Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

Did I grasp the concept? Do you think I should redo?


First to post twice in a day.

First to have title in every pictures.

Note: All pictures are edited using the basic picture manager in the computer. Only the colors i.e. turning to black and white.


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  1. hmmm, they look a bit disturbing for me, great images for news paper or magazine detailing the situation. Is this whole thing in one area or are these different places? Yeah they are shocking….

  2. Nice one Rommel!

    I live in Hamilton where a lot of movie and TV shows are actually made in whole and in part. Part of War of the Worlds was shot here. I never got to see any of the sets but I’m told that this one was in one of the quarries in the Flamborough area. It’s the scene in which Tom Cruise’s character woke up one morning and moved on from one of the houses he and his children stayed in overnight. During that night there were loud sounds of crashing and explosion. The following morning when they emerged, they saw thise wreckage af a plane brought down by the tripods.

  3. It’s like watching a clip of War of the worlds or some major calamity with plane crash and all. Emotional provoking pics…from awe to fear to excitement and fascination. So yes, this is one of my favorite entry. Super cool! Thanks for a thrilling post!

    • Go to New Post, Reader, Stats, ….. Freshly Pressed.
      Then scroll down all the way to the bottom.
      You will see On WordPress.com – Also Cool – The Daily Post – From Our Blogs.
      Look on The Daily Post.
      There find Weekly Photo Challenge. The current one is Urban.

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