Torrey Pines Gliderport

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Just for the record, I was never a part to any of these. I was literally just a bystander enjoying the view.

This is Torrey Pines Gliderport, where adventure seekers aim high by taking flight. Hang gliding, paragliding and sail planes happen here.

For more information –

Whilst, the thrill and experience is in the air, beach-comers of the Black’s Beach get additional sight of the colorful parachutes.

Actually, I really love all the preparations other the flight itself.

Last Call…


Adventure? Here’s a stab on learning how to ski …


I will let Giaskyler talk it out. He recently narrated an exciting, adventurous, laugh-out-loud read on the time he learned how to ski. He’s been jumping from state to state, capturing some grand to simplistic and never-disappointing photographic images. Don’t miss out on some laughs in Telluride, Co. Actually, the titles gets more entertaining than that one. Check it out!


I apologize for the quick post. Haven’t had a post for 5 days.

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  1. Wow what a amazing experience it must be. πŸ™‚ I would love to try such an adventure one day. Not to forget the pictures are really beautiful Rommel.

  2. I was just at Torrey Pines Gliderport a few weeks ago when my husband and I were vactioning in San Diego and blogged about it on Wandrin’ Round (my travel blog). It is a beautifully peaceful place to visit and a great place to take photos. Even though we didn’t do any paragliding while we were there, it is definitely something I would like to try at some point in my life. Great post!

    • Thanks again, always love to hear from commenters with the same experience. I love love Black’s Beach! Not just for the naked people, but the view itself. Sunset cliff, aye!

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