Chinatown in Los, Angeles

California, as many of you already know, is the most racially diverse state in the nation. You get in a place, look around, and you’ll never find just one racial group. Here, it isn’t difficult to cross-culture. I have a pleasure of knowing that I have plenty of options to satisfy wherever my desire and imagination decide to go or be. I can walk to the end of my street and choose what kind of cuisine to eat. On the way, I can come across people of different backgrounds. I can travel further a mile or two, and it’s as if I can get transported anywhere in the world.

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-Do check it at night when the lanterns and buildings are illuminated.-

The Chinese immigration dates back to 1800’s during the California Gold Rush in San Francisco. They did not just mine for golds, but also took other domestic jobs. Most of the restaurants, shops and stores were geared towards Chinese workers. As their population grew, they build their own community that still are rich of their own culture. Today, Chinatowns are scattered all over the states, and the world.

– This is a statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, a Chinese revolutionary and first and founding father of the Republic of China. His statues can be found in many Asian locations and Chinatowns around the wold. He developed The Three Principles of the People – nationalism, democracy, and the livelihood of the people. The settling of Chinese in America was not easy. They endured social acceptance, harsh labor, nature calamities and urban renewals. –

Source: Wikipedia, Frommer’s California 2012





The general consensus is that San Francisco’s first and most important Chinatown is a lot better than LA’s. As for me, it was yet an another amazing turn of event. I didn’t plan to stay the whole day at FYF Fest. I wanted to cross off one of the destinations I put in my recently-created Travel Bucket List. Little did I know, Chinatown was only a 7-minute walk from the FYF Fest venue. Plus, whenever I go to a certain travel destination, I always start from a clean slate, with open-mind and fresh outlook. I may be naive, but I don’t complain anything about it. It’s touristy, small but crowded, and it doesn’t have high-standards. Above all, it’s a trip that allowed me to cross-culture in a big modernistic urban city that is LA.


What to look for:

  • Street Food esp. Sugar Cane Juice stand
  • Mahjong Players
  • Gift Shops
  • Bargains, Cheap Buys esp. clothing, accessories/jewelries and decorations
  • Chinese Chess Players (the picture above)
  • Traditional Dim Sum
  • Chinese tea, poultry, and vegetables
  • Palm Readers

May you all have these things, esp. the same good luck I seem to possess when I travel. *knock on wood*


People’s Republic of China?


This featured blog has an archive of highly remarkable images. You look into one of her unbelievable images and it will open your eyes wide, broaden your perspective in life, and it will rip out your hearts and minds with a gamut of emotions, and admiration to her masterpieces. Her professional photography are always topped off with short and sweet inspiring words. She joins the 365 Project. There isn’t just a question why her blog nears 3,000 followers Mimo Khair is one of WordPress’s recommended Street Photography Blogs. Do check out her recent Boracay posts. The most memorable post for me, however, is the image of The Boy and His Music from Xinjiang.


Last Call…

The one below is not from LA. This is from Chinatown in San Francisco. I was there with my mom.


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    • I know it is like that in many places as well. But I think California has more spread out international restaurants and establishments than anywhere else. It is cool for us to have that easy convenience. I’d be nice to see what quirks you two come up with if you do get here. Hehe 😀

  1. Thanks for such a thoughtful post, it was refreshing! I love to hear about new places. The only Chinatown I’ve ever been to was in Canada (Toronto I think?) when I was 11 or 12. I hope to go back someday and get a new take on the whole experience…and bring my camera, too!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Another one! So Cool! I’m getting a lot of these. I always wondered about a Chinatown in the PHilippines. I only found out about it during research when I was making this post. Do you have a post of the one in Manila, by any chance? Link it here if you do.

  2. In every country I visit, it’s cool to look for their own Chinatown. And it’s amazing to find the glaring similarities (which is expected) and the peculiar differences brought about by the country hosting it. Have you been to our own version in Binondo?

    • I’ll just re-reply it. Hehe. I always wondered about a Chinatown in the PHilippines. I only found out about it during research when I was making this post. Do you have a post of the one in Manila, by any chance? Link it here if you do.

    • I didn’t actually realize that there are so many Chinatowns out there until I research making this post. San Fran sure is making a run for the other Chinatown’s yen.

    • The lanterns are actually faded in color. That’s why I don’t have night close up shots of it. Thanks anyways.Those lanterns are very representative of Chinatowns.

  3. I adore Chinese Lanterns. These are wonderful images. I heard our Texas State Fair is going to have a Chinese Lantern exhibit. I am hoping to get out there and try a few shots. It’s a nighttime thing. 🙂

    • Okay! But don’t do too much of a good job taking pictures which I know you always do. Else, my pictures would feel so small afterwards. Hehehe I’m only joking. Go and share us what you see. 😀

  4. first, I like your new layout and theme color… it is clean and slate and the design don’t crowd over your content.
    second, have you been to Hsi Lai temple? I see it on this post as related to.
    third, I have a photo of Oxnard that I am not sure what it means, can you help me? someone’s asked me too but I can’t answer it. It’s the road trip highlight… a couple of high poles in the city. 😀
    fourth, thanks in advance. see yah!

      • Hsi Lai is festive around February, when they celebrate their new year and we always visit. I live around the area and it’s my fave place to go when I want solitude and meditation.

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