon.

If everything fails, set it to Sports- the one with the running guy. That will save you so much headaches. :D


If you have lenses, I usually use my zoom lenses. That way you can really capture the inches of what your subject makes. Just don’t go too near, shoot from a distance.


Finally, let’s make it fun. Who cares about the blurriness? You actually want your picture some blurriness. That will show how fast your subject is moving. :D

Last but not the least, remember to experiment on your own. ;)

Again, I don’t know how professionals do their magic, but that’s how I do mine. Information I gave here are not very solid. Oh well, take it or leave it. ;)

This post is part of Special Reports.


And the 100th Featured Blog is ……



  • to cut into thin layers or slices
  • to shave, as hides, or remove the surface of
  • British term for slacking or truancy (any intentional unauthorized absence. The term typically describes absences caused of their own free will, and usually does not refer to legitimate “excused” absences,)





A mother wept a bucket full of tears when 10-year old Kevin left. She used to always prepare peanut butter and jelly, his favorite, and tuck his lunch box to his bag. After school, she’s the one who greeted and walked with him back home. She read, taught and played with him most of the day.

He’s a delight to her. But Kevin had to go. He’s a son of a military whose duty station in California had come to an abrupt end. She was just their neighbor. Though, she spent time and cared for him more than her own. She said that people think she was exaggerating it. Some kids in his school called her Kevin’s Nanny. She said, “It isn’t exaggeration, it’s love.” She She started balling again.



I have cultivated a good relationship with my landlord. It’s not hard to because he’s a people person. He talks to anybody. He knows Ventura and it’s community. We see each other every time I pay my rent. One dinner, he told me his story. Whenever he does his morning walk and run. He usually passes by a house. Every time, he picks up the daily newspaper left on the lawn, and then he takes it all the way to the front door.
The owner of the house is a woman in her 90′s.



Ben and John live in the same apartment complex. They and their families spent the big holidays together last year. They become great friends for a couple of years now. There’s one incident that led up to this. John got fed up with Ben for his well being when they were forced to work together. John took the bull by his horns and opened a can of whoop ass to him. He berated and derided, laid out all his problems and irritation with him. It was hard for Ben to swallow everything in.

All the time, John remembers that moment and wished his face-to-face confrontation never happened. When they got reunited, Ben thanked John. He claimed that John made him a changed man. They now go to the gym and run together. John, he learned patience, to be calm and compromise through raising his kid who annoys him severely.


Right now, he’s probably preparing the tables and chairs, or maybe fixing the bedroom. He used to live on a field, alone. He sells oranges at a Farmer’s Market, and that’s the only hours he spent talking to most people. He chose happiness and liberation, forgetting, leaving and shutting out every one he knew. One day, as he was only burning wood for light, he burnt his kindling house.

62496_10151453334548578_553132698_nHe then started to reconstruct another house. That next day, people who noticed his solitary life came to help him. More and more followed, and even donations were readily available to his soon to be doorstep. The house, which is much improved than the last, was rebuilt in just 10 days.

He still sells oranges at a Farmer’s Market. He is also a regular volunteer to a Rescue Mission serving homeless people. He does it as a return, a redemption, I supposed. He disagreed. He said he does it for what it is, his past didn’t matter. He said that he learned something the hard way. “No matter how much you sliced it, people need people.”

These are the stories of the people I know. Names are anonymous.

This post is part of my Special Reports.


Care for some more amazing story?

Featured Blog

Well, here’s one success story for you – My Testimony and An Amazing Story. I don’t know how to paint but I enjoy artistic bloggers. I’m not religious but I still enjoy Liz’s company and her blog God Enduring Love. For my 99th Featured Blog, I decided to choose a Religious Blog to get in the mix. She and her husband do mission work. In her blog, she shares her experiences, spreads the good word, tells amazing stories, reblogs great sources and encourage others to strengthen their faith.


See you on my 100th Featured Blog.


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