The City of Angels

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Venice Beach, LA Arboretum, Universal Studios, LACMA

Griffith Park Observatory, Museum of Railroading (Philippe’s The Original), Route 66 (Fairoak’s Pharmacy), Venice Beach Canal

Griffith Park Observatory, Chinatown, LACMA

LACMA, Griffith Park Observatory, Venice Beach, Hollywood Sign (Griffith Park Observatory)

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Griffith Park Observatory, Queen Anne’s Cottage (LA Arboretum), Fairoak’s Pharmacy, Venice Beach

Getty Villa, Pasadena, Drive-In Theater (Foothills Blvd)

From Walt Disney Concert Hall, Philippe’s The Ogirinal, LACMA




Too early but it’s definitely a great blog find that I’m irresistibly itching to feature it. Here are Debra and Beth of Breathe Lighter. In pursuing to influence readers with healthier choices in life and their well-beings, this blog is often heavy on nature, travel histories, peaceful living and positive attitude. Every post has substance, that it’s not a wonder that its visitors are usually engaged to the discussions.Β  Comments-reading is high on this blog. My favorite post, however is a tamale demonstration. Just like so, don’t get too quick to jump, Breathe Lighter knows how to have fun.


Last Call…

Griffith Park Observatory, Venice Beach Canal

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who shared my post to all these other different portals. I thank all you who Facebooked me, Twitted me, Googled Plus me, Stumbled me Upon, LinkedIn me, Pinnedterest me, Tumblr-ed me, -ed me, reblogged me, etc. THANK YOU!


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  1. Holy Toledo! I can’t imagine what all it took (in addition to money) to put that boulder over the walkway! Really a great variety of images from around L.A. I’ve been there twice, but only the airport, heading somewhere else. Never an opportunity to visit the city. I’m pretty sure I would enjoy the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

  2. Woot! nice set of L.A. photos… and you know what, we’ve just stopped by Venice Beach and the canals and in Oxnard today. I remember you telling me you’re from that place…. now we ended in Lompoc for the night and will be heading to Solvang tomorrow. Phew!

  3. Bro, your photos gave justice to the name City of Angels. You showed the beautiful, even the dream-like , magical version of L.A. that nowadays get overshadowed by the negative stuff we see on t.v. Somehow, you reminded us of the golden age of Hollywood and what it is to dream. Thanks.

    • Ow, IT. You read it like a book. LA definitely has many negative feedbacks besides travel woes like traffic and parking. There’s lots of crimes going on. Many areas are er? ghetto (sorry). At times, I feel soffucated being there, with the city, the crowd, the noise, etc. But, you really just know where to look and be.

  4. What a great way you put this together…in collage form to get all the fab images that is now making me put a must-visit on my bucket list! Thanks for the inspiration. πŸ˜‰

  5. Southern California was where I was born and raised in the 1960’s. I don’t like how built it is is now BUT you brought back the magic with your incredible photos. What pattern, texture, color and beauty you have captured.

    • Thank you for the visit and compliments, jackiebelle. I’m afraid this city is not as pleasing as it was. You really gotta know the right places to appreciate it.

  6. Fabulous photo essay of LA!! For some reasons I’ve been totally missing your posts? Glad to be catching up again!

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