Journey: Spanish Footstepsss +1

I couldn’t really think of what my entry be. So I’m just gonna go with this one. I think this sums up my journeys. I got Italy, California and then, Spain for the rest of Europe.

Spanish Footstep #1: Rome, Italy


Spanish Footsteps: Rodeo Dr. in California (Built to resemble the above)


Spanish Footsteps: Random footstep in Spain


Wait, I can not just ignore Philippines…

Lemme dig through my picture archives…


Good enough. Vigan, Philippines was a key city when it comes to Spanish colonisation, which is still evident til today.


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  1. I’d say 4 countries qualifies as a journey, even if not explored on the same expedition. I love your choice of buildings and staircases. Great photos.

    • That’s awesome, Debra. So you heard about it then went, or what? Hihi I just found out from a local about it telling me that she did walked the 2 as well. I immediately located the place in the GPS of my car.

  2. The photography is wonderful, but I think I like best the connections you have made, a sort of visual pun built around staircases (with a Spanish theme). Maybe I’m especially tuned to such connections at the moment, because I recently received a card featuring Georgia O’Keefe’s “Purple Hills Ghost Ranch — 2” and saw its strong resemblance to a photo I took of a hillside in Nanisivik (Nunavut Territory, Canada). The world connects…

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