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Journey: Spanish Footstepsss +1

I couldn’t really think of what my entry be. So I’m just gonna go with this one. I think this sums up my journeys. I got Italy, California and then, Spain for the rest of Europe.

Spanish Footstep #1: Rome, Italy


Spanish Footsteps: Rodeo Dr. in California (Built to resemble the above)


Spanish Footsteps: Random footstep in Spain


Wait, I can not just ignore Philippines…

Lemme dig through my picture archives…


Good enough. Vigan, Philippines was a key city when it comes to Spanish colonisation, which is still evident til today.


  1. orples says:

    I’d say 4 countries qualifies as a journey, even if not explored on the same expedition. I love your choice of buildings and staircases. Great photos.

  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    I have walked the first 2 staircases.

    • rommel says:

      That’s awesome, Debra. So you heard about it then went, or what? Hihi I just found out from a local about it telling me that she did walked the 2 as well. I immediately located the place in the GPS of my car.

  3. Jude says:

    Great pictures Rommel. I’d love to go there. Love the last pic – looks like they just let you guys out of jail!

  4. Sonel says:

    Great shots Rommel!🙂

  5. Yogi says:

    Wonderful pictures Rommel….🙂

  6. Footsteps I wish to walk and experience one day. Beautiful photos. So much life and fun in each images. Thanks for the amazing visual journey.

  7. You are blessed Bro to see these breathtaking places. Every picture, full of life and adventure. Just beautiful! Thanks…

  8. By the way, the last pictures seems to be the most memorable one. Being around the person you love, everything else becomes magical!

  9. icelandpenny says:

    The photography is wonderful, but I think I like best the connections you have made, a sort of visual pun built around staircases (with a Spanish theme). Maybe I’m especially tuned to such connections at the moment, because I recently received a card featuring Georgia O’Keefe’s “Purple Hills Ghost Ranch — 2” and saw its strong resemblance to a photo I took of a hillside in Nanisivik (Nunavut Territory, Canada). The world connects…

  10. adinparadise says:

    Interesting and lovely photos, Rommel. I’ve also been up and down those first two.😉

  11. janaknmistry says:

    u have some amazing pictures.

  12. […] Spanish Footsteps – Top Right: Rodeo Drive, California, Top Left and Bottom: Rome, Italy. Related post: Journey […]

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