Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: WRONG

I enjoyed, from other bloggers, a lot of submissions to this long overdue WPC. I saw some comedic, some provoking, and some interesting photos that week. While many had success in responding to the challenge (kudos to all), I failed to even put the challenges in proper order. Once again, this wasn’t my initial idea or concept for the challenge. To keep things flowing, I decided going this direction instead.

I guess, it is just fittingly well to start with that “ado”. I go through an elaborate process before making a post. I have to sleep on it first. I have to think of some other way to blog every time. There’s got to be at least some sort of deviation from my previous posts. The subjects have to go through 10 different portals or stages before it gets uploaded to WordPress. After everything is done, it has to be tested, proofread, and that it has to garner a stamp of aprroval by a Jejemon first before it even gets published.

The following images are Weekly Photo Challenge rejects, and the different reasons of their disposal to my dump files.

URBAN: I could have squeaked this by but decided not to. Not only this is from San Francisco and that the focus was LA and San Diego, the buildings are closer as opposed to the common from-afar views of that post.

INSIDE: My topic was about The Getty Center. This could’ve been the Last Call, but the petals just didn’t make the cut.

MERGE: Too many pictures already inserted to that post that this, again, just didn’t make the cut.

PURPLE: This is the most purple out of all my pictures from last year’s Crawfish Festival. I failed once again to see it. Newsflash: I’m colorblind.

MOVEMENTS: For obvious reasons, it’s crooked, blurry. I wanted to get something from this angle but the waterside for background was just not pleasant and cooperative at that time. I changed my position. Hence, the pictures from The Lords of Dogtown / Skaters in Venice are from a different angle.

BLUE & HANDS: This is one of those pictures that are not normally favored result that when you look at your camera after snapping you just discard it. After some dissection, magnification, and keen observation, this one actually turns out really good. By the way, the Blue and Hands blog post is creeping close to my Freshly Pressed post in terms of the number of Likes.

SUMMER: Scenes from Ocean Beach in San Diego. Nothing wrong with both pictures, except for that one surfer who stumbled to get his bearings. Sometimes, they and these perfectly good pictures just slip by.

Last Call…

Fleeting Moments: My bad, this one is a disappointingly overlooked image from my posts on Venice Beach and Fleeting Moments. Like my submissions to that Weekly Photo Challenge, the scene changed dramatically, so to speak, when I generate it into B&W.

The original set-up is composed of 15 images and, as you can see, it’s shrinked down to 10. I have a personal dilemma with overcrowding a post. I like to keep mine simple.

So, care to divulge one or two of your posting habits, strategies, mechanics or rituals?


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  1. Well, IΒ΄m glad you decided to finally post these WPC photos, Rommel. I enjoyed looking through them all, but my favourite is the bee on the flower – fantastic!

    IΒ΄ve noticed in many of the photo challenges that people post images that are out of focus, or that the foreground or background of the shot, as you say was “just not pleasant and cooperative at that time”. The main thing is that they still post them πŸ™‚

    • There was no view on there, no sky, still water, and, there’s a grabage can! Hehe. I had to switch position. I really would’ve tried to stay there and get a decent shot from that angle if not for the poor background. I think the major mistake people make is not checking each photo after the shot.

  2. Me, too! I’m glad you saved these fantastic pictures from the grave. I loved the purple one, too, and the man with the birds. It reminds me of Mary Poppins. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. I like the way you’ve used wrong although there is precious little wrong with these. In fact I love ‘purple’ and the flower, what’s wrong with the petals? Sometimes perfectly even and immaculate subjects are dull you know πŸ˜‰

    • Nothing wrong really. It was me who failed to notice these, or just didnn’t make the cut. How’s blogging life after FP? It seems you got busier with travelin too, eh?

      • Overwhelming Rommel! And not allt because of being FPed πŸ™‚ Considering a slower schedule for a while so I can get in some research done for my trips.

  4. Your reject photos exceed most anything I could ever do (lol). As far as posting habits for me, it seems to take me forever to decide on the photos to use and I proof my work several times (don’t like typos). All in all, I’d say I am somewhat of an OCD poster! πŸ™‚

    • YEAH RIGHT! You got some awesome, awesome pictures that I envy of, and yours are grand things. Hehe. I guess we all have our own angles. I’m a grammar poser, but I try my best. I do edit a lot every time, after posting or days after.

  5. Aloha Rommel – Thanks for the like. I think we’ve been to a few of the same places. I was in the Philippines back in 2005. I was all over in Italy in 2011. And I just got back from a trip to Los Angeles in May. I’ll be posting pictures from my travels on my blog very soon.

    • I say save up and get a really good one. Thanks for comment. It seems like we have a poll going on which picture is the most favorite among the rejects. πŸ˜€

  6. The sunflower and bee is beautiful — I love the details of nature! Then again, the details that emerge by posting the last picture with the pigeons in black & white is eye-catching, also. I find the more I think about a post before publishing it, the less likely I am to be happy with the outcome!

    • Ahihi, some posts are just hard to execute. You gotta squeeze something out of your topic, and sometimes it just won’t click the switch of that darn lightbulb of your brain. So yes, it’s not always the best result from when you force something as opposed to something that just comes out fluidly.

      Thank you, thank you for the awesome insight. Thank you!

  7. I could have wrote this post on terms of how I blog and try not to overcrowd my post with photos. I strive for simplicity, but struggle with it too. You (obviously) do such a fabulous job. I, especially, LOVE the last photo. So perfect in black & white. And newsflash – I’m color blind too.

    πŸ™‚ Not the B&W colorblind, but still….very rare to be a color blind female. I guess I’m just special.

    • It’s a constant dilemma for me when it comes to posting the pics. I want to share my pictures, but I hate to think that I’m overcrowding.
      It’s true huh, colorblindness usually targets the male…. and okay, I just so go with the notion… the female ones are special. πŸ˜€

  8. Rommel you are an inspiration to me and so I have given you the ” Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. It was given to me and I am passing it on to those that inspire me also. Thank you for your comments and thank you for your postshttp://wp.me/p1viVP-Z5

    • Thank You, Mezza! I’ve been collecting these awards since. I lost count how many. But every time I get one, it never fails to make me feel content and makes me think that I must be doing something good. So again, thank you!

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