Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

It’s about time I get to use this challenge for a solid entry.

My record of adventurous travels in Italy came late. It was actually only during my last few days there that I pushed for the travel adventures that I had been putting on hold. I guess it was because most of the time I travel in groups that includes families with children that I had to either had to find others or go by myself.


This is Napoli as seen from the top of Mt. Vesuvius. It was breath-taking. What I meant is that my weak lungs were gasping for breath climbing that mountain. But the hardship I had to endure was nothing compared to my adoration to Mt. Vesuvius. I had to had to set foot on that mountain before I leave Italy. There just not a way I would miss the seeing the heart of Vesuvius. Having accomplished it was satisfying, and the views from and on top was indeed breathtaking, this time I meant in its literal sense.

In the first picture, you can actually see the island of Capri. We were already tired from walking and climbing stairs from the dock to the top. Still, we continued more for an even more challenging hike down a cliff to a secluded spot.

I also went for a mini-trip to see The Aqueduct of Vanvitelli. It maybe a mini-trip or less popular but I longed to get up there. Luckily, I share the same desire with a co-worker. He actually was the one who invited me to go. What so great about it nothing grand but being in such great heights (as commented, no handrails!).

After all my travels, I can’t say I am the most experienced when it comes to hiking, trekking or mountain climbing. I really wish to expand more of these kinds of traveling, perhaps even the harder or daring challenges like rafting, bungee jumping and the likes, backpacking, etc.

I have to say, when you have to endure difficult challenges,  go through tasks and problems along the way,  or search for the hard-to-reach spots, oftentimes you find the best and extra more satisfying results.

The featured image is from Herculaneum which I call the lesser-known Pompeii. It’s a place of ruins destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.



Speaking of adventure and travel, my first featured blog is Lesley Carter’s Bucket List Publications. It’s a highly realiable blog as it features so many traveling sites and adventure activities you can put to your own bucket list. You can totally count on this blog. Thing is, she’s plain globe-trotter and a blogger. Nothing more than fancy than what you read in magazines. You can definitely gain from her stories, suggestions and recommendations.

Recently, she made a list of her Top 10 Favorite Cities. My favorite post from her, #4 Djanet, Algeria. I’m thumbing up for her top one so make sure you check out the rest of cities in her countdown.

So head out there and go see the world!


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    • Thanks for the comment, orples.

      Hihi, understood. The first picture, it was actually foggy that it was really tough to take pictures of the overlooking view of Napoli. I’m actually surprised now that there’s a usable picture to show, at least.

      Thanks for the likes too.

      • I think the reason the last two caught my eye is that your 3rd shot was just so unusual with your feet hovering over the terrain from so high above. And the colors in the desert scene (last shot) complimented each other with such strong, yet simple, contrast. Who knows, I was not implying that all were not fine shots. I just picked favorites.

  1. Oh how I’d love to go to Italy. Love your pics, and for some reason my favourite is the person sitting in the sand. The bright blue clothing against the wonderful warm sand, and the kind of isolated feeling of the desert. I want to be there!

    • HI Jude. Thanks for the visit.

      The last pic is not from me. It’s a new thing I’m doing. I’m featuring Lesley Carter’s awesome travel blog. There’s more to that picture if you click on the link or the picture. What she took from her experience in Algeria is to die for.

  2. Breathtaking indeed. You’d been to the most amazing , wonderful places I can only dream about. Beautiful photos. I agree when you said, “I have to say, when you have to endure difficult challenges, go through tasks and problems along the way, or search for the hard-to-reach spots, oftentimes you find the best and extra more satisfying results.” Well said Bro.

  3. That’s awesome that you pressed on and saw those breath-taking sights. Your “down” shots make me want to visit Italy (and travel) all the more. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful time in Italy. These photographs are so beautiful. I special liked the second and third one. Perfect post for this week’s challenge. Great job Bro. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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