Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenges: Unfocused

Here are captures from previous challenges that didn’t quite made the cut. Now, these out of focus dump files are the highlights of this challenge theme, Unfocused.

Down: My concept was to feature my shorthanded history of hiking. A lot of you may recognize the image as it’s taken from my first official hiking trail.

Distorted: My concept was to feature concert pictures.

Contrast: Learn about seahorse and clownfish.
Unusual: Unsual aquatic animals.
Through: Looking through aquarium tanks.

Arranged: The concept was to show disaster images of plane crashes, broken houses and bunch of wrecks all over the place. The picture, as you can see is a staged car crash scene taken from Universal Studios.

Sun: A personal favorite WPC challenge that features the *duh*scorching sun.

Two Subjects and Together: The concept was basically 2 – Two Subjects, Together, 2 WPC’s.



Here’s to another WPC hog, Orples. How Orples Came To Be, and other interesting stuffs

I have quite a number of favorites- The family picture in Together. The recent Unfocused where Marcy dropped a camera and accidentally was able to take a picture. The submission of Shelter and Colorful butterflies to Jake’s Sunday Photo Challenge. Her most recent take on an alternative challenge Reflection happens to be the best I’ve seen her submitted.

She is also a published writer. She, herself, creates the illustrations to her books.


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  1. Wow Rommel, I was getting ready to comment on your fine work (once again) and then saw your last paragraph … I’m both flattered and flabbergasted … I don’t know what to say, other than thank you for the numerous kudos! Consider yourself cyber-kissed. 😉

    Now, back to your set of photos … I was wondering about that car on a tilt, so I’m glad you mentioned it was a prop from the movie studios. I thought at first it might have been an abstract work of art. One never knows in this crazy world. Out of your photo set above, I think I like the first and the last entries the best … I am such a sucker for open fields, but then again, the ocean offers so much color and beauty, it is hard to decide.

    Thanks again for the vote of confidence. 🙂 Marcy

    • Hello Featured Blog, I put all my featured blogs to the menu bar. 😀
      Ow, thanks for all your supports, and for complimenting the pictures.

  2. Bro, your photos always bring a certain excitement like no other. Fun after fun, adventure to it’s core. Your images just shows how you try to live you life to the fullest. And that’s totally awesome! We need to face our day to day just like that. Life is an adventure after all.

    • Yup! That’s me. Hehe.I live life like the next day never comes. I can’t stand being so serious about life. It has it’s pros and cons, but I can’t change that attitude of mine.

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