Weekly Photo Challenge


Many families out there go day to day with


 …for the safe return of their love ones in the military that are deployed or stationed across the globe.

Parents, wives/husbands, siblings and their children combat the weight, the worry, that dreaded thought, only by hope and through strong faith.

While our men and women in uniform are out there …

… building global rapport and providing support to other nations.

… are in front of the line…

… not in the most pleasant environment or convenient situations.

And as our military personnel continue to serve, they, too, have high hopes …

for the safety of their fellow military members … 

and their hope for the reunion to their love ones. So they continue to hope for their mission accomplishment, and for the purpose they served …

… to ultimately provide security to all.


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  1. Yes – this must be one of the greatest hopes one can have if their loved one is in one of the war-torn places in the world. A truly apt interpretation for this week’s challenge!

  2. My heart breaks for our troops that are being sent into harms way and for their families that no doubt HOPE for their safe arrival home. This is such an appropriate post for the chosen theme and the times in which we live.

  3. Excellent photos and thank you for sharing it! It’s a great reminder that we should all be thankful for all the sacrifices that our servicemen and their families are making.

    • Thanks for visiting Nicole. I had plenty more military pictures. I just didn’t want to crowd the post and overshadow the text. I got a whole field training photo archives that could really tell a big story from an open clear field to becoming a laid-out camp..

  4. This is a great piece! Thank you for making us see another kind of hope that we take for granted. I have a lot of aunts and uncles who serve in the US Military providing support for these wonderful troops…and recently I came across and following the dogs who also serve with these troops. Theirs is a great story of hope and loyalty to the country they serve.


  5. Woohoo!

    Thank You, Thank You. I cannot believe this. Your blog is amazing. To have you giving me The Versatile Blog Award and Kreativ Award is very overwhelming. And you even included with really great blogs to share the awards with. I feel like I don’t fit with those other blogs ou mentioned.

    I’m so proud of this. My third in Versatile in two weeks.

    • WEEEE!!!!!

      Bagni di Lucca commmenting to my blog. Thanks for the reply, didn’t matter if good feedback or not. I’m flattered. I’m a huge fan of the blog.

      • Hi Romel, I should have come before. I am now going to look at some of your earlier posts, starting with Capri. I first went there almost 40 years ago. I held my baby son in my arms and he is now almost 39.

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