Flashback Friday

In Rota

I remember it. The first time when I sat foot in European land, I remember it so well. It wasn’t in Rome, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona or any place grand.

It was in Rota. Still, I was overwhelmingly elated. How could I not be? Given it my first time, and that it pretty much has everything atypical to European territories. In my childlike mind- I was skipping, when I walked through those narrow alleys. I was gazing at castles, when I was seeing well-designed neighborhood houses. I ate like a king, when I chowed down a plate of paella and guzzled a glass of sangria. I explored it as if it’s the greatest place in the world, when I went to the beach, parks and the streets of decorative city lamps, statues in round-abouts,Β  the cobblestone roads, the balconies and the windows, the small businesses,Β  the cleanliness and overall richness posing in simplistic shape and form.

As I write this, I remember my experiences like it was only yesterday. I remember witnessing their catholic practices during the Holy Week the first week I got there all the way to watching a bullfight just days before I left Rota. There’s a military base there and that Americans are not so hard to find. I mean, incident with them and the locals are unavoidable. They’re always hanging out in bars. I remember my glorious drinking days. I remember the night when my friends and I slept outside, by the dock, waiting for the next morning’s ferry. I also, in turn, remember my equally golden lax days there. I remember riding the ferry with the morning sun glaring at the water. I remember witnessing Flamenco dance during the fair. I remember running 3 miles on a sandy nude beach. I remember the smudge looks and friendly smiles of the locals. I remember the first time I sipped on one of those small coffee cups.

Of all my travel destinations, it remains to be the most relaxed place I’ve been to. There’s nothing over-the-top about Rota but I remember so much about it. It’s actually those little things that are precious memories to me. It was Rota, Spain that first introduced me to European culture, I remember it very well.

This is part of Flash Friday.



Victor has traveled all over Europe. He’s “well-fitted” for the kind of adventurous travels he embarks. Whilst most of his destinations are mainly European such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, etc, the other countries across oceans are not to be missed. His most recent itinerary is Cambodia. My favorite, To Visit Arizona for Miracle – The Wave at Coyote Buttes. Be prepared as he shows “sizable” impressive images in Victor Travel Blog.


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  1. Beautiful pics… After my own EU trip last year I have come to realize that the best way to see Europe is to visit small non-descript places… They are beautiful, untouched by time and amazing.

  2. I think travel is more about really seeing places, and that means finding the beauty that is everywhere rather than just visiting the ‘great’ destinations on the beaten track, so I love to see posts about little towns like this.

  3. Rota looks like a great place. the narrow streets remind me of Granada. Thanks for the like at Girl and Her Pink Backpack.

  4. nice photos.it’s my dream to visit europe but since hindi ko pa magagawa sa ngayon ini-enjoy ko na lang muna ang blogs that feautre europe like your blog.swerte mo naman,do you work there?

  5. Quite frankly I never heard of Rota but your description makes it sound pretty sweet. I seem to go the ‘big’ cities. We may be off to Madrid/Barcelona in the next year or so – hopefully I can get some of that relaxed feeling over in Spain.

  6. Yes, I remember my first trip away from home (to Europe without parents, of course). The experience changes you.It frees you. You grow. You see. You become more of yourself. A time never to be forgotten.

  7. Stunning B&W, which is my favorite medium (and don’t shoot often enough)! Lovely place as well, so have added to my trip list. And I agree that it’s the small stuff and unknown places that make for better discoveries. Nicely done. Thanks also very much for visiting my blog and liking my post “More Utah Monoliths”. Nature at some of its finest.

    • I’m just a photography wannabe, hehe. I take pictures in color, then I only change it to B&W when I see fits using Windows. πŸ˜€ You have excellent gallery of great pictures. Thanks for the compliment.

  8. You get sentimental about your past travels the same as me. If I ever come to Rota, I will remember this post. I like seeing b&w pics in your blog, and that last shot is fabulous with muted colours.

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