Stick a fork in me, I got Freshly Pressed!

It was a regular morning routine. I woke up, heat up the food I had the night before, hit the shower and changed for work. I jumped for the microwaved leftover. I was thinking how that pepperoni pizza was so good as I munched on it. I was really feeling it, nodding my head in my own agreement. I got to work and got on the computer. Don’t be surprised, I actually do not have internet connection at home. I went to wordpress address and saw the usual 9 notifications, nothing surprising yet. I hit my dashboard, and AHOY! The number of comments quadrupled. Something must be wrong. I went to the front page, and my eyes were the size of the moon…

I had to start work in 20 minutes. Eating that good-tasting pizza turned out to be a major mistake.

I couldn’t contain myself at work. I left that hanger on my mouth smiling all day while I faced my co-workers.  That front page to me was an opus of Michelangelo. The vision of that little spot on the front page with “Rose Valley Falls Trail in Ojia” and “The Sophomore Slump” written under the picture I have taken were all mentally glued in my head.  What was I going to say to the viewers? Should I collect first and then comment back?

Lunch Time. I update my status expressing my jubilation. The notification kept on appearing ticking marks. My likes was 5 times than what I used to get in a post. My post comments, overflowing. My stats… Oh my stats … I needed to recline my back, twinkle my eyes, look at the status bar like a flower admiring its glory.  Skyrocketting, my status views of that day was about 20x what I get in a day. It was the same amount of views I got the whole month of January. I was psyched. Euphoric. Relieved.

It’s funny how the first sentence of that post was not at all confident. “I don’t know how this post stands with seeking viewers.” Fortunately, my assumption was big-DUH, so wrong.

To be completely honest, I was aiming to be on that front page. I follow a lot of bloggers that had been Freshly Pressed to acquire some pointers. What in the ecosystem do they call it Freshly Pressed!!?? I’m so confused. I go to their posts congratulating them with an inkling of jealousy. Tita buds was one of my inspirations as her blog made it twice in the red carpet.  She encouraged me to keep on blogging. My blog did get better and better in gathering online buddies I can interact with to share and blog with. It was because of the Weekly Photo Challenge. I thank all of them for making my blogging days fun and worthwhile. Check my 100th, most of them are included to that post. Thanks for all the support.

I would like to take a moment to thank Nobody Hikes in LA. I owe it to that blog. Without it, I wouldn’t had known about Rose Valley Falls Trail. I want to thank hiking bloggers that I envy most esp. Sony Fugaban. I want to thank all the viewers, likers and commenters that day. I hope you had a good read and good appreciation on the pictures on that post. To the followers, Thank You. I’ll keep on doing what I normally when I blog. Let’s just hope my future posts will be good enough for anybody’s satisfaction. I want to thank the Freshly Pressed Jury for taking a notice to my blog and that entry.

No, I don’t mean I’m done blogging after I got freshly pressed. It just mean I can stop daydreaming, trying to reach my unreachable blogging star. I go back to regular programming as my 15 minutes of fame slowly fades. I will remember April 3, 2012 til the end of my blogging days. I hope I did a decent job in acknowledging those who visited my blog. I’m passing along tita buds’ advice – keep on blogging. You never really know. However, don’t forget to still be yourself. Blog the way you are.

It’s been a blast. I invite you all to the After-Party 2.0 on top of the Eiffel Tower. Hihi.


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  1. I loved reading this post. Your happiness over your jubilation has been contagious, Rommel. I am happy for you! See, that’s what happens when you have a wonderful blog such as yours. Keep up the good work! 🙂

      • I’ll donate 20 pounds to the cause, Rommel. You’ll have plenty of fat to live off of, as you skip those meals, blogging instead of eating. 🙂 It ain’t easy being popular, is it? LOL. Happy busy is good .. as long as you remember to eat.

  2. Hi Rommel, congrarulations on being Freshly Pressed!!! It is fun isn’t it??? I have been FP’d twice on BdL and Beyond and once on Bella BdL. It is exciting to watch those stats rise and more than a little disappointing when they go back to normal.
    You most certainly deserve the recognition.

  3. Congrats Rommel. That was an excellent post with some wonderful photographs. You deserve to be in that freshly pressed list. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  4. As you might have guessed, catching up with my posts backwards 🙂 Many congratulations on being FP’d! Now I have to go find that post!

    • It’s on my bar above the carousel that appears anywhere you go in the blog, together with Home, About, Travel, etc IT’s at the very end. It says Freshly Pressed.

  5. A party on top of the Eiffel Tower would be galactic, Rom — like, again, mentioning my oh so beautiful/exotic name there (Sony Fugaban). Hihi … for you. Hehe … for me.

    I can so feel the elation, Rom, and you know why. What really got me though is your simple tip at the last part of your post: “I’m passing along tita buds’ advice – keep on blogging. You never really know. However, don’t forget to still be yourself. Blog the way you are.”

    Tita Buds has captured the essence of my “tribute” post (for getting the freshly pressed badge) too: I once thought that I need to meet what he accomplished first to gain a Freshly Pressed badge. But, the experience of being Freshly Pressed taught me that I just need to be me to get my badge. “The rest is all hard work and grindstones and luck and kismet and wishes upon falling stars — and sometimes you get what you want and it’s just what you need.” Urban Semiotic.

  6. Rommel, I know I am a little late in congratulating you, but well done anyway. I have been following your work and you are doing great. Wish you more success in future:)


  7. Now, I’m blushing… hehehe. Thanks for the mention, Rommel. And again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🙂

    (Have you finished replying to the comments? Overtime ba? ;))

  8. Wow, great to know you’ve been Freshly Pressed. I’m very proud of you like I was with IT and Sony. All the best my friend. Stay blessed! 🙂

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