Once in a Blue Moon

Another special post.

Here goes…

You know what…. I need to pause… An image first.

Breathes In, Breathes Out….

Once in a blue moon, in front of a green light there stuck not one but two cars
broken down in both lanes, holding up a traffic.
Once in a blue moon, because the show must go on, a comedy turns into something so tragic.
Once in a blue moon, Sleeping Beauty gets to wear a pair of silver shoes that doesn’t fit her.
And that little Tumbilina gets to hang out with the seven dwarfs without being offended.
Once in a blue moon, you wave a wand for your problems to just *poof* disappear.
Once in a blue moon, miracle happens in whichever way you want it ended.
And that reality becomes something more dishonest, less truthful than magic.

Inhale, Exhale….


Once in a blue moon, a sitar player attracts more audience than a guitar player.
Once in a blue moon, a father swallows his pride to win the utmost respect of his daughter.
Once in a while, a mother forgets to be a wife, saves face just to protect her.
Once in a blue moon, a cop eats a donut or two without hesitation, guilt or regard to that prejudice.
Once in a while, an unrequited love gets a little more than just an accidental notice.



Once in a blue moon, a failed chance is enough to call it a success.
And that every now and then, an underdog gets to win first place.
Once in a blue moon, an ambitious man lets go of the wheel while driving to win his race.
And that every now and then, he lets things be out of the rarest, some odd reason
or under the most uncommon circumstances.
Once in a blue moon, Mother Nature cries.
And when she does, she pours her darnest.
And that every now and then, someone actually hears the whispers in the forest.
Once in a blue moon, a blind man gets to be the eye witness.


Once in a blue moon, someone who forgives and forgets suddenly remembers
and secretly gets his revenge.
Out of the blue, it’s the cat that kills curiosity, turning it into knowledge.
Once in a blue moon, the mere reason why he loves her is because of her sadness.
Out of the blue, a courteous kid blurts out that he doesn’t like his birthday present.
Once in a blue moon, I pray for His guidances.



Here comes…

What do you do in these rare moments that quickly passes?
Once in a blue moon, I say, free yourself from all your attachments.
You might get what you wish for… once in a blue moon.
No matter how absurd, immeasurable, or perhaps, even your evil urges.
Every now and then, you get faced with a moral dilemma, get tested for your judgment.
Maybe, for a logic unknown, waiting and allowing things operate itself might be the answer… once in a blue moon.
Once in a while, you can actually hear a needle drop.
Then and there, you should open each and every of your senses.
Though, remember that these special occasions that only happen once in a blue moon,
Simply cherish it. You shouldn’t force, overdo or abuse it.
For these rare occurances can be addictive, worst, when done repeatedly, becomes a bad habit.


Photos are from the ever-picturesque Pacific Coast Highway.

So many blogs lined up for poetry or writing that I need to feature… Drum roll please….

Featured Blog

This next blogger is, well, Simply Charming. She’s got great personality, friendly and approachable. And that there’s just so much Sunshine to her posts. She is a highly impressive writer, venturing out different approaches and style of writing a piece. For poetry, her masterpiece, for me, is her romantic submission to the Weekly Writing Challenge: I Wish I Were. My most favorite blogpost, however, is this honest and personal piece about her father. A lively and lovely personality, an eloquent writer, a stand-out blogger, viewing her blog is well, Simply Charming.


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50 replies »

    • your pacific coast highway images, especially the beach scenes are gorgeous and one can only imagine how breathtaking it is in real time…
      and yes, how rare are those blue moon occasions…and right now, I am cherishing in your kindness.
      really, thank you so much and i hope you know i really had to recompose myself earlier. you took me by surprise.

      thank you, Rommel.

        • Thanks again, sweet Rommel…all success comes only from dedicated & hard working readers/bloggers like yourself. It’s kinda like an actor’s performance really depends on the presence of an audience…they can make ya or break ya!
          Your encouragement brings much happiness! Thank you.

  1. Perfect post for this early morning.. First, you brought back so many wonderful memories of when I used to travel that highway and second, your words gives us room to pause and reflect.
    This post gets 5 stars πŸ™‚

  2. hhmmm….Once in a blue moon – a very basic piece my sister and I used to play duet on piano, it reminded me. As for the poem, I like the part where we have to be detached, ‘coz that’s what I’m trying to do… in a positive way though. And the PCH just rocks! we’re on the same wave this time.

  3. Now I really would like to meet you some day . Beautiful post Rommel.You also have turned your home town into a place in the world travel experience one dreams about going to someday. I must admit it is hard to beat the sunrise and sunset along the California coast.

  4. First, I love the new template… Then I’m glad you featured my buddy Sunshine. She’s a good soul and next that Once in a Blue Moon poem is brilliant! πŸ™‚

  5. Rommel, you are quite a guy. I love this poem. I don’t know how I missed it before because it is lovely. The teacher in me loved the line, “Out of the blue, it’s the cat that kills curiosity, turning it into knowledge.” I hade to slow down and think during this post. The pictures, which are beautiful gave me a chance to catch my breath. I have been looking for the right post to have you be the Featured Blog on my site (copying you) I was going to wait until tomorrow, but my internet is working now. I think this is the perfect one to be a featured one. Look for it in a little while. BTW, when you are coming north, don’t forget to stop and meet me, too. πŸ™‚

  6. Wow! This was a great poem and gorgeous pictures. It made me feel a little home sick having lived in the San Fernando Valley for almost 40 years. Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Barbara were my choice places to hang out.

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