The Jelly Experience [Exhibit II]

Jellies vary from mild to wild. From simple, see-through styles to vibrant colors, wih wild fringe and trim, jellies flaunt an amazing variety of fashions.


Go ahead and make up their own name in your head. Place the mouse to the picture and see what I nicknamed these jellyfishes with.



Everything in this blog is grand. Jo Bryant is an extremely active blogger who, last March, reached her 500th posts! She’s a poem and novel writer, an outstanding photographer and an avid fan of Supernatural and the boys. She also likes Batman, and that’s pretty much means she’s good in my book. Head on out to Chronicles of Illusions and have some belly-laughing humor, discover eye-popping pictures and meet the one of the most hardworking wordpresser.

For long hours, I dug through her albums and couldn’t really pick out her best because there’s just too many to choose from. I’m selecting the one I remember the most. Her entry to a photo challenge titled Reflections.


Last Call …

This is actually called Flower Hat Jelly. That hot-pink and lime-green fringe on a flower hat is so attractive it helps lure prey. Wehn a curious fish swims over, Zap! Those tentacles grab it for dinner.


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  1. Chubby Dalmation jellyfish…oh God you crack me up something serious. which is good today as i lay here feeling miserable from the flu…but lucky me I have lots of episodes of The Boys to watch as the The Demented Fox Terrier gives me a hard time…she likes to curl up next to me but when the temp spikes I get a “WTF” look as she moves away.
    Thank you Rommel for the lovely things you said…they really made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I just love being a featured anything…hehehehe

    • Ahihihi … Oh your cats pictures are so high in considerations in choosing my favorite. I just had to go withthe best that I remmeberedThe comments on your 500th post is fun, fun, FUN!!!!! Glad I kept your day up.

  2. Lovely, they are like princess dresses 🙂 I like the new theme, I find it easier to find the photos.Before I ccould never really get my way in and out 😀

    • The problem with this themes is that new visitors won’t be able to see my older posts. I switch themes then and there to accomodate the kind of post I have to publish according to the line-up. In this case, I wanted the images of the jellyfishes to shine and be bigger.

  3. Wow! These jellies know how to rock! Supercool shots. The contrast of light, bright and dark colors, even the luminous blue created a very vivid, life-like image. Beautiful. And yes, they do can go from mild to wild. I would see them every time I go to the beach and never saw how its potential dangers. My friend’s daughter got a major sting and infection when a jellyfish brushed her arm. She had to be hospitalized. It made me think for awhile if I should let my son swim the waters of Galveston but we all love the beach and sometimes, things like that happen. I still agree that they are magnificent creatures, we just need to be cautious. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.

    • I actually remember when I was a kid. With so less knowledge about anything, I recall touching these jellyfishes with my hands whenever we go to Zambalesduring summer vacations. I don’t think adults ever told me to stop. I only found out how dangerous they were when I saw an episode of FRIENDS. Hehehehe

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