Only By The Night

There was a quite a long time that I needed a Kings of Leon patch. I was in need-to-go-to-rehab addicted, looping Only by the Night for hours to the entire day. And by the time I had all three of their previous albums, I was deaf to anything but Kings of Leon. I was like a kid reaching for their cotton candy, like a ravenous vampire thristy for  blood,  a fish biting to a bait. Their music is magnetizing, bewitching … attractive. It’s those inviting vocals, that accelerated pitch to end of the lines, fractured pronunciation, high-for-desire beggng vocals. It’s something about their dark, sensual, polished sounds that draw its listeners in. As one of the Kings of Leon late bloomers, I thank and honor them for having a successful change of musical direction. I consider Only By The Night THE best album of 2008.


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