Flashback Friday

Riding Gondola in Venice, or Making The Best of your Travel

Would you travel Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower? Would you go to San Francisco and not see the Golden Gate Bridge? Would you visit Italy and choose to eat at McDonald’s rather than dine at a pizzeria?

I’ve been blessed with my travel histories, I get that. I do, however, feel some regrets on the things I didn’t do or see more than I should have. For some instances, I would’ve pushed my friends into riding the ferry to see the grottoes in Capri. Truth to be told, I didn’t get to tour the very inside and the tower of Sistine Chapel in Rome. I didn’t get to see Cinque Terre neither. So many should-be’s that’s been poking me since.

I don’t mean to say gamble your money when you visit Las Vegas. I’m not saying go straight to Disneyland when you have the littlest time in California.Famous Landmarks shouldn’t always be your first or ultimate choice. Of course, it still depends on your personal preferences, time and allowance and whether opportunities stay wide open, only ajar or completely close. I’m just saying that when the chance is there for the glorious moment, be jugular, aim for neck and grab it. When you really want it, get rid of all your attachments and try to stop hesitating. Else it only turns into disappointment, a shadow that will always follow you.

I don’t mean to step on the toes of those who did go to Venice without riding a Gondola. Honestly, I can agree that in all actuality, there really isn’t much to it than sitting on a glamorized boat. Although, it is the experience that I’m talking about. When I rode it, one of my friends was voicing his excitement while I was in silence reeling things in. That sense of being there is enough for me to be so overwhelmed of what was happening. The first time I visited Venice, time was not on our side and that I couldn’t really express my admiration of it. I personally don’t think I would have exclaimed so much of Venice if I didn’t experience riding a Gondola the second time around.

I’m not saying that you should eat more than you can chew. I say when publications and reliable bloggers say that a certain place or an activity is a must, try taking the recommendation and aim for it. Plan accordingly, perhaps don’t just go until you’re fully prepared. Or if it only happens at the spur of the moment, I say why not make the most out of it. Let go your worries, shove your finger a little bit farther and you’ll be rewarded. * big grin*

The Grand Canal

We went to Venice during the Carnevale celebration. I do suggest going there during the event if you can. If not, Venice is a wonderful, magical city with so much history and plenty of things and destinations to explore. While in Venice, make the best out of your travel there by riding a Gondola.

Last Call…


Need more convincing? …


Here is Christine B. to tell you more of how much worth riding a Gondola is. She traveled the heck out of Europe that she and her husband decided to reside there. Part of my world is screaming with a whooping number of European destinations, Philippine vacation and Australian living. It’s another A-lister of the best travel blogs out there.


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  1. I almost missed out on a gondola ride when I went, but my friend talked me into it. I was never sorry. We had a singing gondolier – very romantic, wonderful ride. Great story, and the pictures of awesome. Have a great week-end, and thanks for visiting my site again. πŸ™‚

    • Ahihihi that story of California, Grand Canyon, Mt Vesuvius is so amusing. πŸ˜€
      It’s good that you did ride a gondola, now we’re not left wondering what if.

  2. Oh wow! Riding a gondola in Venice, with my loved one, has been my dream πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing. Your photos are great!
    And thanks for the tips πŸ™‚

  3. I chose not to go to the Taj Mahal when I was in India because its just too touristy and people said you’re crazy how can you not? you will regret it! But I don’t. India has so much to offer. But in Paris the Eiffel tower is a must do that I have done twice, so different things have different meanings don’t they?

  4. I agree. Landmarks are a must see. My friend just came back from Europe and they get to reach the top of Eiffel tower with all the amazing lights all lit up. Even if I saw the tower in pictures for so many times, their version looks even more beautiful, like it was alive. I guess it’s because I felt the joy and excitement as they told me the story of their trip. Looking at your Venice images, gave me the same larger than life effect. You are blessed to see so many places, and we are lucky to see them through your eyes.

  5. Some of what you mention are very touristy, but hey we ARE tourists and i hate missing out on some of the tacky as well as the sublime experiences. Depending on my preferences of course πŸ™‚ Neat post Rommel.

