I remember it vividly. I was in my barracks room, alone, just woken up. Knowing I wasn’t getting any channel, I don’t know what made me turn on the TV. A stunner, even the statics didn’t stop me as my thumb still searched for a viable signal.

There it was. A guy in a suit opened his eyes, back laid on the ground and was in the middle of the jungle. He got up and just started running. He came into a clearing and ahoy! panting before his breath was a commotion made by a plane crash.

A four-letter word appeared in its astounding inviting way, L  O  S  T.

What in the world was this? A movie? The casts were strangers to me. I had no prior news, update nor knowledge of it.  I wondered, this is too good to be just a TV show. Too ground-breaking, too grand, too expensive. I found myself asking with all the audience the same question –how would they expand a story where the focal basis of the plot is a stranded island full of survivors of a plane wreck? I watched the entire first part still convinced that that it had to be, had to, had to be a movie.

That opening sequence, suitably enough, is a startling one. It had my eyes set on the funny square and my blanket wrapped around my body. It’s so ….riveting. The characters were well-represented as their personalities were initially introduced. The loud roaring noises added  to the suspense and the baffling questions already planted inside my brain. It boogles the mind, it works wonders. Whatever this great piece was, it sure left me itching for more.

Of course, I later found out that it is indeed a regular programming. I was in awe. Eyes gleaming, heart pounding and appreciation all approving. The episode “Pilot” sure is aptly titled. It has a lot of criteria a pilot episode should have. It represents a lot of base the entire show maintained most of its existence. Well-thought, there are elements here that were reserved for later use. It has all the subtlety that can shake anyone’s attention. It is an epic premiere episode with so much to explore, perfectly paced and a lot of worth-anticipated-for promises.

It was a shot to the moon, truly unforgettable, rare moment from watching the flickering tube.


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