It’s More Fun in the Philippines

The Philippine Department Of Tourism had this in the bag. Scattered all over the web are generated images of photos taken in the Philippines by visitors and locals into this plain and simple yet very catchy slogan. It may have a cheeky commercial hook to it, but it truly is buzzworthy, and not to mention, very true to its meaning.

Here are my submissions:

This scene of children playing in the water welcomed us after initially scanning the view right outside our lodging when we went to Bohol, Philippines. You can tell how the tide is sightly low as you can still see their feet from a far distance while they splish-splash in the water. We stayed at Whites and Greens Resort.

Above is a picture of a tarsier. An animal of minimal exposure for its small population and inchly geographical locations. The picture below is a picture of me in front of Chocolate Hills. Both exclusively can be found in Bohol, Philippines. All pictures featured here are from my recent travel there.


It still strikes me to this day that someone just casually persuaded me to take a picture with the infamous facebook peace sign. I guess it is only fitting to approve it with this winning underwater view. May the creator of the facebook peace sign rest in peace.

We didn’t get the chance to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast as we were already late for our scheduled boat. When we hit the shore of Balicasag Island, we spotted a local dining area overlooking the water, serving fresh seafood. From their bucket, we made our fresh pick and off we went for snorkeling while they grilled our fish. Aces! We came back with meal ready to eat. Our savage nature showed as we defeat our hunger.

That is not all-smiles than it looks. I was squirming deep inside. The snake’s really starting to wrap itself to my legs and its head ess-ing in front of me while I was holding it. I surprised myself from not hesitating at all when asked to do it. This was our first stop during our Panglao Tour right after landing in Bohol.

While I had my fun with holding the snakes and iguana and diving down the water removing my life vest, my girlfriend also had her own fun connecting with nature when we visited a Butterfly Garden. We both did snorkeling, staring contest with tarsier, and we also went dolphin watching. 

Take it as it you may, positive or negative, but evidently, Philippines is a country that often suprisingly doesn’t forget to be high-spirited despite problems, disasters and crises. Either frown upon it or smile about it. With acceptance to situations and less ambitious notions, Filipinos seem to choose the latter. And really, it’s just a basic rule of the world never to remove the fun out of anything.



More Fun in the Philippines?


Check out Island Traveler’s This Man’s Journey. Island Traveler is one of the truest blogger out there. He speaks from the inner core. He’s entries are contentful and complete. Expect goodness all over the place, I mean kind, pleasant and good-nature when you visit his blog. Also, he’s no one-liner commenter. He replies to other blogs with substance.

I also admire the image of a good father that he portrays. His son has been a highlight to many of his posts.

Here’s a post from his recent trip to Philippines: The Real World Outside The Bus. The post is an iphonography and writing masterpiece.



Future Posts: More ‘More Fun in the Philippines’ and More on Bohol to include ziplining.


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  1. Hello, Rommel. That little tarsier is so cute, I’d almost want to pack one of those to bring home. And I must say, swimming with the fishes looks like it might be fun, despite popular belief. 🙂 It looks like you’re have a great vacation. It’s so nice of you to share your experiences.

    • I remember when I visited The Birch Aquarium. Snorkeling, however, was a definite awesome experience of swimming with fishes as they are not only in tanks but actually kicking live and within arms reach.

      Can’t bring them tarsier home, Marcy. Hehe:D They literally have one guardian per tarsier. That’s how strict they are in keeping the little guys.

    • There’s a whale watching island tour here in California that I’ve been meaning to go but it’s quite pricey. Now, after having seen the dolphins in Bohol, Philippines, that are actually more agile, I don’t have to pay about 120 dollars any longer. 😀

  2. I love this post! I’m already interested in going to the Philippines because I follow This Mans Journey and now you have added to my yearning!I know how you feel about the snake because I’ve held one that size (been held by :-)) they are fascinating creatures, scary but I love the feel of them. Your girlfriend is beautiful and you are very handsome of course 🙂

    • Weee! You’ve held one before? Did you post about it? I wanna see if you have one.

