Panda in San Diego Zoo

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Without further ado …

The majority of the votes of the Animal Poll I had weeks ago goes to …

These two pandas, they made me laugh. All they do is lounge there, eat pounds and pounds of bamboo, and be all cuddly. I’m just saying, it must be nice.

There are only four zoos in the US that currently have pandas: Atlanta, Memphis, San Diego and Washington.

San Diego Zoo, together with The Safari, is one of the main reason why Balboa Park is a must visit.




Here is Fergiemoto and a zoo collection of amazing animal photos. The favorite subject of this blog is nature, most esp. birds and other winged animals. Taking thorough processes in creating the pictures, images of “album of creativity” are uniquely and impressively presented. See this nature and photography yourself and be Creativity Aroused.


Last Call…

This just in … Panda in San Diego Zoo gave birth last Sunday.


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    • Ahihihi… The narrator in the background won’t stop talking though. Hehehehe. Great facts and trivia the guide put out though.
      I know. I’d trade lives with them even for just a week.

    • Ow, I put ranch. Hehe. Hard to read it, I know. But yeah, i think they’d love Ceasar dressing than French or Ranch. Ranch matches their fur though. πŸ˜€

  1. Pandas are endlessly fascinating aren’t they?
    On the subject of ping backs and reblogs, nobody ever asks me if they can do it. I don’t think it really matters. Some blogs have no original content, just other people’s work. I don’t see the point. Something I find curious is that I never hear anything from 90% of my followers and I’m sure most of them don’t even look at posts. Why bother subscribing?

    • My sentiments exactly. I had to be honest of my curiousity on that matter. The number of bloggers following increased rapidly recently. However, most of them feel like one-time attention and that’s it. I’m baffled by it. Whenever I see something from Blogs I Follow, I do bother to take time to read and comment. I do love my usual commenters though :D. Most of them are great, legit and genuine bloggers. πŸ˜€ Much I appreciate the immediate rise to the number of followers I got, I do love the interactions much better. Just saying.

  2. Just read it, one of the two Pandas in San Diego just gave birth to four pandas, setting a record. I updated the post providing the link to the blog.

  3. I love your photos and love the pandas! On one of my trips to China, as soon as the bus stopped at the zoo everyone took off to the see the pandas! My lucky grand daughter got to hold a cub when her Chinese school group visited the panda research center! Her dad shelled out big bucks to take the picture of the baby panda sitting on her lap!!!

    BTW, did you see the photo of the Filipino delicacy I ate? Look under ‘Philippines Mission Work’ if it’s not in Recent Posts.

  4. Cuddly, but I’m not sure I would want to be the one they cuddled. Great pics. I love the blogging world. I am going places and talking to people I never imagined I could. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I always enjoy yours.

  5. Great panda photos! I don’t recall seeing one in person before, so hopefully I will someday.
    Thanks so much for featuring my blog here! It was a pleasant surprise and is much appreciated!

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