“Mister, Can you give me a receipt?” Give me a break. Receipts are trash to me.

I just want my change back. No, it isn’t just the jiggling sound of the coins. Turn off your malicious and/or suspicious mind, I also love to reach the inside of my pocket. That to me is gold mining in my own sandbox.

It’s like finding buried treasures tucked underneath the seat cushions like gum, a long-lost torn-out paper that reads an important phone number with only 6 digits or an old piece of M&M. (WHAT!? It’s not like it’s milk.)

I also love the coins in the cup holder. Whenever I drive through a drive-through and in need of extra coins, I can just have my palm open and count all the change I got scattered all around the carpet of my car, or from my house. Noted, I’m not organized.

That also minimizes collecting dollar bills I get off of paying with $20-bill, say hypothetically, if I need to pay $10.41 . I can just give $10 and hence start my digging. Happy as a clam, my dearest coins were in good use.

I just hate dollar bills stuffed in my wallet filling up the space with all the trash. By trash, I mean [refer to the intro].

Actually, all of it was the whole intro. The point I am actually trying diligently to get at is that I hate convenient stores.

Whoopsy! Redo, I digressed too much.

“Mister, Can you give me a receipt?” Convenient stores don’t give the receipt back. That way, every now and so often, they see to it that they get any chance to kickback some chunk change. If you owe the store $4.93 and you give them $5, forget about your 7 cents.

That urge of fighting for small change is shying away to your stomach. They make it feel like there’s always a rush, too. You see the tag priced $4.13, then instead of the cashier punching the 10% tax, they’d make it feel there’s a need to hurry the business that they would  just punch in $5 to make it quicker. Customer lost, he needs to figure out what the 10% of 4.13 is, add the solution back then still have to subtract it from 5, he’s left lost and confused.

Happy as a smug, cashier gets away with the chunk change that later in the day totaling to an hour-paid salary.

Convenient stores, pffft. Yeah, convenient to their advantage.

“Mister, I just want my coins back!”  I just want to look at the different states. I get a smidgen of excitement whenever I get something else other than the regular bird. Who’s got California? Mister took my change, and I’m held back to argue for my coins.


For a little interaction, PLEASE help me choose my next post.

Italian Food – I’m finding it hard not to sound condescending and snotty when writing about it. It segues to the concept that a certain cultural food of a particular place is never the same when it is made from some place else.

Sevilla, Spain – A would have been pitiful post. I planned of blogging about it some time when  a close blogging buddy, regularly seen here, got DESERVINGLY freshly pressed for her entry of it.

Jerez, Spain – I went back to the scene of the crime to where I got rammed by a bull. Refer to recent entry called  “Running of the Bull”.

Why we travel? – A topic brewed from a comment made to my recent post “Winter“.

Our Top 13 Albums of 2011 – A collective short listed albums formed by handpicked music aficionados including yours truly.

Send your choices by emailing yvanfil@yahoo.com, commenting here or through my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sophomore-Slump/220390381374338

Thank You in advance.


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  1. I travel to read that proverbial book of St. Augustine. That book that makes us see the world. Because according to him, the word is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. Obviously, I don’t want just a page.

    That comment is actually for the first commenter, Rom.

  2. Oncce, Twice, Thrice …Sold!

    Thanks Cafe23 for sealing the poll.

    I’ll try my best to come up with a layman’s entry. I promise to post the other topics eventually as well.

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