we are attending this mercenary commercial world today where quantity ventures over quality and where society bites to the bait of practicality and opportunity, as if we are left with no choice. once in a while, we get to witness some people, things that are still in tact of keeping their integrity and principles above personal gain. we crave, we look and we wait for these things to finally arise. things that are with honor, incorruptible, committed to authenticity, to art and the heart of their creation. and every now and then, there, something fresh comes out that is out of mediocre standard. something that is sweated then perfected other than complacency and ambitious selfish motives. what few miraculous things that we are thankful for. these things get famed. with it, these things are easily get intoxicated, swayed and infested. most often, they do.

but not Christopher Nolan. he stays out and steps back of the contagious greedy market. a director known for making movies that you cannot pinpoint its genre. his movies are ’the one and only’ and ‘like it’s never been done before’. he takes time to consider a project. and when he does, he takes time to create it. he is elaborate, precise, intelligent. never impulsive. never rushed. he makes movies where each and every scenes are delicate and carefully studied and are integral (without overshadowing) to the rigid whole.

Nolan’s latest magnum opus The Dark Knight is not an exception. Joker said on the movie “It’s not about the money… “. his name holds only a few on his reputable record. that record he kept solid and to where it seems he pursues. for any type of a maker, one of their major dilemma is how to rise above an already raised bar. include the media and the public’s observations, then it’s pressure. Nolan is smart very well enough not to waste his creative inventive mind over expectations. like a man with a mission, he is a director who is achieving what he is bound to keep both brilliantly and strategically without staining his label on that neat history.

Joker adds “… It’s about sending a message.” they, we oughtta listen. they who are imposing skill, talent, brain and ability, most of them are money-hungry and only a handful of them enjoy and specifically concerned about the outcome of what they’re accomplishing far more than the monetary value they’re going to receive after. The Dark Knight’s number is reaching all-time ranks and records and is becoming one of the most talked film in history. the common public and the serious aficionados response to the film is enough sign of the movie’s success. congrats to The Dark Knight. thanks to Christopher Nolan. he has proven his fellow movie-makers that they don’t always have to add the steady drear formula they use pretentiously to attract audience. he has incited people that we don’t always have to go with the rest of the easy-to-please crowd. he has excited people who long for these things to happen. The Dark Knight dares to be different and is risky of its delivery amongst other to whatever category it belongs to. The Dark Knight successfully executes the almost-forgotten-reason-why, the never-tried-before, the almost-impossible in this day and age. The Dark Knight is a brilliant, taut and intellectual film that everyone witnessed.


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