Okay, Okay. I have a number of considerations for the week’s challenge. I had theme park rides, aircraft and planes, sports, and display missiles in a museum. I just couldn’t help it. After much thought on the entry for “Launch”, I couldn’t help but think of …

Angry Birds.

So, Pardon the lack of sincerity …





This is from dreamstime. The official graphic finder of this blog.


You know the drill …




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    • No problem and thanks for visiting my site too.

      By the way, I put your link into my Thank You/Subscribers pages, my way of supporting my visitors/prospective visitors.

      Stay blessed and have a great day! 🙂

  1. Hehehe… another candid take on the challenge. I don’t know if i can promise to be serious on the next one.

    Beaches are always the best place to relax your thoughts. I’m happy that it’s just stonethrow away from where I’m at.

    Thank You, Thank You for the immediate likes and comments.
    Thanks Cee, Gilly, PJ, mellifluousmurmurs, Ziplight and Arvee, of course.

  2. Cool! I am glad I was able to capture a migratory bird during our climb to Mt. Tagapo in Rizal Province. The point is, I believe that the the bird on first, cute photo is no different from the bird I was talking about. Here’s the link of that photo:

    Actually, that part of Brgy. Janosa in Rizal, is an ideal place for birdwatching too, FYI.

  3. A perfect way of launching a series of beautiful images. The sling shot made me remember a piece of my childhood when my cousins and I would meake a sling shot made of guava wood and rubber. With a small pebble , all I need is aim, pull back and …..whoosh! Great interpretation!

  4. Thanks for visiting, commenting and following. It’s weird. People use slingshots to target birds and on the game, it’s the birds that were being use as the pellets.

    Seeing the live pictures together, I imagine how grotesque the game really is. And, they just disappear all of a sudden after launching at each other!?

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