FREE SPIRIT: Aaron and his gamut of emotion

This is a long shot for my submission of WPC’s Free Spirit. I did see a lot of children-concept that week, so  know I’m not completely off.

I know he’s my nephew and I may be so biased. But I’m just a big fan of his chubbiness. He looks so nourish and healthy. He has a good size, and good height. A fair complexion too. He has those big clear eyes. It’s sometimes looks lazy that it’s just magnetizing. He’s not flawless, but he’s perfect that way.

Meet Aaron and his gamut of emotion and expressions.


Oh, children. Their words are honest. Their actions are somehow unfiltered. Their innocence are real, and their ignorance are always pure. And their spirits are always free.

I’m stalling, somewhat. This is an off-set post. Something I don’t normally or usually do. This is a quick one. I let my guard down. I let go of the wheel here. I didn’t think or consider much. I Nike just do it. Free Spirit.

Last Call…


Emotions? Free Spirit?


Broken Light: A Photography Collection pools in different people who are living with, or affected by, different kinds of personality disorders (Yikes! Am I suppose to say this? I hate labeling and categorizations!), of mostly depressions and bipolar personality. But that’s not the core focus of the blog. What the blog brings out from these people are their expressions to other means, through artistry, poetry and, like its title, photography.  The most memorable favorite for me, fits very well with Free Spirit, is titled Moving Free. I also suggest “Marry Me”, the one I think is the best entry. Well, every entry brings out beauty, love, passion, and a whole lot of emotions.


Last Call…


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      • Oh hush Rommel…in my eyes you are still a kid…wait til you hit your 50’s…he’s so cute BTW…oh and I like the effect that my kitty is having on your blog…people are checking Jackie out at my place…kewl

    • Saw and commented on that one already. Although, it will probably take time for me to respond to it. My extended appreciation dave. More power to your blog. Hope you receive more awards.

  1. Could you please check if I did it right. What messed me up was when my husband’s and my blog both ended up under Shofar and we finally got an email address that was ‘accepted’. So I stopped there and didn’t add anything else. Maybe we may have more viewers now?! Thank you for bringing the gravatar to my attention!

  2. It’s a joy to meet Aaron and his many fun expressions. My son does the same and it is fascinating everytime. Kids and their world…just amazing. Awesome images that reminds us that childhood is the most happy time of all. Thanks.

  3. Wow, if I were 4 years old again then I’d be in love. He is so cute and has so much personality shining out through these photos.

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