Baluarte Zoo in Vigan, Philippines

Zoo, who does not love going to the zoo? I’ve been to good Zoos. The zoo in Puglia in Bari, Italy is a safari-like experience where you drive your own car and the animals can just come up to you including lions. You can also roll down your window and feed the goats with leafy vegetables.

Baluarte, however, still remains to be my favorite zoo.

I guess there are a lot of zoos now where animal interactions are more intimate than yesteryears. Baluarte gave me that best “close encounter experience” in a zoo. 

The city mayor offered the admission free. To get around, there is also a free pony ride by a carriage. Tipping is suggested. The little horse running is enjoyable to watch, to me at least.

A lot of the animals are not tied and chained. Some of them you can pet, feed, take picture of/with, or talk to if you want. Some of the birds are even just hanging out on the beaches by the entrance.

There is also a butterfly enclosed area. Like any place else, it’s a favorite spot for picture-takers. The garden plants and flowers are not to be missed as well. This is also how you exactly know that the visitors of the zoo do not abuse the freedom they get for being close to the animals.

Now to my nitty-gritty moment. Zookeepers present a Live Animal Show 4 times a day. Ours was about lunchtime. They invite people to hold the animals that they are going to bring in. They also provide knowledges and information about the animals they present. They make it a surprise for every volunteer about which animal the volunteers get in contact with. I suggest you to go up front … like I did. I don’t know what get to me that moment to suddenly not get freightened by the audience, the stage and the “surprise” animal. I ended up with just a parrot. I just had to stretch out my arms. Oh well. This is the reason why Baluarte is my favorite.

Kudos to every zookeepers that ever lived for maintaining these animals for everyone to see. Of course, Baluarte Zoo  has the usual tigers, reptiles and monkeys.

Other than sightseeing around the old heritage of Vigan and admiring its authenticity, Baluarte surely added fun for every visitors of the city.


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And I do approve for Zoos to have more intimate interactions with the animals.


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  1. I’ve been here 4 years ago, sayang dko na-enjoy kz umuulan… I’m planning to get back soon, pagudpud nman! Uwi nman kayo ni Tita Buds… I want to meet you guys, my closest blogger friends in WordPress 🙂

    Wew! I’m featured! hehe… Thanks bro! I miss Coron, lalo ko namimiss tuwing ngbblog ako… dami ko pa article di ntatapos 😦 Zambales, your birthplace is one of my favorite! I have my climb 2years ago at Nagsasa, Zambales and Magalawa Beachineering last Feb 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to Baluarte Zoo. Looks interesting. We’re actually planning to go to Zoobic next month on our next vacation. I’m now considering a trip to Baluarte too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hate to disagree, but I’m not much on zoos, unless they are caging animals that can not survive on their own, and it is to the animals benefit not to be left in the wild. I imagine the animals, themselves, would prefer not to be caged, as opposed to living life free. I am glad that you enjoyed your visit to the zoo. I hope the animals at least realize they are appreciated. You have some nice photos, Rommel … I love the butterflies.

  4. Bro, this is one exciting , fun and exotic place. Full of adventure. The only Zoo I’d been too in the Philippines was the one in Manila. There’s a similar outdoor animal experience here in Texas but every place has its unique charm like the one in “Baluarte.” Looks like you had a great time with this vacation. It’s true when they say, “It’s fun in the Philippines.” Thanks for sharing these amazing trip with us.

  5. kakahomesick dayta! mashallah makabisita sa susunod na pag uwi… for now let me drool while looking at the pics hehe. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Looks like Baluarte zoo may change my mind about zoos in general 🙂 Looks like here, they’re well taken care of. Can’t help but feel bad for animals if they seem too unhappy with their cribs. 😉

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