#192: Blog of the Year/Featured Blogs Highlights/Ventura, California

Blog of the Year 2012

I’m returning the favor to AD, of this Grade A blog A Day in Paradise, who is pleasant enough to nominate me for this Blog of the Year thingamajig. I do will love to collect all 6 stars and get entered in. Although, I have some grumble to croak. I just think who ever come up with this gizmo should have broken the awards down to categories. Photography Blog of the Year, Travel, Writing, Journal, Food, Poetry, what-have-you’s. I just think that how it’s supposed to be, thematic passion and strengths of bloggers other than blog as a whole.

The pictures here are from my current county of residency –

Ventura, California.

I’m hoping I get nominated again so I can list some more. πŸ˜€ Another thing I hate when I respond to awards is this demanding, forceful instruction of choosing blogs over the others. Anyway, I just want to highlight my Featured Blogs, Bloggers and Posts once again.

My Nominees and my cream of the crops choices from my handpicked Featured Blog recipients …

A Day in Paradise – I’m not just returning the favor. This truly is a Grade A blog. Her entries to Capture the Color and 7 Super Shots, Travel Theme: Bright, Wonderful Machu Picchu for Jake’s Theme, and this grand, larger-than-life … Architecture… Hola Spain!

Madhu of The Urge To Wonder – Topnotch Travel Blog just like Adin. She went for hiatus, and had a great comeback. Love her persistence and dedication. It’s a question why WP took a long time to Freshly Pressed her blog- The Barrio of Kitsch.

LuAnn of Paint Your Landscape – I love RVer bloggers. If there’s an RV Blog of the Year Award. She is my bet for it. Her post about Methuselah (the oldest living organism in the world), Cardiff, Bodie,Β  John Muir Wilderness, Eatern Sierras, her poem “Season of Passion”, Sierra Nevadas, June Lake, and many more…

Angelia Sims of Living, Loving, Laughing… – When I read it, I knew this is a FP material of a blog entry – The Baker Hotel Ghost Walk. Also, There was never a doubt – I beg of you, READ THIS ONE!.

Gilly of Lucid Gypsy – Penguins for her Wordless Wednesday, Great Tit and Robin, Rosemoor, Fireworks, A Poem Found, Geometry, 100 Words for Grown-Ups Week #66, Delicious, Happy, etc. etc. etc. Need I make a testimonial?

Eliz of Mirth and Motivation – There is just so much to say to this blog. Every post is well-prepared, thought-through, just a swarm of great blog post after another. You get quotes, inspirations. wonderful images and some thought-provoking discussions. I love this blog, certainly one for the gold. WPC: Green, Renewal, Geometry, Haiku: VanArt For You and Musings: On Tykes and Terrible Two’s.

I need a break….

Debra of Bagni Di Lucca and Beyond – Lots of Italy Blogs out there. She will give them a run for the Best Italy Blog and Travel Blog of the Year. She is one of WordPress most recommended blogs for Travel. I can’t possibly list them all up. Here’s her entry for Colour My World.

Image from Bagni Di Lucca and Beyond

Amy of The World is a Book – Lovely Amy, her blog is way ready for bigger and brighter things. Sunday Post: Architecture,Β  Trajan’s Column, Bight – Cathedra Petri, Geometry, Powerful, On Display, Big, Nurnberg, Contrasting Colors, I need to break this. Too many to list. πŸ˜€

Allan of Modes of Flight – I’m putting my bottom Canadian dollar for Photography Blog of the Year on this one. Check out his gruesome, disturbing, morbid, creepy, spine-tingling, grotesque images. And do continue to follow his photography lesson posts, The Unrepentant FlΓ’neur’s Guide to Street Photography series. As a matter of fact, one of my most favorites is Part 7, which focuses on photographing homeless people.

Marianne of East of Malaga – Best Spain Blog? A great ambassador of Spain for food, cost of living, histories, and travel. All Things Bright and Geometrical, Travel Theme: Texture, Roadside Advertising: not just a load of Bull,Β  Malaga’s Botanical Garden, Goats on the road – I kid you not, Santander…

Rona Black Photography – I follow and witness this blog from the start to its progress and success. One of the best photography blogs out there. Here is Counterpoint.

