There are just things that we allow to get by so easily. We get so used to being just fine it becomes regular.The usual stuff, the daily grind, the old hat, these things we let it pass. We take all kinds of effort to just accept. We avoid persuasive forces that might break the ice. Like awkward moments or cornering questions, we tend to just chuckle to it, razzle-dazzle or completely ignore it. We hide from facts. We raise our shoulders denying the truth. We forget the underlying problems. We go with the flow. We sit and we wait until ….until something so strong rattles our quiet cage. We swing until …until something very reluctant and eager penetrates through the commonplace. 

That right there is the dilemma of BOTH characters in this film. And that right there is what this movie brings to the round table that chairs typical mediocre movies that don’t have anything to offer but the same weary, un-inventive, lousy formulas.

Blue Valentine dares not only to be different but it dares to provoke, to incite, to stimulate. It’s like a naught boy who after his parents proudly flipped through joyful memoirs and shared their wonderful love stories, he rushed upstairs and came down with a blood-stained gown and shut everybody up. It has a great deal of honesty to it that it completely discolors the rainbows of romantic movies. It’s that provocative. It brings blushes to the lovey-dovey moments in a relationship then washes off the smiles as it flips back and forth with hard-hitting heavy true to life dramas. It wide-arm openly welcomes the arrow and then relentlessly throws it back to Cupid.

The concept of the film is actually really simple. And it wouldn’t have been that successful of making those strong statements and I would have been just blinded and bias about this film if it wasn’t made realistically and artfully. The documentary-like set-up gives it a natural sense. The delivery of the scenes makes it like it’s happening just around the neighborhood, or your buddy’s life or inside your own house. The dialogue and the emotions are made so raw and so poignant to the bitterest end. And the top of it all, the subtle, great acting performances of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The combination of these elements locks out the film to being efficient of what it achieved. The film has an indie arch to it. They could have gone for some outlandish faces or already groomed icons but I think they made a great decision of bringing two underrated actors that have been ready to shine. I’m just glad these two emulated to their performances. They are as much pivotal of making the film realistic, and they largely contributed to that and even more. Both of them deserve great recognitions that they should have had a long time ago.

 There are things that we just let slip by. There are things that are looking all good by merely skating by because it’s with the majority and everyone is openly on board with it, you and I included. Rare are there that pushes the envelope, that are bold, different and brave. It joins in with the crowd and after everyone is comfortable, it splatters a big pile of mess that needs to be cleaned but nobody’s willing to touch. This film has a tendency to influence those that are in a relationship, to open a debate or to step on big toes of other romantic movies. Blue Valentine is more than a romantic movie in itself. It is more than just heavy drama. This movie is true to the bone. It hits the right topic to be addressed. It hits the right target. It’s hitting each of our guilty nerves.

  • To think about it, Michelle Williams is actually with her elements and her performance in this film is clearly her most defining. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling is not quite but somewhere there, and he impressively rose to the occasion.
  • Blue Valentine and its honesty can be something that is hard to handle. Frankly, it’s not for everybody. There’s the mushy parts and there is the harsh reality to it. There’s the slow-moving pace and the emotional punches. It’s kind of like Once meets Revolutionary Road. And… if you have seen the latter, then you know that it’s not something that people who are in a relationship shouldn’t see together. It’s hard-hitting and can air out serious discussions.

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