    • I mentioned the touristy ones so that readers can understand and relate.
      Well but of course, you need to balance it out, going to popular places and unfamiliar roads.

  6. I am totally with you! Ther is so much more of NYC that my wife and I swear we’ll return to explore. My wife also wants so bad to see the Eifel Tower in Paris. We both had to pull out of previous plabs to go the the Grand Canyon. We’re going to make these things happen yet.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I was in Venice before, it really is a fantastic city, I loved all the decorated Venetian masks they sold there. My regret was not buying one when I had the chance!

      • The story behind it wouldn’t be half as good! Imagine, I got this on ebay verse a beautiful little shop just off a winding side street in Venice! πŸ™‚ Haha. One day I’ll go back! Fingers and toes crossed!

    • Wow! I know you’d been there again for Carnevale after that post. Now, you’re just casually saying you want to go there again. What a luxury to have that option

  8. Great post! I’ve been trying to find the balance between sight-seeing and actually experiencing the places I visit like a local, too. These pictures are great too. Hopefully I’ll find my way to Venice one day!

    • Actually that’s the special travel spirit, trying to experience the place like a local. I think I’ve been the tourist kind.
      What a thought!? I would so hellova different if I turn into Neapolitan. Bwahahaha.
      Thanks for visiting.

  9. I never been outside of my country. Average paycheck and how on earth I can save money to travel. But by your words it just make me feel there. Nicely written. πŸ™‚

  10. IΒ΄ve been to Venice a couple of times, but found the €80+ price-tag to ride in a gondola pretty steep, to be honest. I guess if there are six people to make up a group, then €13 each is OK for a 40 minute ride, but many people visit Venice just with their sweetheart, making this an expensive trip.

    Instead, for a fraction of the cost, we chose to take a return ride on the Vaporetto on Route 1, the full length of the Grand Canal, passing under the Rialto Bridge and taking in the sights along the way.

    I know it wasnΒ΄t a ride in a Gondola, but we got to sit outside at the front of the water-bus and boy, was it a trip to remember!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, and I love your wonderful photographs, Rommel. I was transported back to Venice in an instant. Well done!

    • Thanks for this awesome comment.
      You are so right. Money does make people take aback when deciding on the green light. And yes, you need the boat to transfer to and from.
      All correct assessment. I guess, what I’m really saying with Gondola ride in Venice, it is having it experienced.
      On my example, I missed seeing the grottoes in Capri. I was because my friends won’t coughed off some extra dough to do it. “Regret” is a strong word, I’m being over-indulge, but I would’ve really loved it if I had gone. It was an opportunity I can’t take back. I’m lying if I don’t say I wish I would had gone for it.

  11. Ciao! This post makes me want to visit Venice (well save up for it, first things first)! And I thought the gelato would be the highlight of a trip to Italy but no, the gondola ride it is. =)

  12. Great post – I am always conflicted when traveling on trying to find that balance between too much (trying to hit the non-touristy destinations as well) and regretting not seeing something. Like you I agree you HAVE to hit the high points – Eiffel Tower, Berlin Wall, etc… – if you don’t not only will you be disappointed but your friends you tell stories too will be disappointed. The inevitable first question when returning from Paris is ‘did you see the Eiffel Tower?’ How can you explain skipping that without sounding REALLY pompous….oh no that’s just too touristy to me.

    Never been to Venice – but if I do I’ll ride the gondola.

    • I see what you mean. I’ve been hitting most places here in California, the popular ones and the lesser known. It really all boils down to personal preferences.

  13. I agree with you here. The traditional tourist spots/experiences might not be the only thing to do, but they’re usually worth experiencing at least once, even just to say you did them.

  14. So you’re saying that riding the gondola in Venice is more awesome than riding the one in Vegas? Haha I’m just kidding. Looks like an awesome trip. I’m trying to make it out to Europe in the next year or two so I’ll keep your advice in mind. πŸ™‚

    • Cool! Have fun there. Go whatever comes up, but a little research will do. Try my Italy category when you do get there. Hehe. πŸ˜€ i also featured blgs that are great outstanding Italy blogs. Thanks for the visit!

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