This is tasking … another break …

Related Post: 50th Featured Blog, The Bests of Last Call, and A List of My Absolute Musts

The Island Traveler of This Man’s Journey – Heart-felt, inspirational posts to the brim! IT is your blog for life, love, family, soul and spirit. Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Silving Bits of Living – This blog needs no translation, her pictures are all well-said. A long-time blogging friend who is specialized in photographing esp. birds and other nature beauties, and making bracelets. Wings, Copenhagen, Sky Bulb, Alpinisme, On My TV – It is Alive!,Β  Time …

Carla’s Blog – My number 1 pick for Art Blog of the Year. The way Carla blog is unconventional. She chronicles her travels, expresses her feelings and shares her thoughts through her artwork. These titles are piquing,Β  …. Drawing Deer With A Stick, We Listen To Jazz While I Sketch, Drawing People Like I Draw Animals, What I Present to the Public versus What’s Going On In My Head,Β  Tight Jeans and An Acoustic Guitar – California Country Music

Jugorum of Bullfrogs Symposiums – Check out this Instagram heavy blog. Geometry, Silhouette, Big, Just a Snip and There πŸ˜€ …

Marsha Lee – Jury Duty, Quilting DIY, her post about keeping a journal when traveling and this very interesting post for coffee lovers – Ka’anapali Coffee Farms . Marsha Lee is a relatively new blogger with so much variety, and in turn, with so much to offer.

Kit-Kat …


Sunshine of Simply Charming – A top choice for Best Poetry/Writing Blog. Do check out her submissions for The Weekly Writing Challenge. The Daily Planner-To Do List Improves With The Plow,Β  Green and Relentless Eating Machine, Spooky Celebration … Eat, Drink, and Be Scary and this romantic poem – I wish I were …

Three Well BeingsA fork in the road? Check this post out. What about this one? – Stress Busting at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

Last, and is the least …

Jo Bryant of Chronicles of Illusions – She is …

Wait! That’s not how it goes. Last, but not the least … The what-now my choice for Novel/Writing Blog of the Year. PLEASE read this highly, highly impressive piece of writing – The short story that morphed into a novel.

Check out my list of Featured Blogs, Bloggers and Posts. Although, I’m complaining here, I’ll do this again and again, and even mention non-featured-blog bloggers. I do wish to receive this award again – what a shameless plug.

Thank You all for the support. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

I’m also nominating …


Featured Blogs? I might as well continue along. For the first time, I’m featuring not one, not two, but three Featured Blog, Bloggers and Posts.


A Gracious Life – There are great blogs, and there are great bloggers. You don’t have to read between the lines to know that A Gracious Life is a gracious blog. My Favorite Post is A Good Drive on North Luzon Expressway in the Philippines.

Tom of The Palladian Traveler – This is my newest, most favorite Travel Blog. Fascinating and interesting reads all over the place … Reviewing The Past: The Acropolis, Il Paese Che Muore, Venice Walk: From Fom Madison County, The Blue Grotto of Salento, Infinite Light of Amida Nyorai, La Serinissima and Il Soprannome: The Folksy DNA.

Imelda of My Wall – Last weekend, I was reading her blog and I was astonished, floored and bombarded by the never-ending amazing, impressive post after post after post by this blogger. Sharp, clear images, a nature lover, an impressive, eloquent writer, a great blogger, My Wall truly is A place for photos, poems, stories, life and other stuff. Category Archive: Poems.


So, what is your favorite post of mine? πŸ˜€


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  1. Thank you so much Rommel, for still appreciating my blog πŸ™‚ Long-time friend? I like that πŸ˜‰ I guess we have known each other wuite from the beginning of our blogs,that is something.Have a lovely weekend!:) Irina

  2. ROMMEL!! OHHH MY Gosh!! I will not ask how long this took you to put together but you and Elizabeth simply astonish me every time you guys post something!! ALL your posts are faves…you cannot ask to just pick one! That is too tortuous and like asking a parent which child is their favorite! No, it cannot be done!!

    Okay, now I have to go check out your fab recommendations and hey, thank you for including me in the mix…I am flipping out with delight!! THANK YOU!!

  3. Thanks so much, Rommel. What an awesome post. I don’t think you slept last night. πŸ˜€ You really deserve the stars, and I’m sure you’ll get your six in no time at all. You have a really good taste in bloggers. πŸ™‚ Most of them I know, but I’ll check out the others for sure. Keep up the good work. πŸ˜€

    • Bwahahahaha. Is an hour considered a sleep? πŸ˜€ Thanks Adin for the nomination that I get the chance to highlight these amazing blogs. I’m overjoyed now seeing the connections I’ve made with this gatherings of great bloggers. Much appreciated!

  4. Bro, you are indeed worthy of this awesome award. A perfect summary of all the beautiful and inspiring posts you made for 2012. Thanks for sharing this award. Truly an honor I’ll treasure always. Ventura CA looks amazing. One of my plans is to go back to California if my other sis arrives for Sonoma. I’ll leave it to fate. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you and your family!

