You can paint a horse with stripes but it can never be a zebra. I’m quite certain that my Psychology teacher attested to it during one of our class. Personality doesn’t change. I also had an ear bleed after getting a sermon from my previous Big Cheese. This I distinctively remember, of course, as he beat a dead zebra on that thought. Ooops, I meant, beat a dead horse. Sorry it’s painted to make it look like a zebra. He beat a dead horse reiterating that thought a thousand times, and even expanding it. Personality doesn’t change, behavior does. I was nodding my head even though my train of thoughts were choo-choo-choo-ing miles away in different directions as I listened to their lectures. I was nodding my   head not only to eliminate discussions. I was nodding my head because I do agree with it. Even if I do painfully agree with it, it doesn’t mean I go by it. That no matter how good-sounding, sacred or golden a piece of advice may be, it doesn’t mean you’re inclined or required to follow it. You ain’t gonna intentionally let a bull ram you just because you’ve seen the Jack@$$e$ do it. Your drawings would still look like an apple when your model’s a banana if you don’t possess that kind of artistic talent. You’d look stupid trying to copy Jabbawockeez when you’re not a real dancer. Things can be learned. Wrong attitude can be straighten out. Crime can be avoided. Yes, yes and yes. My theory is that people act or act against the way they act in accordance with the given situation or circumstances. Although, some people really just dress themselves so righteously. As if it doesn’t ever occured to them not all people want to behave the way society pretentiously supposed to behave. My nails are chipped by my teeth. My room is not clean. I procrastinate. I’m forgetful. I don’t have any sports except for thumb wrestling. Mr. Perfect, sorry if I don’t want to always act in my best behavior. And for the record, behavior is linked to personality thus can turn into it.


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  1. Nah, I only took one Psychology class. As much as interesting the topics are and how well I did on my essay papers, it wasn’t really my thing. Psychology is a branch of science, and science, to me, is like over-analyzing the reasons why certain things or events happen. It’s just not my alley.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😀

  2. 🙂 Some science I don’t like myself but just something about psychology. I have a love for it. Thats how I fell in love with the class, is by taking just one class and it ended up with me changing my major. lol

  3. That’s not so hard to believe. I can really see why students follow it. Engaging subjects, challenging essays, hard exams 😀 … that’s Psychology to me. I really wish I saved a personal copy of my submitted essay. I would’ve turned it into a blog entry. I’m kind of proud of that essay. hehe.

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