You listening?

Change. Pffft

Evolution. Nobody likes change, really. It ruins relationships. All kinds of them.

People who are in the changing phase are just sucked into it. An oppurtunity knocks, and they’re all over for it.

I don’t know. They get tired looking at the same reflection in the mirror. It’s that dreadful feeling of getting stuck.

Something different, something else … for a change … that damn change. Nothing stays the same.

Everyone always want to think there can be more. Don’t they know people fall for that scheme and regret it.

Say you succeed …right? You can’t back out now. It’s in you …like blood running through your veins. You can go no longer, can’t, can’t, can’t …go back.

Then you add greed. Guaranteed, you gonna want, ask, beg for some more, and more. Things will build up, rolling over …snowball.

A cycle breaks. One simple move, one simple mistake, that one thing you changed. It creates disorientation, disturbance to a calm state. It creates chaos.

And believe me, the hope of that something is not anything than ordinary. Bright lights are just gonna blind you. Them tall buildings are just gonna overwhelm you. Directions are gonna confuse you.

New York is no different. Just another place. Just another craphole that will eventually gets old.

Those beautiful places, things, occasions that they say are magnificent, breath-taking, once in a lifetime chance you don’t want to miss and all those buttery words …they’re all loads of crap. For the moment pleasures, that’s all they are. In the end, nothing sticks.

These grandeurs …What happens next?

Contentment, it’s almost an illusion. It exists for a split second.

It’s just those bragging pictures. And the onlookers suddenly gonna want to attain. Promises of a bigger and brighter future, all glorious and nice to hear.

It’s all the same. You live a simple life, you gain simple things … you get simple problems. You start growing, acquiring, the more you long, the more problems, complex problems you get.

It’s all the same dilemma, right? I mean, think about it. We all get in a desperate situation one point or another. Now who gets in a deeper hole? The one with more at stake or the less needy.

The only thing that makes it all different is how society sees what looks, seems, what society designs better.  Presentation, that’s what separates us.

What you need is that something deep inside you. You need to reach it and not bury it.

  Okay, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m mumbling.

People forget. They tend to. We forget where we started at …just like this rant of mine.

I’m not saying change is all for the bad. I do believe that nothing is constant except change. Change is needed, a requirement …supplemental.

But when you’re all fine, the things that are surrounding you are fine ….. Is change really that necessary?

I say you think about what changes you gonna get into.

You give yourself comfort and convenience of that change, but comfort and convenience …every luxury comes with a prize. To me, when everything is okay and you still asked for something else, it becomes a struggle. You only giving yourself something to worry about.

When a guy gets so fed up with the constant things he promised in front of the altar to make commitment to and then cheats …He may have enjoyed that someone else, someone different, that change. You know what my friend? When things are already established, where is he gonna come back to? He’s gonna go BACK to the one he’s used to. What he did is just entertainment, short satisfaction. It’ll boil down to …begging to stay to the one he loves.

It’s really all up to you to give in.

It’s that passion thing. It’s different from the call of the flesh. Yup, you got to have to find what you truly love. Think deeply fellas. Geniune passion. That is I think the only thing that can stop…

unnecessary change.


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    • I had an entire entry reposted by another blogger without properly asking me to do so. I made a post about it showing how much I despised what was done and I got a lot of support from my followers and blogging friends.

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