The Selected Few from the Pop Machine

Eye To The Telescope – KT Tunstall    The solo female with a guitar singing soft alternatives and simple melodies in pop definition has been long and gone with seemingly only KT Tunstall to relive it.  This album is “pop” as you can get.

FutureSex/Lovesound – Justin Timberlake   This try-hard wanna be big-achiever achieved it big. One of the biggest eye-candy celebrity who was able to create an eye-popping album. This album is hard not to dance to, even pop haters couldn’t help but to.

Robyn – Robyn   I must say, her album sounds teenybopper-y, her voice is younger than should be and that her peppy lyrics are like murmurs of high school students with Robyn in a cornball outfit. It’s lolliPOP for everybody and it’s the best of Swedish electropop you could ever taste.

Get Behind Me Satan – The White Stripes    This is where a phrase like “Oh, they have gone mainstream and they sound a lot poppier, i don’t like them anymore” proven unjustified, unreasonable. Coke commercial, Conan O’Brian on the music video, “I’m thinking about my doorbell, When you gonna ring it? When you gonna ring it?” … indeed earning this album to be claimed as their most commercial album. But why linger away when it still has all the element that is The White Stripes.

Life in Cartoon Motion – Mika    Now this is POP! Hooky, catchy, full of beats, rhythmic, kiddy and candid written all over it.

American Idiot – Greenday    The best of the most hated success. People who have praised Dookie and found glory on the days they first came out may find this album its exact reciprocal. But they can’t ignore the fact that this is the best out those “worst thing that happened to a band”. It’s a falsely described epic album and an ambitious “concept” album. IT became a superhit and a lot of “them” frowned… isn’t that great?
Those who newly found Greenday because of this album have all the rights to rave about American Idiot even without prior knowledge about Dookie as much as those who rave about Dookie without future knowledge about American Idiot.

Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson   This is the best of whine, cry, burst out, curse and belt-out singing about a past relationship/bad break-up album.

Continuum – John Mayer   The best album coming from a solo guy with a guitar. Not to mention his amazing slow progression to achieving brilliance.

It’s Not Me, It’s You – Lily Allen    Move aside Alanis Morissettes and Kelly Clarkson. “I hate you” biaching lyrics no more. Lilly Allen can simply harm with delightful music, slapstick lyrics and don’t forget the middle finger to go along with it, F*** You. Truly desirable and undeniably addictive album.

Los Lonely Boys – Los Lonely Boys    The best of unashamed love songs. Sappy, sappy, sappy. Simplistic suddenly means fantastic with this band. Very rooted, awesome guitar, well-blended harmony, melodramatic songs. Why do the others shy away from being cheesy and romantic?

…. when it’s completely okay to be “POP”. 😉


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