  5. My lovely Rommel I am flattered that you picked me again, its fantastic to know that I must be doing something right! I always love your lists, they lead to such great places. You deserve every award you receive because your blog is wonderful, you work so hard at it! πŸ™‚

  6. Awww thank you for mentioning my blog. I salute you on taking the time to produce such interesting posts. You are unselfish in sharing so much! I now have discovered Color my world because of you. My favorite post of yours? It think the one about going around the world without leaving your home town – the Getty, Moroccan garden fountain in San Diego. I’ll go find out where to add stars to your nomination.
    You also gave me the idea to stick to more drawings, There are a lot of very wonderful photographers out there.

    • I think you’re talking about Near and Far or er? chinatown? Getty Villa sure is a very popular post. Thanks for the input, Carla. Just what I want ti hear.

      Sorry I didn’t explain it. Quite a long post. When you get nominated, you get one star. So, you need to get nominated 6 times to get six stars, and get entered in.

  7. I won’t ask how long it took you to get this post done either… Beautifully and perfectly done, as always. You deserve all the awards of the blogging world, Rommel!
    It truly is flattering to be on you list (actually, I’m flattered every time you drop by my blog). You brighten up my day instantly, say the least. πŸ˜€
    My favorte of yours: New and Far , Merge (brilliant), and Getty (beautiful), SD. Oh, one more… The trip you made with your girl friend and sisters in one of the fillippine islands.
    Hope you are having a resting Thanksgiving weekend after this post. Ventura is a cool place.

  8. What a generous man you are. Your photos are amazing as ever and I humbly thank you for including me in this great grouping of blogs. Congratulations on your much-deserved award. πŸ™‚

  9. I hadn’t previously been clear that you were living in Ventura County! Such a gorgeous part of the state. I love to visit, and your photos are perfect. You do have a very special blog and I think that any awards are very well deserved, and I know the frustration is always there when trying to highlight particular favorites. We move in and out of each other’s “homes” and it’s like trying to choose favorite friends when we have so many people we enjoy!

    Thank you so much for highlighting what you’ve enjoyed about breathelighter, and I can’t thank you enough for always being such a generous contributor. You definitely stand out as one of the best at sharing with others. Now I’ll enjoy going to visit the other sites you’ve mentioned. Sometimes I think there is just no way I can read any more…but then I always do! There are so many wonderful and clever people out there! πŸ™‚

  10. It’s like a blogging party in here! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ A reunion of great bloggers, and I’m glad you guys are interacting with each others. πŸ™‚ It made my effort here worthwhile. πŸ™‚ Loving the comments and the interactions and connection. Happy to be the bridge that connects you all.

  11. Fantastic blog party here, Rommel and thanks for the invitation to the Blog of the Year Awards! Thanks so much for nominating my blog – much appreciated!

    It’s always great to find other bloggers this way.

    Congratulations on being nominated for another award.

  12. Blog of the Year Award – That’s awesome Rommel. You certainly deserve it. Your blog is awesome, of course, but you are amazing at spreading the wealth. Thanks so much for mentioning me here, and honoring me as a featured blogger. This is my 7th month of blogging, and I have learned a lot from YOU!!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  13. Woohoo! Congrats to you Rommel! TY for adding me to your list and I appreciate it… Okay, I have to say that I ROTFLOL when I read thingamajig! I haven’t used that word in ages. It’s one of my favs! πŸ˜† Thank YOU!

  14. I’m so SORRY I’m late…….ducks under chair. Thank-you for your super kind words (I speak for all of us). Your nominations, mentions, and awards go above and beyond the call of blogger duty. I wish I could articulate the joy of blogging with friends like you do. Sometimes, I think…I am blogging for those moments that pass us by, and magically through our blog posts, we can relive them in all their glory. But other times, I know it’s more about community and support. A little giving….a lot of reaching out through the blog-o-sphere. I hope you win your nomination/award. There is NO ONE more deserving. I mean that! πŸ™‚

    • I bet you can get all six stars in a snap. If not, I’ll go on protest. I’ll even do a rally paint on my body…. maybe not. πŸ˜€
      Thanks all the strong compliments, Angelia … just spreading the word.

  15. Well your photos are refreshingly beautiful as usual. So, the award given you is not such a surprise. πŸ™‚ I agree that the bloggy friends you cited for the award are great bloggers. Great choices of bloggers you have there.
    And then, thank you for featuring my blog. That is very kind and generous of you. I appreciate it a lot. I am sorry for the delay in acknowledgment – we were in Maine around this time. πŸ™‚

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