Flashback Friday

Travel Theme: RHYTHM

You travel around a place and sometimes it just feels incomplete. No matter how colorful and vibrant the scene is, sometimes it just feels like something is missing. it still feels empty. This is where street musicians come in to “play”. They add life to travel destinations.


I especially love it when street musicians are dressed appropriately for the location, or the occasion…


– Left: Mariachi costumes and guitars, Top Right: A Spanish weeding band, Bottom Right: A street band in Seville –

You pass them by and before you know it, suddenly your heart skip a “beat”. You stopped and paid attention, and you know that you can’t help but “lend an ear”.

– Left: You may remember the musician with two Pepsi bottles on his side from my post about Prague.
Right: In Rome, front of The Pantheon. –

Bohol, Philippines:

– Together with a traditional dance called Kurindang, I enjoyed watching and listening to Luboc Choir while boarding and dining in a floating restaurant, making it a favorite stop of mine during our city tour in Bohol. –


– . –


– Right: San Francisco, Left: Memphis, Tennessee –

These are the unsung artists. They work by providing us background music while we travel. And just like music we have in the comfort of our home, it forces us to pause, slows us down, to take a break by “letting the rhythm take control”. Music, it truly “hath power to soothe the savage beast”. Traveling is primarily of sight-seeing and tasting culture food and delicacies. Let’s not forget, traveling is of all five senses. It only testifies that

…street musicians are not to be ignored.





You think you can blog? Angelia Sims definitely can. She’s been Freshly Pressed multiple of times to prove it. When I first checked out her blog, I found out how we have so many things in common. I admire her blog in an instant. If you like my blog, then you certainly will LOVE her eloquent writing, adventurous traveling feet, professional photography and her pleasing personality. One of my many favorites is a concert post – I’m a Creep, I’m a Weirdo. Follow her enjoyment with Living, Loving, Laughing, Snapping….


Last Call…

– Not a street musician, it’s King of Leon performing during 2008 Jazz Fest in New Orleans –

I’m not participating on the Travel Theme Challenge, I’m just following order from Gilly Gee. This post is part of Flashback Friday.


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  1. Awww!!! Thank you! I am so incredibly honored and touched by your words. I am SO glad you found me, or I you. Whichever. I adore your blog too. 🙂

    And I love your take on street musicians. They are people of true heart and soul. Awesome pics!

  2. Rommel you do make me laugh!
    Your Prague man is a superb photo of a great character and the Bohol children simple gorgeous. You know following orders from women is a wise thing to do, Edith will be very happy – well I’m sure she already is with a great guy like you 🙂

  3. I have never thought of street performers in this way but you are so right. When we traveled through Mexico to some beautiful colonial cities, we saw many wonderful street performers, as well as here in the US. In many ways they do add the color, the life to a city. Great post 🙂

    • Street musicians in Mexico would be awesome. My friends and I once celebrated a birthday in a Mexican restaurant. They don their huge sombrero, sang music in front of our big table and served us a Mexican flan. Imagine that, in the real country of Mexico. That would be authentic and an even memorable experience.

  4. I can clarify the Spanish musicians. They are not mariachis (they’d laugh loud if you told them). The picture on the left belongs to what we in Spain call “a Tuna,” and almost every university has one. They’re students usually more interested in music and having fun than in books. The second one could be a “chirigota,” festive group of people who dresses and plays music with lyrics usually full of irony. Nice post!

  5. oh I’ve missed you ! Glad I’m back reading your bogs. I like the little stories that go with your pictures and it’s not too long – just something to ponder and say to yourself, “yeah he’s right!”

    • Weee! Thank you, Carla. Sometimes, I really wonder about my one-time visitors who followed me but never really returned. Sometimes, I wish they hadn’t click the button so that I can get a legitimate, accurate reading.

      Yup! That’s my blog. Shoot from the hip.

  6. Great post Rommel. I too love music. I am really happy that, you have dedicated a whole post with so many beautiful pictures to these street musician. Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow! Rhythym that moves the body , heart and soul. Amazing images that celebrates the gift of music and my favorite is the one from Bohol…obviously I am passionate about anything “Philippines!” Great post Bro!

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