World Ocean Day: Monterey Bay Aquarium

It’s World Ocean Day! And what better way to highlight this unfamiliar occasion than to acknowledge THE No. 1 most visited, most popular, and approvingly the best aquarium in the world. Monterey Bay Aquarium is an absolute MUST for every California visitors.

This tank! Besides the photo op of capturing the people and the big tank and the sharks, there are these tiny little sardines. They are clustered altogether forming like a carpet on the bottom of the water. It is sooo unbelievable. They’d move in sync, making way when the shark comes.

I love this turtle. I will have a separate entry solely for this turtle.

Bucket List checked. I finally get to see penguins!

The morays are fascinating. Their head comes out from one head and then their tail to another hole. The tank they are in looks like a puzzle maze where you figure out which tail belongs to which head. Counting how many in the tank is quite challenging. With the cleaner shrimps hanging-out with the morays, it is even more fun to look at that tank.

Some of you may be familiar with my quite popular post on Unusual where the seadragons are the star attractions for their cool existence and definite wondrous appearance. Well, here’s a leafy seadragon.

This one is called anemone. Plants or animals? Find out here. You get to see it out of the tank if you visit the Rocky Intertidal Zone in Cabrillo, San Diego.

I’m going to go with the majority. The best attraction is got to be The Jelly Experience.

You get that uplifting sense on the way they float fluidly and just how beautiful they look. They truly are such magnificent creatures. I hope you are not missing my Jelly Experience series.

Also check out the otters, seahorses, kelps, whales, holding starfish, etc.


Not convinced? Here is a science and photography, and Monterey Bay enthusiast.


She has gone to Monterey Bay Aquarium and was able to capture some of the amazing shots of the marine animals. Moreso, she explored the whole Monterey Bay, shared some news and facts about it and the aquarium, and covered further of its beaches, and sea otters. You gotta check out Chanel = Photography + Science and explore the ocean world of wonders.


Last Call …

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  1. I must say WOW! Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing it with us . Have you visited the Aquarium at Barcelona? Your photos reminded me of the Underwater Aquarium at Barcelona. I am an avid reader, an author and a traveller myself. I was wondering, if you are into reading ebooks about celebrating life in all its vibrant colours, then may be you could check out my blog at your own leisure–my latest ebook: 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life of such a genre has been released at Amazon, and I posted the synopsis at my blog. I wish you a great week ahead.

    • Chanel gave me a heads up that if you travel 30 minutes somewhere further, you get to catch sea otters hanging out in the ocean on buoys. Sea otters are so adorable, so as for me, I won’t let it pass not seeing them again. Chanel’s the featured blog of the post. So if you have any question about those sea otters, go ahead and check her entry on Monterey Bay Aquarium.

      Oh, don’t forget to stop by Fisherman’s Wharf!

    • Yes if you have any questions about anything in Monterey please ask away! I lived there when I went to school in Monterey so I’m definitely a certified tour guide 😀

  2. Great pictures and post. I lived in Santa Cruz for ten years and only went to the Monterrey Aquarium a couple times…now it’s on my list for Must-Do things next time I’m back.

    • I think it’s a must for every California given its wide popularity and just basically the opus of aquariums. I must say though, it’s quite pricey. Hehe.

    • If you actually look at the last photo on my Exhibit 1 of Jelly Experience, you can see a reflection there. It is one of my favorite shot, but it got ruined by that reflection. I had to make the picture smaller, unlike the rest, just to show that picture. 😦 😀

      • Keep going to other aquariums because you’ll find interesting things that are not at other aquariums. For example best penguin exhibit is at the New England Aquarium. Best seahorses at Birch Aquarium right here in San Diego. Best whales at Vancouver.

        Others of my top aquariums: New England, New Orleans, Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Newport (in Kentucky, across the river from Cincinnati), Newport (in Oregon), Shedd in Chicago, Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Georgia Aquarium (Atlanta)

      • I agree with you about the whales in Vancouver! My friend trains sea lions there but she used to be a beluga trainer- so when I went to visit her I had quite the backstage fun with all the whales and dolphins 😀

  3. What a fantastic post! That aquarium is one of my favorite places to go. Your photos are incredible! I did a little (sort of poor quality) video of the jellyfish there a few years ago. Here is a link to it, if this doesn’t go to spam.

    Thanks for your wonderful images and great post!

    Stacy Alexander

  4. Very nice. I’ve just started volunteering at the Georgia Aquarium. Monterey Bay’s is one of the aquariums founder Bernie Marcus (Home Depot) checked out to see how its done.

  5. Hey Rommel, thanks for checking out The Selfcleaning World … I like your site, you’re an adventurous soul. I was at the Monterey Aquarium earlier this year, a very cool place.

  6. I love these pictures – this post made me want to visit the Montery Bay Aquarium when I was on my way to San Francisco, and I planned to do so, but then I stopped at too many places along the way and didn’t get there in time. But the pictures are probably as good as an actual visit!

  7. Beautiful photos. It’s been a long while since I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. First time seeing penguins? Awesome!

    • Always, always, whenever I go to an aquarium, there are these students, young or teens, that are jotting down notes and seem to be searching, observing and answering some questions or sorts of riddle. Did you ever have to do that? I guess that’s encouraging them to enjoy the aquarium and learn at the same time.

  8. Great photos! I love aquariums and am lucky enough to have this one just over an hour from home, but after reading your post, I realized that I haven’t been in almost 5 years! Time to schedule a day trip! By the way, Cape Town in South Africa has a pretty fantastic aquarium, too. it looks like it may have been modeled after the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    • Make sure The Jellyfish Experience are on exhibit, just because I love it. hehe. No, I was talking to the bartender at the Old Fisherman’s Wharf, and he said the major attraction before used to be the seahorses. The new Jelly portion is now the biggest.

  9. We lived in Monterey for a year and the Aquarium was a big favorite. Thanks for the reminder. I am planning a trip with my grandkids. We’ll walk the beach in Carmel and eat crab in Pacific Grove.
    Great photos of the amazing creatures inhabiting the mysterious deep blue seas. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh how fun to see shots of a place that is in my neighborhood! My husband and I went there last December for my birthday. Locals get in for free once a year and it just happened to be then. Wonderful shots! I actually took a few of the exact same ones! Most of yours turned out better though!

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