      This Man’s Journey’s entry shows the other side of Philippines. I wanted to do something the same but I was saving my camera battery for my vacation trips. I’m glad he had that post. He did a great job covering it, writing and taking pictures.

      Thanks for the lovely compliment at the end of your comment. 😀

    • I was planning to go to Cebu but not enough time for my me and my girl’s leave days. But sure will consider Cebu again on my next visit there. I will soon feature your blog. 😀

  3. HI Rommel! This one is a really wonderful post. Each image you posted with each word you have written signifies that- yes it’s more fun in Philippines. Thanks for taking us to this wonderful trip. Great work. 🙂

    • I myself was jealous for that long time I didn’t visited Philippines. I’m so glad I finally saw my sisters and my girlfriend again.

  4. It’s more fun in the Philippines indeed. So you’ve been to Bohol, so I believe you dropped by Cebu but reading the comment though, you were not able to explore Cebu.

    Anyways, I like the first picture, haha, you look like actually “drinking responsibly” there… If I’m not mistaken it was taken in Bohol…

    How’s the trip to Caramoan, never been there. Looking forward to your Caramoan and Bohol posts…

    Also, great man on the feature post, one of my best blogging buddies. Such a good natured, good soul man, who is – The Island Traveler…

    • I know. The worst part is. There is actually a way from that Balicasag Island to Siquijor and Cebu City. If only we had extra time, we could’ve gone there as well. But UNluckily, we were actually beating time to get back on time to check out of our hotel. 😦 Ow well, we sure had fun in Caramoan and Bohol.

    • Ooh, I didn’t even mind the weight. I must’d been, just not paying mind. I think, with the snake moving around too much, the fear overmind the weight of the snake.

      • I went to an animal talk at a library and they had a giant snake like that. A bunch of us went up on stage and stood in a line to hold this big heavy snake. It was huge and really heavy.

      • Something like a line of voluntolds to hold the snake? That’s similar to one of the picture I posted about Baluarte.

        Give Me Five! for having the same experience. 😀

  5. Wow! These are even better pics than the slogans I’ve seen in The Philippines. Every image, a pulsating , exciting adventure. The jumping dolphins, that is way cooler than Sea World. That is nature at it’s amazing best! Your photos just sums up why I will always long for my country of birth. No amount of “First World” comforts can change that. It is fun, blissful, colorful and comforting in the Philippines…
    Thank you for the mention. I’m honored. I felt like jumping…though not as cool as the dolphins. Thanks Bro. Best wishes to you and your family….

    • I’ve seen a lot of great images in the web. Thanks for the compliment. Creativity on the written part really helps to make in making it appealing. Like said, the dolphins are more agile so it really was a good sight.

      Your blog is one of the best out there. No baloney..

  6. You should submit the Butterfly effect to the DOT, hehe. Ganda and witty.
    What a cool idea to use the slogan in your pictures. 🙂
    Guess what, I’ve never been to Bohol. I am so bad!

  7. LOVE the Philippines. Spent many vacations there when we lived in Hong Kong. Your pics brought back alot of good memories.

  8. i totally love all your pictures! It makes me want to go to all the places you’ve been, haha! Anyways, I guess for now I’ll just content myself with checking in on your blog once in a while. You should campaign for Philippine tourism, all your photos are amazing, it’s more fun in the Philippines talaga! 🙂

    • This post makes me miss Philippines. Thanks to my former job in the diplomatic mission, I got the chance to visit many of our beautiful places there before I moved here in the US. Some of my favorites are the old churches and light house in Ilocos Norte, the Sumaging cave in Sagada, the beautiful beaches in Palawan, and the Boracay Mansion. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about Berroca Resort in Marinduque, and I am quite intrigued. I want to see it in my next visit.

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