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First and foremost, Welcome to The Sophomore Slump version 2 point O. My blog is now a .com site, in case you haven’t noticed. I’ve been debating it inside my head, and I finally executed it in action. I always dread that the blog would load slowly or that I wont have a Follow and Likes buttons as it does to others upon changing their blog to a site. So far, I don’t see any glitch. Please do tell me if there is.









Since I once again lack the creativity to submit something for that week’s photo challenge, I decided to make a collection of my previous entries instead. Yes, I finally figured how to make a collage.


People who know me are aware that I’m quite receptive to change. The major factor why people suffer from sophomore slump is that they always fixated, torn by and affected by wanting to grow, to make progress, or to add more. That’s completely natural and thumb up A-okay. With outside expectations and against inner dictation, we are bound by it. We imprison ourselves to it. You can hug a big tree, just don’t forget to look down at the flowers. I say do not focus so much on the big things when wanting to progress. Growth doesn’t always mean higher, bigger, and it definitely doesn’t substitute into better. I’m not saying stay in one place and be monotone, that makes you boring. I’m just saying, never forget about the subtle, little things. This is the major mistakes movie and album makers make. I’m echoing Vinnie Jones with this one – if you gonna change, you gotta have balls for it.
Weekly Photo Challenge? What about A – Z Photo Challenge?


Here is frizztext and his blog, FLICKR COMMENTS. This guy is a lean mean Photo Cahllenge machine. As well as an active participant to WPC, he also organizes the widely popular A- Z Photo Challenge. I have many favorites, but his submission to Indulge is what stuck most in my memory. To top it all, he is also a very talented musician. Do check out his recording and his youtube videos. Be floored by a gallery of pictures and a band of sounds at the same time.
Last Call…
This is the collage my girlfriend, Edith, made. It can be found on my submission of Two and Together.


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Weekly Photo Challenge


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  1. I’m here for the pics sir, as an amateur photographer I’m always looking to see creative peeps such as yourself, loving this blog!

  2. Look at you, and your MAD skills at collages. I LOVE THEM ALL. They could be inspirational wall pieces. You are so talented, and the two together photos are just adorable. What will you come up with next?? 🙂

    • Hold thy breath.

      This collage thing is gonna help me out. I hate overloading my post so much pictures. Not that I don’t mind it with other blogs.

  3. I’ve been wanting to switch to .com at some point, too…no glitches, so far, on your part. I just designed a site for our landscape business through wordpress.org…def not as ‘user friendly’ as wordpress.com, as you are responsible for security updates, finding your own plug-ins, etc…

    Aside from that, great idea putting a collage together for the weekly photo challenges! I can never seem to keep up with those!!

    • And so I heard, .org does have its ups and downs. Welcome Back Desiree!

      I actually can’t keep up with mine, I’m way behind the power curve with this photo challenge thing. I can’t just abandon it, it’s what got my stats skyrocketed from the first time.

  4. These are great! The first two photos made me chuckle. The piggies are just adorable in their colorful outfits, and the ladies with their walkers is priceless. They are moving at the opposite speed of fleeting, but to the quick passerby, it certainly is a fleeting yet memorable moment.

    I notice a theme change, but other than that, I don’t notice a change from going to .com.

    • Note that the place where I took ladies pictures is from Venice Beach, Ca where there are plenty of skateboarders, rollerblades, segways and bikers. Stating that, it makes it even more charming. 😀
      Thanks for visiting, Fergie.

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