Weekly Photo Challenges: Two Subjects & Together

These are my late entries after nearly a month of absence.


Contrary to popular belief, butterfly wings do not make your eyes go blind. That was told to us by our guide in Butterfly Garden in Bohol.

He then played with that notion saying it isn’t butterfly wings nor money that makes people go blind, it’s …


My trip to Bohol was especifically special because those were moments spent with the woman I love so much.

The ending to the cliffhanger is … love.


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  1. People we care about gives us wings and reasons to fly. Looks like you found the source of your wings. She’s beautiful. You both look great together. And the adventures you both made…just amazing. You had a blast and it shows in every picture. I wish I get to see Bohol one day…Thanks for this exciting post!

    • With the very very not-enough short time I was there, I sure made minutes of it worthwhile. Bohol is great. Lots of stops on the tour.

  2. I agree with IT, you two look good together… I can just imagine how happy you were when you travel those beautiful spots in our country… You must have missed here so much now… Thanks for sharing and stay safe! 🙂

    • Just making up for the days we missed each other.
      Philippines is a gem, like literally, you gotta go explore and get out of the big city to explore the jewels of our country.

      • *her (this is a correction on my previous comment hihi)

        Yeah I agree, like literally, if only I have all the resources I would go tour the entirety of this country and relax, unwind and wander the splendor of this beautiful country…

    • Thanks, Gilly. I try so hard to be sweet. Bwahahaha. She made that collage by the way. She loves taking pictures of us together in it.

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