The Rocky Intertidal Zone in Cabrillo National Monument

La Jolla impressed me with the seals, birds and the rock formations. But I think Cabrillo beats it with the harsh-hitting water to the sandstone cliffs found on the oceanside of Point Loma.

To say the least, it is downright STUNNING!

The rocks and waves are not the only sights here. People are stooping to find some shore crabs, spongy dead man’s fingers, bat stars, surf grass, sea hares, sea anenomes, etc. I was actually approached by someone who was knowledgeable about sea anemones, her name is Angela. She gladly showed me one of it resting in one of the tidespools. It looks like a plant, but she confirms it to be an animal.

The marine habitat’s survival depends on the topography. and the preservation of the people. Maltreatment of all forms of life are protected by federal law and shout not be disturbed or removed.

Have I used the word ‘breathtaking’ before in my blog? It’s just accurate if this is the first.

If you look closely, the water splashes got higher than the cliff.


If you happen to visit Cabrillo, don’t just get fixated on the monument and the Point Loma lighthouse. The Rocky Intertidal Zone will surely have you stunned.

Buckwheat and other delicates further the color and beauty of the area.


During my visit to San Diego …


I met with Russel Ray. He generously offered to play docent and I gladly accepted it.  His blog is everything San Diego.  He speaks highly of it esp. San Diego Zoo and Safari. He’s not only highly acquainted to the whereabouts of the city but very understading of it inside and out.  If you ever want to take a tour, he’s your go-to guy and have yourself a good company.

My favorite is my first encounter to his blog… Golden Eagle at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park. Check out his blog … and the cats!


Future Posts:
USS Midway Tour
Cabrillo National Monument
Ocean Beach

Last Call…

May you have a commemorative, blessed, gratifying Memorial Day.

Taken at Cabrillo Memorial Drive. I couldn’t help but get emotional with these fallen comrades.


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  1. The rocks are so fascinating with their textures and colors. I love the shot with the waves crashing against the rocks surface. It really illustrates the power of Nature.

    As far as Memorial Day goes, I find it heartbreaking to see tombstone after tombstone of our youth who gave their lives for our Nation. Not that I’m not grateful, but I wonder how many of those souls died in vain due to banker’s wars? How many of our youth lay there, that should not be? … so very sad, indeed.

    • Yes, that waves and rocks is for the gold! It makes me stop scrolling when I get to that picture.

      For actual numbers, there are 65,000 who lay there. That’s according to the featured blog. It was rough driving by there.

  2. It is breathtaking . And yes, it is all fitting in every image of this post. From the waters hitting the rocks, to the stunning rock formation facing the sea , to the crab waking up to a brand new day. Another amazing adventure for all of us to feast on . Thanks.

  3. I called San Diego home for 15 years and never saw what you did – thanks! I do hope the seals win out and get their 200′ of beach, though. Thanks for checking out my blog. Dee,

    • Make sure to go down. Just follow the ocean. Hehe.

      Have a blast in San Diego! Hope the city can level the fun you had in Colorado in the least possible.

      Check out Balboa Park. It’s a big MUST in SD.

  4. The spray from the crashing of the waves is amazing. I would love to go walking down there and just sit on the edge of one of the cliffs, like the people in the first photograph are doing.

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