Potrero John Trail in Ojai

Sometimes I take a break from driving long distance. I just don’t always have the patience to sit in a car admiring the long lines of marching cars in major cities. Sometimes, I just don’t have the same neutral concern to hustle and bustle with the crowd, or to that one guy getting robbed. Of course, I’m just joshing. I simply do not always get the urge of traveling volitionally. And when I do take a break from the “work part” of traveling, I lounge around. I do not mean that in its literal sense.

One weekend, I tried to stay at home, and boy! how it depressed me. That’s when I know that I am a travel addict, or perhaps, if you fancy being technical with terminologies, a hodomaniac. I just can’t stand not to do anything. I just have to, have to go somewhere.

Also, another thing came to mind, ding ding ding! – Photography is NOT a passion of mine. My love to travel is the primary desire, and that I only want, and *ehem* need, to take pictures of the things I see when I go out. I barely take pictures of random little things like real photographers do. They can make a gum attached underneath a toilet creatively and artistically captured. They take the time to play piano on their camera settings and perform some surgeries to their pictures. Pardon the pun, I admire and envy photographers for their diligence, creativity and expertise. They snap shots from just about anywhere. I don’t. That’s the big difference. I take travel pictures.

You see, I get all sorts of epiphany when I indulge boredom when I stay at home during weekends.

Enough of digressing (I can’t promise). I lounge by enjoying the quietude of a nearby beach, catching a local event or going to a local restaurant. I love driving, even if I’m a terrible one. Near or far, it just clears my mind.

However, my newfangled favorite made-up form of taking a travel break is hiking. You can trip from a rock or fall into a ditch when hiking. It’s enjoyable, exciting, and challenging. At least you do not have to gracefully gain composure immediately like you do when around a crowd. You can see rocks, mountains, alive or dead trees, flowers, stones, maybe ponds, rivers, waterfalls, all kinds and natures of nature. When you turn around or go further, you can see rocks, mountains, dead trees, flowers, stones, maybe ponds, rivers, waterfalls, etc. Great stuff! right? Not until you get lost because everything looks the same.


Funny, huh? I wasn’t kidding, I did get lost in the wilderness. The even worst part is that I didn’t get to the payoff of the hike. It was supposed to be a waterfall. As I kept walking and walking, I was making a constant decision whether to quit or not. At the end, it hurt to disappoint. I was as disappointed as a soldier without a gun. I have to go back before it gets dark. I was worried. I couldn’t find my way back. Big Foot might pop up. At that time, I didn’t know how to spell H-E-L-F. And, my underwear is not enough for a blanket. All these things ran into my heads trying to trace my way back.

This is the water I see. It’s cute, with sad puppy eyes and a smile from ear to ear, it’s so lovely to look at. The picture even came out good enough … good enough for Facebook upload.

Oh forget being naive! I can’t sugarcoat it nor you can’t riddle this to me, it was a disappointment not finding the waterfall. It’s the goal I set for that hike. Obviously, I did find my way back the next morning. Calm down, erase that, it was that same day. Now here’s to balance out the dissatisfaction. Heading back, I saw all these boulders and boulders of these incredibly huge, spectacular, magnificent looking rock formations. Misery loves company, I’m not going to show you pictures. You can settle for these small ones.

Fortunately, not even a week AFTER my excursion, Jack Elliott, an outstanding source for hiking needs came out with a post about Sespe Creek/Potrero John Creek that entails directions on how to get to the waterfall. Thank you, Jack Elliott. Now I can bask myself with cakes, candles, confetti and something else kid party-related that starts with a letter “c”. I was being sarcastic, I don’t have any pictures of big, magnificent looking rocks. And seriously, do look around and check out Jack Elliott’s page, and pay attention to his tips and tricks and something else related that starts with a “t”.

Last Call…


Wondering where all the sarcasms coming from?


Latimer broke her laptop, and Ridley made a crack about it. Together they make fun, artful, lively and highly entertaining blog posts. On their posts, they do talk back and forth. We know how explosive that can be. However, these two best friends have both intelligent, eloquent and creative minds. They are writers, and at the same time, they make their own artwork. Do check the posts about the processes of their masterpieces. With M. Latimer and Ridley, you won’t get bored. I assure you, it’s a real blog page-turner.


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  1. I absolutely love Ojai and Ventura. When my kids were small we’d camp at Wheeler Gorge campground, always in a spot right on the creek. There is a beautiful trail near it, too (the Wheeler Gorge trail.) Alas, no waterfalls there either.

    • Went to Google to find out more. Thank you so so much for the heads up! Ventura is a great place because it’s in between big cities and the central coast. And Ojai is its precious gem for outdoor activities and nature.

  2. That last pic did it for me, once I get my new cam, i might take some more pics of the local scenery here until then, Ill continue to take pics of the nightlife in my city and the ladies of course 🙂

  3. Oh wow, thanks a million Rommel for featuring us!! Your kind fantastic words have made our day, week and month!! 🙂
    Sorry to hear you got lost on your trek in amongst all the rocks and not a waterfall to be seen! But it makes a great blog post! Haha!

  4. Hey rommel, thanks again for checking out my Broken Light feature. Great post. I love the Ojai area! I went to an awesome classic rock tribute band festival there in about 2006 and camped out at the lake (I forget the name) and ate shrooms, good times! *Following* your blog now!

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

  5. Ha! Loved this posting and as always your photo’s. When I was a little girl, my mom used to take us to wooded and slightly hilly areas to play and explore. I do remember one outing at a place with a cool, shallow stream in the woods. We played in the water and ate PBJ’s in the grass under a tree. She had 5 kids and we were poor, so it was cheap entertainment. We got lost more than once and somehow I had an uncanny knack for finding the car! I wonder if you’ve ever considered a compass? Should be able to find a small one to stick in your pocket.

    • Yup! Exactly, Mountain Gypsy. Hiking is cheap entertainment with big rewards. 😀 Although, there’s plenty of places to go to that you don’t have to pay a penny except for gas and parking. *thumbs up* You just got to be smart like limiting yourself with food travel. 😉

      • About the compass, yeah. Funny, I actually teach some sort of navigation. Bwahahaha. Just didn’t bring one. I was thinking of buying GPS, when I’m able to afford one.

  6. Beautiful last photo! The water reflections and colors of the stream almost look like the painting I’m working on right now.

      • Thanks, Rommel! My art is posted on the art forum at under ‘Oil and Acrylic Painting’. Look under ‘Liz’. 8-22-2012, Water Lilies; 5-8-2012 Old Historic Bridge are the latest. My 10 yr. old grand daughter Emily, a talented artist, and I have posted on this forum since last Aug. 2011.

      • Thanks for your interest in my art, Rommel!

        My amateur art is posted on the art forum at
        (don’t know how to do links yet)
        under ‘Oil and Acrylic Painting’. Look under ‘Liz’. 8-22-2012, Water Lilies; 5-8-2012 Old Historic Bridge are the latest.

        My 10 yr. old grand daughter Emily, a talented artist, and I have posted on this forum since last Aug. 2011. You saw the beach scene on my surfer grand daughter’s post.

  7. Aw, you’re not the first to get lost on that trail! At least you didn’t need to be rescued via helicopter after a flash flood hit, like they did. Beautiful dragonfly photo.

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