A Lot of Sweet Nothings in Black’s Beach aka Nude Beach

I can hear computer mouse already clicking miles from blogosphere to where I sit, with that title that reads “Nude Beach”. I hate to disappoint you but I have to respect all the nakedness on this beach.

When I said “sweet nothings”, I didn’t just mean to play with words. It was when I was browsing through my shots that I found out that most of what I captured are commonly those languid, spontaneous, subtle moments.

Coming down the high cliff was easy as there are made-up stairs and paths provided. Caution still has to be practiced because the descend is prone to tripping hazards for its slippery sandy ground, and landslides can occur at any time. The ascend is however a torture. There are a lot of hesitations from people coming down, and a lot of catching breath from people that are going up.

Once you hit the bottom though, you’ll be in for a surprise. I hit the shore and ahoy! people are on their birthday suits. A lot of hanging and dangling going on while walking, suntanning, reading newspaper, playing volleyball or eating. I highly admired their “boldness”. This is something I won’t even consider doing.

But that is not the end reward I was talking about exactly…

To my left was a really good view to a portion of San Diego cityscape. Black’s Beach is also surfers’ favorite for its great waves. To my right is this unbelievable, picturesque view that looks as though painted by nature or pixel-designed for a video game location setting.

It looks quite unreal to me that I went trigger-happy with my camera.

Black’s Beach is 3 miles from La Jolla shores and is below the Torrey Pines Gliderport. Soaring hang gliders are additional sights.

Watch out when taking pictures, most naked people do not appreciate strollers with camera around their neck. You do want to ruin or disturb the liberty of them exposing their entire body, esp. not for the whole web to see. I respected their privacy, or should I say public display.

After all the stealing glances, nature watch, and gasping for breath climbing up, I got Cassandra front row tix to view the golden California sun.

I know.

Last Call…

I know my images of the sun have been praised a lot, but I was never content. I continued to play with the camera setting… Finally! I get to take a picture of the sun with that ring so visible. Sounds simple and low, and that most of you are already successful with, but this is quite an accomplishment to me.


Future Posts:

San Diego Zoo
Torrey Pines Gliderport


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  1. Nude…does get you hits! My Seattle post got the most hits while on my travels. Great job with the pictures.

    How did you post the two pics together between writings? It seems I have to post all together or one pic between writings.


  2. I was at Black’s Beach many years ago and was amazed at how comfortable people of all ages and sizes were in their own skin. I envy that as I can’t say the same for me. As always Rommel, your photos are superb!

  3. Glad you stopped by my blog and enjoyed “Monet’s Rabbit.” Beautiful photos here. I had a good laugh when I read about the nude beach. A friend and I accidentally ended up on one in Mykonos many years ago and believe me, it wasn’t all that exciting! Most people look better with at least a modicum of clothes. 🙂

    Stop by any time and I’ll do the same.

  4. …you beat me to it! i was out there in June and have been meaning to post on blacks beach and also the history of race and water sports. obviously i’m more political so everything gets political with me. anyway, thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. I used to hang out, so to speak, at Blacks Beach, from April 1993 to October 2001 when I started my home inspection business and the darn cell phone didn’t work down on Blacks Beach. Ah, well.

    • Ocean swam in La Jolla!? I always think of it as a dangerous area to swim. I guess some parts you can.
      Ow! I think this is the very first time when I really started posting dramatic images big time.

  6. I would do the same if I were to go to the place. With the kind of subjects you presented here, there’s no reason for me to take pictures of those who are exposing themselves–physically–on the beach but savor the bigger picture. That is, the scenery.

    Love the sunset. hehe

  7. You are so funny talking about hanging dangly things. I have to admit I was curious that anyone would be taking pictures of a nude beach, and even more curious because it was one of your top posts!!! But you actually got some great pictures. I do like your sun pictures best!!! I guess even bad bodies sell!!! Good advertising technique, Rommel!!! 🙂

  8. When I was about 11 or 12, my older sister and her boyfriend thought it would be fun to take me to “the” beach. This was in the mid-70’s. We arrived early and they promptly left me for a swim in the ocean. I was tanning in my bathing suit and suddenly looked up an around to find myself surrounded by naked people! They thought it was quite funny…I was mortified. 🙂

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