La Jelly at La Jolla

Kicking off with a boost start for more good things to come.

Clicking on the image generates better viewing.

These are taken at Birch Aquarium at La Jolla, San Diego in California.



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    • Ow hey! I was actually browsing through your blog when I was in SAn Diego. I can’t believe you didn’t go to Birch Aquarium. You are missing something. Hehe! I’ll be posting more of my visit to San Diego.

      • I go at least once a quarter, but when people come to town, I’m not averse to going with them.

        If you ever get here and want to go to the Zoo or Safari Park, call me. I’ve been a member for twelve years and usually have some free passes. If you’re nice, I might even play docent for a day. 🙂

  1. Hi Gilly. Actually, I did have some pear shaped captures. Hihi. I just took a bunch of pictures and picked the presentable ones.

    Yes. You walk through hallways of glasses full of wonderful sealife creatures.

  2. These photos really bring out the beauty of the jelly fish. The ones I’ve seen up close and in person (usually dead on a beach) don’t look anywhere near as cool. Your camera (and the ability to use it) really bring out the fine detail in the jelly fishes’ anatomy. Superb photos.

    • Thanks for the kind words, orples. It was quite challenging esp. the flashes, the lights around and everything that reflects back from the glasses. There were quite a lot of times that I actually got frustrated not being lucky with getting a clear shots from people or from other distractions (again, not specifically the people which I don’t have problems with, just the actual oppurtunities I was missing of capturing shots because of those distractions).

  3. By the way, I think there’s a better aquarium in town, now. It’s the Legoland Sea Life aquarium, and you don’t have to pay the Legoland price to see it. It’s right next to Legoland but separate from it, so the admission price is different, i.e., much cheaper.

    Sea Life has the best octopus exhibit I’ve ever seen.

    • So, you’ve been around then in San Diego. My visit to San Diego was really to attend Christening so I just pick one general to wander around, and I picked La Jolla.
      Well hey! Thanks for the heads up. The octopus exhibit is calling for me. 😉
      As for the Zoo Safari you are offering … Well hello friend. Hehe 😀

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