Weekly Photo Challenge



The answer is simple. I believe the truest simplicity can be found in children.

They don’t expect much of anything. The dangling chains, animal-shaped crackers or a round toy, their source of joys are the things we may find silly or low-level. To them, the simplest of things are pure pleasure, great satisfaction.

One, they learn ABC. Two, they sing the alphabet song. Three, they demonstrate, or dance to it. And when they get to four, they stop and let it be. Contentment. They don’t eat more than what they can chew. They only swallow whole things that are piece of cake. They don’t long for anything grand or extensive.

They are indeed simple.  They are not complex. It’s just that they only go as far as their small hands can reach. They don’t rush. They got all the time in the world.

So why not let them be?

Let the children play. Let them run free.

There may be risks. But let them touch and feel things. Let their time be filled with experience.

Let them explore things. Let them be curious. Let them learn things themselves.

Let their imagination fly. Encourage them to dream.

But don’t cut short their youth. Just let them be themselves.

Don’t put the weight of the world more than they can handle. Let them smile. Let them be weightless.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to give what they ask for. A little attention or acknowledgement can be enough.

So let them be.

Afterall, we’ve been there before. And they only want simple things.

[I know the challenge is about showing simple pictures. But, this is where my mind took me and I went with it.]


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  1. Wow….beautiful, purely delightful photos. Children makes this world smile and believe in itself once again. They make us laugh, smile, even cry…above all they make us feel that “love” is real and “happiness” is something you can have everyday. Thank for today’s inspiration. Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. @Madman Thanks again and Congrats again to your blog.

    @the island traveler: pure and geniune intentions all are in the eyes of the children. Best wishes to you as well, and to your kid.

    @priyankakher: Glad for your visit. Have fun here in wordpress.

    😀 And thanks for all the likes.

  3. BTW… The one with snow is Jibril, the same kid from the other post “Winter”. The the one with the fireworks is his younger brother, Julio. Their nicknames are Buboy and Binoy respectively. 😀

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