10 Most Victorious Moments in Survivor

It’s when the castaways get food after prolonged hunger. It’s when they make the necessary fire. It’s when they win mmunities. It’s when they see their love ones. It’s when they have the power or control, when get revenge, when they have their ways and their plans successful. It’s when they don’t have the advantage and later get ahead. It’s when they found redemption. It’s when the situations are dire but they came through. Here are the most exciting, emotional,  absorbing, triumphant, YEY moments in Survivor…

 She wished. She prayed. She pleaded. She presisted. And out of real desperate survival need… she started a fire. Not only she ignited a fire, she lit her tribe spirit from starvation and dehydration. When they rejoiced over flame, she exclaimed “We are not going to dieeeee” and, believe it or not, it’s a truest voice of emotion that came out.

 Michelle started a fire (Survivor Fiji)

 The last of her tribe, so the next in the “pecking order”. On the same episode, she was eating rice and salt water while the rest of her tribe was eating real meals. During an endurance challenge, she held her hands up high, won a much needed immunity and held her head … even higher. So high she let out a sour cry of revenge.

 Shii Ann wins Immunity (All-Stars)

Morgan Tribe was on a series of loses against Drake. During a loot, Jonny Fairplay visits the all-down Morgan tribe and derides them even lower into whooping to the fact that the Drake simply threw the previous immunity challenge and it was a fake win for Morgan. That show-off added fuel to Savage’s fire and became his driving force. And, as what expected to end in this paragraph, Morgan Tribe wins the episode’s hard fought immunity challenge. Savage takes the immunity idol, shed tears of joy and …

Savage kisses the immunity idol (Pearl Islands)

When it comes to “surviving” in Survivor, The Australian Outback has probably the most setbacks and sorts of despair. First being, we all felt for Amber’s disheartenment over consecutive loses. Michael Skupin fell on a fire and got evacuated out of the game. The post-merge tribe ran out of rice to eat and had to trade their very helpful turf over food. And finally, a torrential downpour flooded their shelter camp washing most of their belongings including their rice ration. Hope was all lost …but not with Tina and Keith. After Keith spotted the can of rice floating in the water still within sight, he dove and tried to battle the raging flood swimming while Tina balances to a tree branch and successfully retrieved the rice. It was a devastating turned into triumphant moment.

 Tina rescued the can of rice (The Australian Outback)

Going once, Going twice, Sold to Taj! Survivor Auction is always a favorite reward challenge. It always means negotiation for food. But in Survivor Tocantins, Jeff Probst offers something different… a video of one of their love ones. The whole tribe, Forza, generously gave their money to Taj and freely allowed her to see the video of her husband and her baby. There’s something more from that particular offer, as a surprise, she also bought the offer to see her husband in person at camp. It was that victorous moment when she was crying for joy and jumping for excitement, teary wide-eyed pulling Jeff Probst’s arm.

(jump to 8:00 and continue on clicking videolink 18:2-2 for the climax)

Visit From Love One’s Most Tearjerker Moment (Tocantins)

The Underdogs Take Over The Show (Gabon)

 The main victorous moment -Crystal holding Ken’s hand jumping for joy as their plans were seemingly going to their directions. Underdogs Ken, Crystal and together with Matty were in a losing Fang tribe while power alliance Marcus, Charlie and Corinne were in a confident winning Kota tribe. But because of a tribe switch and loose ousts who voted against their original Kota tribe including which were Kelly, Sugar and Susie, the unlikely underdogs suddenly turned the table around and took the post-merge under their control.

 Ian retained the flint (Palau)

They lost it after they won it from capsizing their boat going back to camp. It was a treausure lost … and a treasure found. They have mostly skinny Ian’s determination and perseverance to thank for.

“Can you feel a brand new day”

The episode opens with waterfalls and with Shawn singing “Can you feel a brand new day” together with Vecepia. He was expecting to gome the night before. But, it is after Neleh and Paschal come into realization that they better go with the fair-playing side than their own orignal Rotu tribe. Later that episode, an odd pair of Shawn and Paschal went to a heartwarming reward where they found each other a good company and each other’s genuine affections.

Shane Smokes (Exile Island)

Out of the mix? Shane’s detox was evident throughout the Exile season. His nicotine withdrawal has affected his actions and emotions …and his whole sanity.They won a reward to where they get to visit a local village. Sees a villager with a cigarette and Shane immediately mooches. I personally understand the dilemma. (16) days living without the addiction and finally having that burning sensation is one hellova taste of victory.

The Small and Pitiful Family of 4 (Cook Islands)

Members of each tribes were asked whether they want to go to the opposing tribe. It was Candice who stepped out of the mat, followed by Jonathan who left 4 other players felt unwanted …and outnumbered. In the same memorable episode “Mutiny”, the ever-unified abandoned 4 even against 8 others had both the reward and the immunity victorously. And in the end, Ozzy, Becky, Sundra and Yul, the small and pitiful group became the eventual final 4.


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