Juan Tamad

Juan Tamad, Lazy John or Lazy Juan, is a cleverly demonstrated Philippine story of a guy who is so lazy that instead of picking the ripe fruit from the tree himself, he waits and just let gravity do its work for him. it’s an sketch known by every filipinos of our generation. it is a candid illustration of some of our folks’ vulgar display of complete slothness.

i feel like wanting to admire Juan Tamad. i want to be there on the very instance when that fruit falls down. i want to see that first bite. i want to feel the sense of his grip on that well-earned fruit possessing it wholeheartedly all on his own. i want to witness his victorious jubilation on that long – awaited success.

when he gets that fruit, it’s his and his alone. nothing and nobody bothered to take it when it was free to be picked. he took territory of the area and earns the territory of that fruit.

he let what nature intends it to be. he didn’t forced it. he didn’t rushed. he didn’t bend any law of nature. consider the faith he wagered. when he gets that fruit, it just means he wins it with extreme patience.

i don’t know any of you but i would envy his deserving sense of transcendency.

sometimes, it is completely acceptable to just sit and wait and not do anything for that one glorious moment. what a triumphant feeling to achieve something that is entirely unadulterated. the things we take so easily and suddenly, they don’t mean as much. those things that are not demanded or pressured but are accomplished with security and assurance are more valuable, meaningful and treasurable. wait is worth the pleasure of finally gaining that imaginable longing of what really belongs to you and for yours to keep.


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  1. NIce! I agree. Thanks for this, Rommel. Btw, are you familiar with wu wei principle (nondoing) in Tao te ching? Juan Tamad looks tamad, but he is never tamad…he lets the course of nature flow, and he accomplishes everything with effortless effort.

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