Weekly Photo Challenge


Pale challenge this week. There isn’t much room for creativity. So I decided to go with this …

WINTER: He’s forming his glove-shaped snowball, getting ready for his attack to a harmless, unarmed tree.

LAUNCH: Ready, Set and the pigs gone racing.

PEACEFUL: He better be ready for the catch.

SIMPLE: She’s getting ready to auction the animal.

HOPE: Troops packing out and ready to go home.


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    • ^ The last one is a point & shoot. There’s a black spot on the lower left corner because the camera broke. Glad I didn’t bring the good camera.

      Thanks for the visit and the award. 😉

  1. I’m glad you decided to post this amazing photos. It’s like watching a glimpse of life as we dream, live and now it. Beautiful!!! The last photo is so moving…as a father, as a parent I can’t imagine the feeling of being away from your family and of having that chance to hold them once again. Thanks for the awesome post!

    • The pigs even do tricks, mostly jumping over a barrier. The race gets serious too. One pig cheated taking a shortcut of the track, won but got disqualified. Hehe 😀 Was sure fun to watch.

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