Filipino Pride Posers

 Saw a facebook status of this link, and this is what I replied with…

I don’t exactly know what page i’m in with his. There are these filipinos who are trying hard to dodge the stereotypes. They do possess that so-called filipino pride. It’s in a way that they cannot hide that they have filipino background. ‘Cause when you watch these people with *air-quote* filipino pride interacting with (i guess im gonna say) Americans, you can notice so suddenly, so easssily how the way they act CHANGES. They try hard to blend in that they tend to forget. The more they try to fit in, the more they get so far from where they from…til they completely abandon their roots. So in turn, the whole filipino pride undresses, really, into a miscontrued fashion. They act condenscendingly in order to preserve their precious identity amongst typical filipinos. This is a case of inverted reality. It is laughable how in presence they seem to be trying to beat the stereotypes. But in essence, it really is pitiful to see them change their ways, to have the nerve to stick to others to avoid being discriminated and in process, selling out that filipino pride thing that they long to patch up. They dress nicer than they were when they were in Philippines, but in all actuality … IT’S UGLY…. the kind of ugliness that itches my brown (well, dark) skin. They are out there! You don’t even have to witness them everyday, you immediately sense it… you can just feel how they are so … fake. The guy in the video ended it very well. It really is a suggestion not to try hard to fit in for it will only change you, not to have that mindset or worry about meeting the demands of other people’s perception of you and your background, and the heart of it all, just be yourself no matter where you go.

By the way, this is also happening in our very own land, Philippines.


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