Lords of Dogtown / Skaters in Venice Beach

“You’re from Dogtown? What’s that mean? Venice, man. Ghetto by the sea.

It’s dirty. It’s filthy. It’s … a paradise.”

These lines were taken from a movie I always enjoy watching, Lords of Dogtown. The movie went back in circa 1975 – 1978 when the skater boys were once the territorial rounders of Venice Beach in California. Today, Venice Beach is a lot more pleasant, vibrant and, not to mention, a lot more friendlier.


 This guy even approached me of whether or not I was able to take good pictures. I can only hope I did their stunts enough justice. They are certainly and strikingly not camera shy. As a matter of fact, the skateboarders are surrounded by picture-takers making the skating area look like a sport show.

Take note though. When you take a stroll down the broadwalk, the vendors do not share the same open-ness when it comes to allowing gawkers to take pictures.

The movie also showcased the birth of vertical skate boarding by the Lords of Dogtown changing the history of the sport that we know of today.




If you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, Venice Beach is a must. I say again, with conviction this time… VENICE BEACH IS A MUST! It isn’t just a skate show, but an art show as well. The Boardwalk is painted with graffiti and art-selling street vendors, bustling with all kinds of performers of different characters and customes, and is enterprised with water and athletic activities.

 There is still residue to the “ghetto”-ness of Venice. To me, it is something to savor for. Venice Beach is the centerstage for the prototypical California tourist spot filled with people and their agendas. It is what makes it unique. Learning how to skate, skating in Venice Beach, or watching the skate show is a California highly recommended to-do list. Venice Beach is a lot more cleaner and organized than the harsh depiction in the movie. It still remains to be

…a paradise.

Here are the Lords of Dogtown of today…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will be posting more about Venice Beach including the arts and some pointers when visiting Venice.


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  1. I’m sure a lot of kids love that skating pit. I know my boys would have lived there in their teen years, and maybe early twenties. My oldest son used to snow board quite often in West Virginia with his buddies. I assume the two sports offer similar challenges. Your photos turned out beautifully, Rommel. I’m sure the skaters appreciated you taking the time to photograph them. 🙂

    • It is fun to see some of them teach their kids to skateboard in their very early age.

      Skating in Venice Beach is actually considered an accomplishment even to people who loves skateboarding from neighboring states.

      Lots of surf boarders out there as well though. I’d seen a lesson on body-boarding too. Quite interesting. Like I said before, California is not the best when it comes to water temperature. But these sportsminded people just go for it anyway.

      Thanks for the compliment, orples.

  2. Wow Rommel, I hope these guys get to see this because you’ve really done them justice. They are so entertaining, I would prefer that anyday to paying a fortune to see some so called ‘professional’ game. Awesome post!

    • I was recalling one of your WPC entry where you showed skateboarders. They approached you too on why you taking a picture of them. HIhi.
      Indeed, they are entertaining to watch.

    • Thanks Madhu for following along. Saw your entry on Caldera, very promising read.
      Wont be too soon. But I can tell you, I do it some time this month.

  3. In the seventies I use to go to Venice Beach all the time. It was definitely the place to hang out. I was in high school at the time. I met some of the original dog boys. Thanks so much for the photos, they brought back a lot of memories. Take care. Love your blog.

    • Oh wow! I wish I could go back to that time. BUT, only if I’m on their side. Hehe.

      It’s amazing how I post this entry and one blogger I’m following had actually lived those skaters’ glory moments!

  4. Love the Dogtown documentary- and the skateboarders of yester-year. Great shots of the skateboarders of today down at the beach. I used to take my kids right there to the playground by the police station early in the morning, but unfortunately the area isn’t so good for kids anymore…..

  5. Are you from thereabouts (L.A.-ish?) and skate? Just curious. I’m a “Nor-Cal” girl born and bred. Haven’t been down South in years now, but great photos and words on this post. I admittedly got a ‘lil nostalgic since I was a “Skate Betty” years and years ago. Haha. I’ve lost touch with him (and has no idea if he still skates in the areas you pictured!?), but there’s this dude I dated once wayyy back when- Chad Muska- and he had skate skills like nobody else at the time (late 90′s)! Haha. Have a good week, Dear Mister! xo

    • Been here in Ventura (SoCal) for about 3 years and will be for another 6 months. Venice Beach is one of the firsts I visited when I arrived here, and it’s one of my most revisited. I always tour Cal visitor there. I’m glad the post brought you back memories. Thanks for the comment and visit.

      • …thank YOU! ☺️ We’re having a really cold Summer up here in S.F.- it hasn’t passed the 60 degree mark for three weeks! Enjoy the sunshine there and your time here in CA! Out of curiosity- where are you off to next?

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