What ARE YOU looking at?


Junipero Serra, father of the California Missions

I’m not really just the type who look perusely on structural intricacies. I only got inspired by Debra Kolkka, WP’s recommended travel blog and a former featured blog of mine. She always go in details to the designs of buildings, esp. the ones with sculptures. So when I visited the MUST-go-to Balboa Park, I started to get intrigued after taking pictures of the busts and statues on the Museum of Man building. It’s perfect enough to have started noticing structural details that I found something interesting with “the way they look”…

Father Luis Jayme, Franciscan missionary

 Their eyes are looking in different and every directions. 

Fray Antonio de la Ascension, a Carmelite historian

Another awesome thing about it is that it exhibits 9 of California historical figures, to include Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. My visit to Cabrillo National Monument will be posted in the future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy/ed this post on The Rocky Intertidal Zone.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who sailed into San Diego Bay in 1542


George Vancouver, an English navigator

Imagine me taking their pictures and trying to catch where they’re looking at. I went close to the building, across the street, left and right, zoom in and zoom out. I even laid on the ground. Some of whom have line of sights that are just out of range for my camera viewfinder to come face to face with.

Charles V of Spain

With the high building, the bust of Charles V is looking afar to the left. While Philip III, to the other side of Charles V, is looking straight.

Philip III of Spain


Don Sebastian Viscaino, another Spanish sailor


Gaspar de Portola, the first Spanish governor of Southern California

Statue? What about the Brazil? I’ve been dying to feature this blog …
Here’s to another one of my top travel blogs. With 12 major countries and and 30 or so cities and towns, you just got to, got to check out Madhu’s blog, The Urge To Wander. Famous landmarks, caves, temples, landscapes, etc. She posts exciting travel stories and informative histories. My favorite a post about her urge to make things happen even if it doesn’t appear to be. Brazil’s most photographed … The Outstretched Hands of the Redeemer.
Last Call…

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  1. These photographs are exquisite!!….they almost look like ivory carvings….I wouldn’t have noticed the “crazy eyes” if you hadn’t brought it to my attention……but you are right….they are looking in every direction…LOL

    • Just attention to detail. Sometimes, it’s hard to do esp. with the ever-spacious Balboa Park, where I want to explore more and not take my time in one location.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Your images are superb that you making a comment here makes it extra special.

    • When you say right up your alley. Is it very very close to your residency or the fact that you like to take keen notice of statues? Yes,Serra’s the best. My fave though is Ascension, creepily wonderous. 😀

    • I know. They are faced in different direction that I wonder how he traced these people. Did he browse through different photos? Did he just compromised, imagining what they would look like? Did they plan it, having them painting and posed these exact certain way?
      It truly a well-thought masterpiece.

  2. Great photos!! I’m pleased to have inspired you to go for the detail. You know that now you have started you won’t be able to stop. I don’t leave home without my camera.
    I am in Helsinki just now on the way home and the building decoration here is wonderful. It is cold an damp, so there will be no blue sky photos.

  3. Gorgeous photos Rommel! Love the amazingly detailed portal! The shout out at the end was a pleasant surprise 🙂 Thank you so much. Means a lot.

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